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Private Tokyo Custom Half-Day Tour by Chartered Vehicle
"This is a private tour by a chartered vehicle. Using this service you can charter your vehicle Limousine Van or Bus which is most suitable for your group and visit many attractive sightseeing spots. You don't have to hurry for any other tourist. This tour is only for your group!Tour route is flexible and can be arranged upon your request.Recomme Empress Shoken.- The Imperial PalaceThe Imperial Palace has been the home of Japan's Imperial Family since 1888. It is built on the same location Edo Castle.- AsakusaWhen approaching the temple visitors first enter through the Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) the outer gate of the Sensoji and one of the most popular sights of traditional Tokyo."
From JPY45,454.00
Private Tokyo Custom Full-Day Tour by Chartered Vehicle
"The ultimate tour of Tokyo! You can see all of the interesting places in Tokyo area. The capital Tokyo has the beautiful contrast between metropolitan skyscrapers and traditional culturre!Tour route can be arranged upon your request.R visitors first enter through the Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) the outer gate of the Sensoji and one of the most popular sights of traditional Tokyo.Option: (We will be able to arrange an custom-made itinerary for you. Please inform us at least 2 weeks in advance. )- Edo Tokyo MuseumPreserves the historical heritage of Edo-Tokyo displaying the original town with their lifestyle and culture of all eras. (Closed on every Mondays)- Tokyo Sky TreeThe tallest tower in the world (634m) has just opened on May 22 2012. The landscape from the top is outstanding.- Odaiba areaRainbow Bridge
From JPY89,286.00
1-Day Tokyo Bus Tour
"During your 8.5-hour tour in an air-conditioned coach you will have the chance to experience a great number of must-see landmarks in Tokyo such as the Imperial Palace Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa Tsukiji Fish Market and a Tokyo Bay Cruise. A fluent English-speaking tour assistant will escort you and the coach also has an audio guide in English Spanish
From JPY8,000.00

Shinjuku Tips (55)

Shinjuku NS Building

Hollow Building with catwalk on the 29th floor of 30 floors that stretches 134 meters tall. The catwalk is open to public if you not scared of heights this is a great free experience you can have in Tokyo.

Jim_Eliason's Profile Photo
Sep 18, 2016

An outstanding hotel near a busy train station

The Shinjuku Prince hotel is in the middle of the bustling Shinjuku suburb near the very busy Shinjuku station with its convenient JR office. It is a 4 star hotel but you can get discounted prices through various travel sites. Around the hotel are well known department stores ( all with cafes) and many cheap eateries. It provides excellent service with a very good in-house restaurant. Rooms are a tad small, but all hotel rooms are in Japan.

Dec 25, 2015


Although it straddles Tokyo's western fringes, Shinjuku can in many ways be considered the city's center. The busiest train station in the world is here, as is a plethora of the finest restaurants, hotels, and bars to be found. Shinjuku gyoen (garden) is arguably the most beautiful in Tokyo, as are the neighborhood's men and women dressed for a night on the town. Nightlife is plentiful here, and done in a decidedly Japanese style, especially if you head to the more traditional Kabukicho and Golden Gai areas.

draguza's Profile Photo
Sep 09, 2015

Fun time in Shinjuku Nichome

The largest gay town in Japan. AiiRO CAFE is an open air cafe where you can enjoy the view of the main street on Shinjuku niche. till 9pm, with 1000yen, you can drink beer as much as you like.
just 3min. walk from Shinjuku 3chome station.

Jul 19, 2015
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Hotels Near Tokyo

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Don't miss the Robot Restaurant!!

This is a must to cross off your bucket list when you come to Tokyo. One checkmark my friends and I made during our stay in Tokyo, and well worth every penny!

To describe this awesome spectacle is very hard to put forth in text. It is just something you have to see to appreciate! The show happens in a few different segments, each with an intermission of about 5-10 minutes or so. The first half saw everything from a kabuki-style drum show, to a girl on a shiny horse and then the last half consisted of a battle between a fanged serpent and a seductress wielding a huge machine gun! There were also two huge robots that came out and pop and locked on stage!

Keep in my mind you must make reservations, either by calling at least a couple days ahead of time. You can either make them on the website or by calling. Keep a lookout for the shows that have "X" on them, as obviously they are sold out for that particular time. We did the 5:55 showing and just barely made it after getting lost in the neighborhood it was in. Well worth every penny! Price per person as of 2014 is 6,000 yen. You can also book it with a meal or just order beer and snacks from the vendors during the intermissions. Please do not miss one of the most amazing shows you will ever see in your life! You can only find something like this in Tokyo! I hope you all enjoy when you go, because we loved it! An amazing Japanese experience!

HispanicYob's Profile Photo
Oct 26, 2014

The view from Tokyo Metropolitan Twin Towers

The view from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office (Tocho) is amazing. It may offer the best view of all of Tokyo. The Twin Towers are 243 meters tall there are excellent observatories on both of the tower's 45th floors. It's best to check out the view from each of the towers.

Another highlight to this experience is that it's free.

(It's hard to take a good ground view photo of this building -- it's so BIG).

KevinMichael's Profile Photo
Oct 15, 2014

Shinjuku As A City of Tokyo Metropolis

Shinjuku represents modern aspect of Tokyo mainly because of cluster of skyscrapers some of which still waiting to be open. It is home to some of Tokyo's most popular prestigious hotels such as PARK HYATT, HILTON TOKYO and KEIO PLAZA hotels. To name three major spots in Shinjuku, Tokyo Metropotalian Government Building, Shinjuku Gyoen Garden, and Kabukicho Street will definitely be picked. The area, however, has some historical sites as well such as Kumano Shrine at the corner of Shinjuku Central Park and Hanazono Shrine near Kabukicho Street.

Shinjuku as a ward (city) of Metropolitan Tokyo encompasses much larger area than the district around Shinjuku Station. The city has some areas with historical sites such as Yotsuya, and Kagurazaka. Northwestern part of the ward bordering with Nakano ward is called Ochiai which is quiet residential area with some historical sites. Takadanobaba is the town close to Waseda University while Shin-Okubo, home to Japanese Koreans is often named "Korean Town".

*Parks and Gardens
Shinjuku Central Park: A good place to view major Shinjuku Skyscrapers. You can enjoy seasonal flowers there.
Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden: Huge green space with both English and Japanese gardens. Also a popular place to view cherry blossoms.
Meiji Jingu Outer Garden
The huge park with some sports stadiums noted for its Ginkgo Avenue.
Tetugakudo Park (Nakano and Shinjuku)
The park in Nakano ward bordering with Ochiai district of Shinjuku ward known as one of the cherry viewing spots. The park has traditional styled unique buildings to present different set of philosophical doctrines. Southeastern corner of the park belongs to Shinjuku Ward.

Sword Museum: The museum in Shibuya ward has some excellent collection of Japanese Sword. Located about ten minutes walk from Shinjuku Central Park on its way to Meiji Jingu Shrine.

*Historical Places
Yotsuya: The area with old-town Tokyo feel with some historical temples and shrines.
Kagurazaka and Ushigome: Tokyo area close to Iidabashi Station with Edo-town feel somewhat like Gion of Kyoto. Kanda riverside has some fancy restaurants.
Waseda University: One of the most popular and upper-level private universities in Tokyo. Its campus grounds is a lot more than academic space. It has some historical sites and monuments. You can enjoy visiting historical places around the university.

**English Maps of Shinjuku City
Shinjuku City rencently put out ten area maps for Shinjuku walkers. To explore City of Shinjuku further, please use this map.

taigaa001's Profile Photo
Apr 23, 2014

Shinjuku skyscraper district

We spent the last half day of our trip around Japan back in Tokyo, staying in the Shinjuku district. Unfortunately we had some of the worst weather of our trip – driving rain and strong winds. This wasn’t conducive to proper exploration but we did grab our umbrellas and venture out of the hotel to see more of Shinjuku. The area to the west of its massive station (the busiest in the world!) consists mainly of skyscrapers, some of them very distinctive in design – I loved the so-called Cocoon Tower! But in the pouring rain it was hard to get decent photos – this one of it was taken the next morning from Shinjuku Station as we prepared to board the airport bus.

As well as checking out the architecture here, we visited the small but interesting Sompo Japan Museum of Art which as well as showcasing the work of Japanese Cubist-influenced artist Seiji Togo, has several notable Impressionist works including Van Gogh’s Sunflowers (bought at the height of the 1980s bubble economy by the insurance company which owns the building for a then unprecedented five billion yen) and others by Gauguin and Cezanne. It’s not a large collection by any means, but a visit here is worthwhile if you are interested in art of this period, and especially in poor weather. See their English language website for more information including a map of the location.

Further west on the fringes of this area is the Metropolitan Government Building which is where we next headed.

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Nov 16, 2013
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"T o k y o"
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"Tragedy in Japan"
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"Tokyo - I love this place ! Old, New, & Happening"
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Kabukicho, Shinjuku

Kabukicho is an area in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, that is known as the center of Japan's massive sex industry. This neighborhood, which many refer to as a red-light district, is full of massage parlors, hostess bars, love hotels, and shady clubs, though there are no red lights and women in the windows as in a traditional red-light district. By some estimates there are as many as 3,000 shady businesses here, along with some restaurants and convenience stores. Many of the businesses are run by Yakuza, and they employ a number of central African immigrants, so the neighborhood is somewhat dangerous and crime ridden.

Historically, the area now known as Kabukicho was originally swampland on the edge of the city of Edo, Later the swamps were filled, and this became a residential area in the 1920s. Leveled during World War II, one of the early reconstruction efforts was to be a kabuki theater; though this was never built, the name stuck.

Kabukicho is located just northeast of Shinjuku Station, next to the more relaxed Golden Gai neighborhood. From the JR line, take the East Exit, then turn left and look for signs to Kabukicho.

Ewingjr98's Profile Photo
Sep 13, 2013

Hanazono Shinto Shrine, Golden Gai, Shinjuku

Hanazono Shrine is located in Shinjuku net to the Golden Gai nightlife area, just five minutes from Shinjuku Station by foot. This uniquely colored orange shrine dates back to the 1700s, though it was likely rebuilt after the destruction of Tokyo in World War II.

Twice a year, the shrine has a "Tori no Ichi" market (or Rooster Market) on Thursdays in November. At this market, you will find 60 or more stalls selling decorative bamboo kumade rakes, food, and other odds and ends. The kumade rakes are meant to symbolize gathering in of good fortune. Some traditional Japanese art shows racoons gathering coins with kumade rakes.

Ewingjr98's Profile Photo
Feb 05, 2013


Shinjuku is not only the most crowded part of Tokyo, but it has a little something for everyone... especially if you like a wide variety of nightlife.

Shinjuku is a transit hub. It has the busiest train station in the world. Over 3.5 million people travel through this station every day. 3.5 million people have not traveled through my hometown since the day the first house was constructed alongside a dirt track in the early 1800s.

Shinjuku is the heart of city government. While the national government is clustered around the Imperial Palace, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is housed in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku. The city offices occupy three buildings: the main 45-story tall structure, a 33 story building, and an 8 story building.

Shinjuku is for lovers. This area of town hosts the city's largest red light district in Kabukicho, Tokyo's gay district--the world's largest--in Shinjuku Ni-chōme, and a geisha district in Kagurazaka.

Shinjuku is for Hanguk-in. Shin Okubo is home to a Korea Town with some 80,000 Koreans, mostly recent arrivals. Signs on storefronts are often in Hangul, Japanese and English, and the restaurants serve great kimchi, kimbap, and kalbi.

Shinjuku is for drinking. An area called Golden Gai boasts 200 tiny, run down bars packed into a few narrow alleys. This is a very popular place for drinks, music, and food, but many bars do not welcome strangers.

Ewingjr98's Profile Photo
Nov 28, 2012

Quite the scene!

Shinjuku (sometimes called Tokyo's Times Square) is a lot of fun to stroll around with the streets full of people. We jay-walked to get over to Citibank, and I was surprised; I hadn't seen anyone so much as cross against a light since I arrived. ("It's okay here," Jay assured me. "But don't try it anywhere else.") The lights and energy were amazing and some of the people we passed were surpassing strange. After a bit we reached Takashimaya. Sky bridges cross the Yamamote Japan rail line there, and the whole is quite strikingly beautiful. But the winds caught us as we hit the plaza, and it was unsettling to be on that sky bridge over the rail lines under those conditions. When we went down to the Oeno line (the deepest in the city), there were signs saying that certain surface routes were partially closed because of high winds. It reminded me of the cable car to Table Mountain, which stops running rather frequently because of the winds there.

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Oct 11, 2010

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Imperial Palace(Kokyo Gaien National Garden)

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Chidorigafuchi is a section of Second Moat of former Edo Castle characterized by its width exceeding 100 meters, so much so it looks more like a dike pond. The moat is best known as one of the most...
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Kitanomaru Park and Budokan

Originally built as the stadium for Martial Arts Events for 1964 Olympics, the stadium is often the very reason Tokyo tourists visit this park. Budokan is better known as the venue for the concerts...
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Science Museum (Kagaku-gijutsu-kan)

Science Museum, also known as Kagaku-gijutsu-kan (literally the museum of science and technology) is one of the most popular hands-on science and technology museums targeted for children. It is...
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National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo Crafts Gallery

Also known as Kogeikan, this detached gallery of National Museum of Modern Art, about 400 meters west of the main building is one of the rare architectural properties in Tokyo which survived the...
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Wadakura Fountain Park

Wadakura Fountain Park is located at the far corner of Kokyo Gaien National Garden and east of Imperial Palace East Gardens. It is noted for the fountain show which has the fixed pattern according to...
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