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Tokyo Tower Tips (8)

The waiting time

When you are in a crunch time, you don't have to visit the Tokyo Tower. There are many other places to see close to the Tokyo Tower.

The line going to the Tokyo Tower just to purchase tickets is very long (two hour approximate time for waiting) then there is another wait to go to the elevator going up and then another time to wait just to go down.

It's a waste of time for tourists who could have spend more time exploring the city.

joiwatani's Profile Photo
Jun 22, 2009

Don't Pay When You Can See For Free

The Tokyo tower, built in 1958 and designed after Paris' Eiffel Tower, can be seen from quite a distance. At the base there are several tacky tourist attractions and admission is charged to go the top.

Fun Alternatives You're better off making your way over to the Shinjuku area and seeing the aerial view of Tokyo from the Tokyo Metropolitian Government Office, which is much higher, and FREE! A few more details are included on my 'things to do' page.

TexasDave's Profile Photo
Apr 18, 2006

Not a tourist trap

If all you see when you look at the Tokyo tower is a not too tall metal structure with a not very interesting view, you are missing the point.
Duting our flight to Tokyo on JAL we ( my wife and I) were lucky to watch the movie Always-Sunset on Third Street.
This is a wonderful movie that has the construction of the Tokyo tower as a backdrop. A wonderful way to understand why the Tokyo tower is still loved by many in Japan.

Unique Suggestions Watch the movie before you go see the infamous Tokyo Tower!

pdecast's Profile Photo
Apr 05, 2006

Tokyo Tower - Too expensive!

Be advised that the the shopping mall underneath the tower and most importantly the elevators to the first observation deck is at 860¥ very expensive. Moreover, the next obeservation deck, which is at 250m height 100m higher than the first, costs around another 500¥.

Unique Suggestions If you should go there, don't bother going up to the second level because there's nothing up there and not much more to see. Mostly everything from another angle. Going there can be good, on very clear days for a view of Mt. Fuji, what actually is very unlikely, or at night.

Fun Alternatives Go to Shinjuku's Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (Tochô) for a free view of Tokyo from above. And the difference in height is marginal.

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Apr 12, 2005
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Tokyo Tower

Although many people recommend visiting Tokyo Tower, please be warned that its entrance fee is exorbitant and, in my opinion, not worth the price. I think it costs something like Y800 to get to the first deck and an additional Y600 for the second. Considering that Tokyo City Hall in Shinjuku is free and Tokyo's tallest building, Sunshine City in Ikebukuro, is only about Y600, Tokyo Tower is a rip off.

One caveat: I've been to the base of Tokyo Tower but have never actually gone up.

Unique Suggestions If you decide not to heed my advice and go to Tokyo Tower anyway, make sure that it is a very clear day so that it will be worth it.

Fun Alternatives If you're in the Roppongi/Tokyo Tower area, I suggest using the money you would have spent at Tokyo Tower on a nice meal near the top of one of the taller buildings. You'll get a nice view and may even have Tokyo Tower in the view!

Otherwise for a cheaper and better view of the city try the City Hall in Shinjuku or the Sunshine Building in Ikebukuro. Or the new Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills.

mdchachi's Profile Photo
Jan 28, 2005

Tokyo Tower's other attractions not so attractive.

I wasn't very interested in any of the other attractions that was offered at the tower. I guess I'm just not a wax museum kind of guy.
Also the food stand in the tower's mini amusement park is overpriced. I paid 120 yen and got only a small dixie cup sized soda!

mike5719's Profile Photo
Dec 26, 2002

Tokyo Tower was a complete...

Tokyo Tower was a complete waste of money. The tower is pretty high, but they don't let you go very far up. Tickets are 820 yen to go to the main gallery at 150 meters. An extra 600 yen are charged for going to the special gallery at 250 meters. As far as value for moeny goes - stay in the lobby! To give this the benefit of the doubt, we had been to the Yokohama Landmark Tower just a few days before, and the comparison was not flattering for Tokyo Tower.

Sep 07, 2002

Tokyo Tower, built in 1958 for...

Tokyo Tower, built in 1958 for broadcasting through the Kanto region. It is 30 metres higher then the Eiffel Tower. The Y820 price will allow you to see the view from the grand observation platform. There is also an aquarium, A Holographic mystery zone and a wax museum all are over priced. Being a tourist trap maybe it is best to do this if you are in the area with nothing else to do,But if you like towers then go for it :-)

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Aug 26, 2002
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"T o k y o"
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"Tragedy in Japan"
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"Tokyo - I love this place ! Old, New, & Happening"
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