Koyasan Things to Do

  • Kondo Hall
    Kondo Hall
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  • Okunoin
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  • Saito or Western Stupa
    Saito or Western Stupa
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Most Viewed Things to Do in Koyasan

  • 1. Danjo Garan

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    In various other reviews on this page I have covered the main temples and constructions within Danjo Garan, or more particularly those I found the most interesting or attractive. This review features...

  • 2. Okunoin

    Mist and clouds shrouded the surrounding hills. Snow was gently falling. The wind was cold and biting. Still, when we visited, an extraordinary energy pervaded Okunoin, Japan’s largest cemetery and...

  • 3. Daimon Great Gate

    While very few tourists use it to enter Koyasan, most entering via Koyasan Train Station, the Daimon, or Great Gate, is the sacred main entrance to Mount Koya. Like many day-trip visitors today, this...

  • 4. Jufuku-in Temple - Burma War Veterans Memorial

    The vast majority of the many temples in Koyasan are square or rectangular in shape, dark coloured (with the notable exception of the Konpon Daito Pagoda in the Danjo Garan) and have some form of...

  • 5. Pilgrimage Trails

    The giant Jizou statue at the beginning of the Koyasan trail was built in 1860 by a woman named Yokoyama Take in honor her parents and all of the of other victims of the Great Ansei Earthquake that...

  • 6. Tokugawa Mausoleum

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    Mount Koya is considered to be the most prestigious gravesite in Japan, so Tokugawa Iemitsu built this mausoleum for his family, as they were highly important figureheads. It is believed to have been...

  • 7. Kongobuji

    The first temple on this site, Daidenbo-in, was built in 1133 by the monk Kakubun, with the support of the then Emperor, Toba. Nothing of this temple remains today. In 1593 shogun Toyotomi...

  • 8. Nyonindo

    In the past, there was a Nyonindo at every entranceway to Mount Koya, but today the only one that remains is located at the first stop of the bus across from the Otakejizou. The Nyonindo served as...

  • 9. Reihokan Museum

    The Reihokan is the museum on Mount Koya housing many temple treasures and other important religious artwork. There are many mandala, as well as sculptures inside. It's a nice place to stop as you...


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