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  • Local boys cooling off in the heat.
    Local boys cooling off in the heat.
    by Jules2102
  • Colourfull Celebrations
    Colourfull Celebrations
    by Jules2102
  • Atyrau
    by ThereseKL

Atyrau Hotels

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Atyrau Restaurants

  • Good taste and reasonably priced

    For service very good and look after your needs.selection of food is also very good with it focusing on phillipino and thai gives a good breakfast with midday business lunch and a great setting for evening diner.ill on only drink coffee here because it's part of the Gloria coffee chain.if you don't come out and say I'm coming back here...

  • Home made apple/raisin Pies

    Great variety of Irish Specials plus business lunch deals. Excellent all day breakfast, corned Beef hash with eggs, Cheesy cottage pies, voluminuous Club sandwiches in typical Irish Bar settings. Pleanty of TV although sales TV seems to concentrate on foot remisdies nto too codusive to digestion.Friendly staff. Busy at lunchtime. Pub quizes and...

  • Poor food and slow service

    The Petroski is clean i give it that, but the food has no flavour and really not nice, i had a ginger lamb thai curry, the lamb was full of gristle i left all of the meat, i couldnt taste anything at all Thai about it and the rice was the only thing i ate, will never return

  • World Cuisine

    Nice modern restaurant. Spacious, clean, seems busy and the menu is varied - pasta, pizza, fajitas, curries, Chinese meals and various other cuisines. Good choice of drinks. I got a fajita meal for 1600 tenge or so (1000 Tenge is about USD$8 currently) and some Baltica beer. The place was fairly full even on a Wednesday night about 8.30pm. It was...

  • Curry House

    On a lunch time they serve a Business lunch Buffet.... many dishes salads and breads to choose from around 1500 tengiI choose from the menu, a mass to choose from. And all the dishes ive had up to now have been to my requirement as you are asked how Hot/ Spicey you would like your food.Not only Indian food but a large selection of Italian and...

  • Good food

    The food is safe and good, wide variety on the menu, from Fajita to Pork chops. Serves the best salads with the tastiest dressings....About one of the safest places to eat.Tho do be patient and dont try to order thats not on the menu.I asked for coleslaw with my meal and I got hot salsa..... not quite. The best Club Sandwich everPetrovski...


Atyrau Nightlife

  • Overpriced

    If your looking for good food,Live entertainment,Club music into the early hours then Armada is the place to be.Place is over priced though for everything.Its very easy for an expat to book in advance and get a table and not pay for it in advance because they know the expats drink and eat because they have the money but locals do not and usually...

  • Bar and beer

    Tengri Hotel near Azzatyk Avenue. The bar was nice - live music on the Wednesday I went there. Quite bizarre - at one point the singer was playing some romantic song while a video of Britney Spears was playing behind him (in a school uniform). However the beer is good - cold Baltica draught and Amstel from a large fridge. A good range of spirits...

  • Hmmmmmm A little bit of the UK

    Theres a bar down stairs that goes by the name of "the Samford" - its modelled on a traditional English pub - a few tables and lots of standing room.Upstairs is the nightclub/disco called the Myak. Again a few tables, lots of standing room and a split dance floor. The raised dance floor is populated by a variety of resident dancers over the...


Atyrau Transportation

  • Rent a car is the best

    We were living in Atyrau for 3 years so we kinda know how to go around this town. First, this is not a tourist destination, mostly it's the spot where you join your spouse working at Oil Industry such as TCO, AGIP, Schlumberger etc. So you had better take a preparation to rent a car from arranged by your company prior to your arrival. Make sure...

  • Local bus!

    The local busses is very often crowded, and if you are so unlucky to not get a seat, you will have to stand in a very uncomfortable position. But this is even though the cheapest way to get around town. The price for one ride is 25T (aprox. 0,2$) , and they leave every secound minute.The picture does unfortunantley not show an Atyrau bus, but a...

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Atyrau Shopping

  • ThereseKL's Profile Photo


    by ThereseKL Written May 19, 2007

    If you want to go shopping, the marked is the best place to go. Its location is next to the trainstation, and this is a huge marked! Here you can find everyting from belts, pretty dresses, food, purses and fake puma shoes. The prices is cheaper than at the shoppingcenters, and you can even find the same things that they sell at the malls! So if you want to make a good deal, the marked is the place.

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Atyrau Warnings and Dangers

  • Reason behind resentment in atyrau

    I have read many comments on the net that fail to get to the reason why there is so much resentment and hatred in this fledgling country as an expat that's dating a local for the past 2 years and under the age of 40 I can give you a very clear and straight forward explanation.Women in atyrau outnumber men and they are mostly young women who are...

  • Atyrau. Pavements

    A friend stood on a manhole cover in Atyrau and fell down a very deep hole (over 1 meter) and injuring his leg. These are sometimes unsecured since people (kids) open them up but don't properly replace them. In addition it's fairly common to find holes of various types in and around pavements, uneven paving and other hazards - so watch out...

  • Western people...

    All that Western money has caused resentment among young Kazakhs. The fact that there has been built an "American city" in the center of Atyrau, is very unpopular among the local people. So if you are from/or look like an American, you should be extra careful when you are walking alone after dark...


Atyrau What to Pack

  • ThereseKL's Profile Photo

    Bevare of the Mosquitos

    by ThereseKL Updated May 19, 2007

    Luggage and bags: - A lot of luggageroom if you plan to go to the marked.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: - A lot of clothes, cause the laudryservice is expensive and hard to find...

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: - "Mosquito Spray"!!!!

    Photo Equipment: - Digital camera

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: - Mosquito net

    Miscellaneous: - Sun glasses

    A dead mosquito...

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Atyrau Off The Beaten Path

  • The same Nauryz

    While there is a holiday outisde. You'll see alot of yurts being built outside and people where national kazakh outfits.

  • Nauryz - Festival of Spring

    The spring festival of Nauryz ('New Days') is by far the biggest holiday. It's an Islamic adaptation of pre-Islamic vernal equinox or renewal celebrations and can include traditional games, music and drama festivals, street art and colourful fairs.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Atyrau Sports & Outdoors

  • Vea's Profile Photo

    Extreme Fishing

    by Vea Written Jun 15, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Fishing in Atyrau is very popular. Especially ice fishing! And it doesn't matter how cold it is!

    Equipment: A couple of fishing-rods

    Do you want to be one of them?

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