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Private Tour: Malaysia Johore Bahru Half-Day Tour from Singapore
"Drive across the causeway linking Singapore and Malaysia. After immigration formalities we commence our tour of Johore Bahru with a visit to a handicraft center to observe batik painting. This is followed by a visit to Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque a Moorish-styled mosque that is strategically positioned on top of a hill overlooking the Straits of Johore Bahru. Built in 1900 and is one of the most beautiful mosques in Malaysia before arriving at a Kampong. The final stop will be at a Muslim cemetery with a view from the exterior The Royal Mausoleum an area where one can't help but appreciate the serene and tranquil atmosphere befitting a resting place for eternity. The Royal Mausoleum has been the final place for Royalty of Johore Bahru and the architecture is one of a fine unique and aesthetic design of yesterday. From here proceed back to Singapore."""
From SGD314.00
Private Tour: World War II Introduction on Singapore
"Take this tour to get a real understanding of what part Singapore played in World War 2. Feel free to ask your private chauffeur for more information on our city while you are on your way there.  We take you to the sites where the fierces Kranji War Memorial Ford Factory Singapore Museum (The Surrender Chambers) - tickets at your own expense Fort Canning Hill (last line of British Defense) and Changi Museum (During the Japanese Occupation / life of a POW) - tickets at your own expense."""Have you ever wondered what part Singapore played in World War 2? This is a great tour to help you understand what happened in this part of the world and is ideal to anyone with a slight interest to a history buff.title=Highlights&1=Private+tour+is+operated+with+just+your+party+and+a+guide%2Fdriver&2=Flexibility+to+customize+your+itinerary+to+your+own+preferences&3=Enjoy+a+day+away+from+the+hustle+and+bustle+of+the+city&4=Get+inside+tips+from+a+local&5=Hotel+pickup
From SGD330.00
Singapore Duck Tour
"Not your average sightseeing vehicle the Singapore duck takes you through the city on the original DUCKtours winner of the Singapore Tourism Awards. This amphibious remodeled war craft dubbed ‘the duck’ travels on both land and water providing excellent vantage points of Singapore’s top attractions on and off dry land. You’ll get up close to the famous skyline during your hour-long journey!During the land portion of your tour see popular landmarks like the 45-foot (14-meter) high Fountain of Wealth
From SGD37.00

More Transportation in Keluang

Call a cab: Uncle Sam

As my schedule was tight and there were quite a lot of places that I would like to explore. I asked my hotel help desk to call a cab for me. Then I met Uncle Sam the taxi driver, he may look like an...
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Jul 20, 2010

Avoid S & S International Buses

Countless times, I have taken buses from KL to Kluang to visit my friends (my ex-girlfriend lives there). And for all those times, I have stick to S&S because they were supposed to be the best...
Jan 10, 2010

Train, bus or drive yourself

How to get to Kluang? You can take train (cost roughly RM23 from Kuala Lumpur) some 90km north of Singapore and about double the distance south of Kuala Lumpur, you can take bus or train or drive...
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Oct 01, 2005
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"Kluang - Toast of the town"
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"Toast of the Town"
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"The Relaxed Town of Keluang"
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