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Mangrove Forest Kayaking Tour from Langkawi
"Your day will begin with a pickup from your hotel lobby. From there you will be taken to Kilim jetty for a boat ride to the bat cave.After that you will proceed to the fish farm and enjoy the opportunity to watch a fish feeding show. After this your kayaking adventure will begin. You will observe many exotic plants and animal species that have adapted ingenious ways to thrive in a habitat dictat kingfishers herons mudskippers fiddler crabs and monitor lizards. You will also go to the bat cave to observe the insect-eating bat that residing in it.After about an hour and a half of this truly informative kayaking adventure you will return to the fish farm for a delicious ""
From $63.00
Half-Day Mangrove Safari Boat Tour in Langkawi
"Your 4 hours journey takes you on a voyage of exploration through the mangroves of Langkawi to discover exotic plants and animal species. Many of them survive by ingenious methods in a dynamic environment of constant change dictated by the rise and fall of the tides.Following a short drive to the jetty get on board a boat and explore the mangrove forests and ancient limestone outcrops of the northeast of the island.Mangrove forests play an essential part in maintaining the ecological balance of the world. They influence the climate provide shelter and act as major nurseries for fish and shrimps.As you drift through the mangroves look out for the bizarre land walking fishes. Watch out too for bright flashing kingfishers
From $50.00
Full Day Cameron Highlands Tour
"Cameron Highlands was named after the discoverer William Cameron in 1885 a British government Surveyor who came across ""A fine plateau with gentle slopes"" while he was researching through dense jungle on a mapping expedition. Creating a hill station in the area was first voiced in 1888 by Sir Hugh Low a Perak resident who propose the idea it might be a suitable place for a retreat and farmland. Cameron Highlands was a heaven for the British who were stationed in Malaya as it provided relief from the hot and humid tropical climate of the lowlands. enjoys a cool climate with temperatures rarely higher than 25°C and low than 10 °C. In 1929
From $153.00

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Guillemard Bridge

The Guillemard Bridge (at 600m long) that spans the Kelantan River is said to be the longest train bridge in the country... The strong, black solid steel bridge connects Kursial in Tanah Merah and...
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Visit a Kelantanese Waterfall

Although in Kelantan, the people are more conservative, it is often a nice day out to visit on its waterfalls... secluded in its nature, you are able to swim and relax without a hundred tourists...
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Kuala Krai zoo

Kuala Krai is a large village about 60 kms in the interiors south of Kota Bharu.Nothing special here, but it is a good starting point to see the rainforest.I spent a few hours here waiting for the...
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The rain forest

The rain forest in the interiors of Kota Bharu becomes immediately very lush and green.The climate is hot and humid all year round and the vegetation is rich and thick, with many different trees and...
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River Kelantan

River Kelantan is one of the main rivers in peninsular Malaysia.It passes close to Kota Bharu and more in the interiors it flows calmly through wild thick jungle.I heard that kayak excursions can be...
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