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Private Day Trip to Malacca from Kuala Lumpur
"The trip starts with a pick up at your hotel lobby around 9am and depart to the Melacca city. After 2-hour drive you will reach the first attraction Stadthuys. A lovely old and well preserved building with a Dutch historical past located in the heart of Melacca city. You will find many trishaw awaiting and transporting tourists in this area.Then we will take a panoramic view of the city and surrounding from the top of St. Paul’s hill which features the historic of St. Paul Church. After a break for lunch (at your own expense) you will follow our guide to explore Jonker Street located in Chinatown. The Jonker Street is Melacca’s epicentre and you can find many antique shops clothing
From $95.00
Private Tour: Historical Malacca Trip from Kuala Lumpur Including Lunch
"After getting picked up at your hotel in Kuala Lumpur begin the 2-hour journey in the comfortable air-conditioned car on this private tour. Enjoy the scenery during the drive and learn from the guide all about the history of Malaysia in general and Malacca in particular. Stop at the Church of St. Paul the early-16th-century church that is the oldest of its kind in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Then marvel at the tomb of St. Francis Xavier before heading to Stadthuys an old Dutch word for 'city hall.' Known as 'Red Square
From $67.00
Private Tour: Malacca Malaysia Day Trip from Singapore including Lunch
"Visit Malaysia's most historical city which has seen the rise and fall of major empires struggling to retain their foothold in the region. Malacca was governed by the Malay Sultanate Portuguese Dutch and British who have left behind a wealth of the past evident in Malacca medieval charm picturesque buildings multi-racial population and narrow streets. This Malacca Malaysia private tour includes a visit to historic sites such as St.Paul's Hill where St.Francis Xavier was interned
From SGD454.00

Local food Tips (76)

Aunty Lee Nonya Food: Aunty Lee Nonya Food

Aunty Lee is a small home cooked Nonya food restaurant.

This restaurant have less than 10 tables and advance reservation must be made.

We ordered Assam Fish, Fried Chicken, Nonya Chup Chai and Duck & Salted Vegetable soup which only cost RM61.

You must try their Chendol which is RM2.50 a bowl. This is one of the best Chendol we have tried in Melaka. It is comparable to Jonker St 88.

Favorite Dish Assam Fish
Every dishes is good!

imstress's Profile Photo
Oct 27, 2006

Patty Moon (Moon Luck): Chee Cheong Fun

Everytime I come to Melaka, I will not give my favourite Chee Cheong Fun (RM2) a miss.
I could eat a few plates of the Chee Cheong Fun and never get tired of it.

The Hong Kong Style Chee Cheong Fun is made on the spot with fresh ingridents.

I love the char siew ones as it gives a salty taste to the plain flour. The sauce that goes with it is so tasty. Fried onions are sprinkled on top of the it along with delicious grinded shrimp powder.

Other than Chee Cheong Fun, the char kway teow, staty cehlop, wanton mee, satay, samabal stingray are all worth a try.

imstress's Profile Photo
Oct 27, 2006

Along Jalan Ong Kim Wee: Satay Celup...!!!

This is something that you can only find in Melaka as far as I know till now...!!!, How you do it, is to dip your skewel into a boiling satay sauce. Come in a few varieties, prawns, cockles, pig's stomach, deep fried devil (yau char kwai), pig's ear, pork, taufu, meat ball, and many many more.

yeikloen's Profile Photo
Jun 29, 2003

Donald & Lily's: Mouth-watering Nyonya Food

It's a bit hard to find this eatery as the entrance is very obscure, hiding at the back of a shophouse and blocked by a stall selling chendol (dessert in shaved ice). It's at the middle of Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock and at the crossroad. You have to walk up a flight of stairs to this family runned business. Many knick-knacks from around the world are displayed on the shelves and wall.

Favorite Dish The popular Nyonya regulars are Laksa (noodles in curry gravy), Mee Siam, fried noodles, Tau Kua (oriental mixed salads in spicy sauce), RM3 only per serving. Other signature dishes are Chicken Pongteh (RM5) and Curry Chicken Rice (RM4.50). After having a spicy meal, a must-try is the Cendol, RM1.60 per bowl. It's a bowl of shaved ice with coconut milk, Melaka sugar, red beans and green coloured chendol.

The lady boss here, Jennifer is very friendly and always asks for customer's feedback. Opens from 10am to 4pm, closed on Mondays.

yipsufen's Profile Photo
Jul 09, 2007
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Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup: Satay Celup

Other than chicken rice balls, Melaka is also popular for its satay celup. It's a kind of skewered meat or other ingredients dipped and cooked in peanuts gravy. The secret is in the peanuts gravy which has other ingredients like ginger, lemongrass, etc. The sauce is a bit spicy.

They are many variety of food here, ranging from vegetables, prawns, fish balls, meat balls, crab fillet and so on.

There's a few satay celup restaurants along this road. The middle shop supposedly to be the most crowded one. Opens from 5:30pm to 12:30am.

Favorite Dish 50 cents per stick. You may also chose the ingredients from fridge.

yipsufen's Profile Photo
Jul 09, 2007

Seri Nyonya: hotel Nyonya Food

This restaurant is located on the 3rd floor of Hotel Equatorial - it is very popular for entertainment, and the nyonya food here is reasonablly well done. Prices are also reasonable - I would say good for being part of a hotel. But I was not soo impressed with the food to want to rush there. But if I have foriegner friends who want to try nyonya food - I would take them there - the atmosphere is pretty good and the variety is great, and the place is interesting. Becos - they serve water in this container - metal that I can r'ber some people (maybe people in Mainland China still do that) rinse their mouth daily in!!! There is also sit on the floor to eat if you want. The food comes out piping hot - but I found it a little oily.

Favorite Dish Three of us had lunch, we did not order drink and just had water - which was so so cold and nice. We ordered popiah - 2 to share which was ample - the skin was delicious although the filling was ordinary, It lacks the pork stuffing you would get from the hawker. The restaurant is Halal. Then we had ayam sioh - or something like that name - it is chicken cooked which spices - I highly recommend that against chicken pongteh. Then we had nyonya taufoo - i hate that becos it was Japanese taufo, and we had fried kangkong vegetables with sambal belcan - a little oily, but tasty. We also had fried fish with salt and chilli - it was very fresh the fish - but it was greasy.And the two boys had cendol for dessert which they said was pretty good. the meal only cost RM85

Audrey118's Profile Photo
Jan 09, 2003

Breakthrough Cafe: Authentic Peranakan Cendol!!!

Breakthrough Cafe is popular for their Traditional Peranakan Cendol which is very different from what you may find on the roadside. Very rich in flavour!!! It is only RM2 per bowl!!!
Besides that, they have very good Nasi Lemak too!!!

Favorite Dish Traditional Peranakan Cendol!!! The ultimate local dessert!!!

Jun 05, 2009

Aunty Lee Nonya Food: Authentic Nyonya food, almost like my mom's

A very small family-run restaurant, the setting in this restaurant could be improved. But this is not the reason why you are here. (If you want to dine in a nice restaurant in the town area, head to Peranakan restaurant on Heren Street). My Childhood friend comes here a lot, hence knows the owner. The main chefs are an elderly couple, due to the popularity of this place, they tend to turn down customers if they get too busy, or if they get too tired, I was told.

Hence, it is best to call up for reservation if you want to have a taste of authentic Nyonya food!

Favorite Dish The Assam fish is a must, end your dinner with their cendol. I hardly think the Assam fish is any spicy, you can ask them to make it less spicy if you wanna.

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Jul 19, 2009
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"A Yeow Kwee (Glutton) in Melaka"
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"Melaka - The Historical City of Malaysia"
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"Historical Town of Melaka (Malacca)"
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"malacca, a smal historical city"
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"My Melaka"
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eha fruit & Veggie Bistro, Melaka: Real Real Fresh Juices & Dessert

In Melaka, weather offen hot and get sweat easily. If you're looking for a coozy place to sit down and enjoying a cup of Real Real freshly done juices, please drop by to this fruity bistro call 'eha' nearby ChengHo muzium, located at Lorong Hang Jebat, Melaka.

More than 60 types of fresh juices for you to choose and also have veriaty of fruit & veggie concept sandwiches, omelettes, cold & hot desserts and set-meals. Wow! try their Cold Cold 3-D Durian dessert if you're a durian lover. My best choice juices are "MangOrange Exotic" and "Coozy WatermelonLime", so coooooooool.

Must drop by if you're really desperate for a cup of real juice.

Favorite Dish Dessert : (Cold) 3-D Durian Dessert
Dessert : (Hot) Yummy Yam Dessert with Gingko & Pumpkin

Juices : MangOrange Exotic and Coozy WatermelonLime

Meal : Omelette and Everything Rojak (fruits)

SJTan's Profile Photo
May 10, 2008

East & West Rendezvous: Delicious and fragrant Nyonya dumpling

At first glance, there is nothing to shout about when you pass by this shop facade. One could easily pass by this ordinary looking store and giving it a miss. This shop sells nyonya dumpling, durian cendol, kuih and pineapple tarts.

I managed to see the Nyonya dumpling making process at the cashier area and took a photo of it.

Favorite Dish The normal cendol(without durian) was good, the ice was quite fluffy and the overall sweetness was just right for me. It had the lovely fragrance of gula malacca. I would gladly skip the long queue at Jonker 88 and have a bowl of cendol here.

I was here specially for the Nyonya dumpling and I wasn't disappointed. The pretty blue and white coloured dumpling had generous portion of fillings with an aromatic coriander scent. The pork, mushroom, winter melon etc were all minced up and wrapped with glutinous rice. The blue colouring on the glutinous rice came from the colour extracted from the butterfly pea flowers. There were 2 textures to the glutinous rice; the white part was slightly springy and had a slight smell of alkaline water/lye water. The blue glutinous rice(without lye water) was slightly soft though.

Nyonya dumpling: RM4.50 each
Cendol: RM2.50

sunshine_01's Profile Photo
Jan 08, 2013

Tomyam Klasik: Famous Tomyam Restaurant in Melaka

Tomyam is a Thai spicy soup that is so popular here in Malaysia. This restaurant is a very established and well known restaurant of its tomyam, Thai and local food. Its just moved from Ayer Keroh to Bukit Beruang and this new restaurant being well build on a man made pond. As we enjoy our meals, we can also watch varieties of freshwater fishes swimming in the pond and of course the regular customer here will always wait for the Arapaima Gigas to emerge.

The foods? No doubt for me the taste are delicious. This restaurant serves local, Thai and even western food on the menu.

I always dine here and even had the opportunity to bring 2 VTer to here during their visit in Melaka. (VT Id chiabh & Idahayat)

The only improvement that this restaurant need to buck-up is their timing of preparing the food. Sometimes I think that the chef took quite of time to prepare customers order. Maybe their motto is 'let it be late as long as it won't jeapordizing the taste'.

So, if you happens to be here and want to taste good Thai & local food especially the Tomyam, please visit this restaurant. Its open daily from 11am to 2am.

Favorite Dish The Tomyam of course.

Azri_Azmi's Profile Photo
Jan 12, 2008

Nonya food: Spicy nonya food-> Laksa

Laksa is Nonya food. The taste is composed of coconut, red hot chili pepper and shrimp. The soup is mainly curry mixed with coconut, it's salty, sweet and spicy. The ingrediance are shrimps, oysters, fish balls and vegetable. Maple food can be rice noodles and noodles. As spicy food big fan, I love the dish very very much!!! (Laksa is highly recommended)

yatingchen's Profile Photo
Feb 24, 2007

Things to Do Near Melaka

Things to Do

The Sultan's Palace

Near the Porta de Santiago there is a replica of a 15th century Melaka sultan's palace. The palace is wooden and built entirely without nails. Entry was only 2RM and the palace was open from 9am to...
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Things to Do

Jonker's Walk

We eventually got back to Dutch Square and walked across the bridge over the river onto Jonker's Walk. This street is famous for shopping and has some lovely old Melakan buildings. There was a Chinese...
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River Walkway

This riverside walkway did not exist on our first visit to Melaka. It is a great asset to the town as Melaka's non-stop traffic and frequent absense of pavements can get on your nerves. Here you can...
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Things to Do

Transport Park

I don't really know what to call this area, but on the walk back from Porta de Santiago near the architecture museum we passed a park with old trains, aeroplanes and even a bullock cart. Lots of...
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Things to Do

Kampung Kling Mosque

Kampung Kling Mosque can be found halfway along Jalan Tokong in Chinatown and the original wooden one was constructed in 1748, but it is not like a Middle Eastern mosque as the architectural style was...
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Things to Do

Princess Hang Li Poh's well

The Hang Li Poh's well was dug by an order of Sultan Mansor Shah of Melaka in 1459 especially for his wife Hang Li Poh, a Chinese princess. The water from this well was used for her daily ne
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