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  • Melaka river as seen from Taming Sari Tower
    Melaka river as seen from Taming Sari...
    by Chuckaziz
  • Waiting for passengers, Melaka
    Waiting for passengers, Melaka
    by cafank
  • beautiful buildings
    beautiful buildings
    by benazer

Melaka Things to Do

  • St. Paul's Church Ruins

    Even if you are not interested in the museums or church ruins on St. Paul's Hill it would be a good idea to climb it just to get a good view of Meleka It is the best place in town to see Melaka except for the rotating view deck on the tower which costs quite a bit for the 7 minute experience. It will only take 5 minutes to climb the hill from the...

  • Temple's

    Kwan Im Temple is at the end of Jonker Street near the intersection with Tokong Street and is worth a quick visit. I was surprised that this beautiful little temple is not mentioned in my guidebook or tourist map.

  • A' Famosa

    Once the Dutch took over Melaka from the Portuguese in 1641 work began on strengthening the defense of the town. The fortification included building a bastion in the city walls near the mouth of the Melaka River. In 1660 the Middleburg Bastion was built along the fortified walls so it could control the international ships that came up the river....


Melaka Hotels

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Melaka Restaurants

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  • Local food

    4 out of 5 stars

    We passed by the Geographers Cafe the day before and promised we would return after seeing the menu, and this turned out to be a wise decision. The restaurant is on a corner pre-was shop-house and has tables on a terrace by the street as well as an air conditioned room for private functions. In the evening a band plays here. It is a great place to...

  • Chinese food

    4 out of 5 stars

    We had flown from Myanmar, arrived at KL airport and immediately caught the bus to Melaka, checked in at our guest house and went in search of something to eat. From our guest house we crossed the river into the old Chinese quarter and came across the Melting Pot, took a look at the menu and decided that this would be our first meal in Melaka. It...

  • Indian food

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    Our guest house owner had recommended this restaurant to us, and it was rated as number two Indian Restaurant in Melaka on Trip Advisor but it turned out to be the worst meal we ate in Melaka. My wife's noodles were very oily and my dosa lacked taste. Sure, it was cheap enough, but it doesn't matter how cheap it is if you don't enjoy the food. The...


Melaka Nightlife

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  • Main Cafe cum Bar in Jonker Street

    at the middle of the historic Jonker Street corner Jalan Hang Jekir lies a two story Cafe cum Bar in an ambiance of pre-war Malaccan Shop House Architecture is the Geographer Cafe, which was opened in 1999 and since then draws practically all kinds of crowds. You will not miss it as it is the only structure in Jonker Street with palm leaves around...

  • Nighttime atmosphere

    Take The Cruise along the river and get history told by the guide is a great experience. Ticket Rm 15 per person

  • My favorite beer spot in Melaka.

    Tofu cafe is a small cafe in the heritage part of Melaka and really just a small hole in the wall cafe, but it's a very nice hole in the wall if you ask me and very friendly.It's a small cafe run by a chinese family that serves drinks all day long and most of the night too.Prices are very resonable for malaysian standards and the family who runs...


Melaka Transportation


    Melaka Sentral Bus Terminal is between Lebuh AMJ (Jalan Tun Abdul Razak) and Jalan Panglima Awang and very nearby to Tesco. There is a domestic bus terminal and a city bus terminal which are less than 200 meters apart, and can be reached by walking through the shopping mall. There are buses to different cities in Malaysia as well as several direct...

  • Rickshaw

    Another funny way to get around Melaka is by A Rickshaw. You are ridden around the main attractions in the city centre. I didn't use it but I thought it was one the pleasant way to get around.

  • Panorama Buses

    I always look at the cheaper way to get to and around any City I visit. So If you're from KL travelling to Melaka, You need to get to TBS Bus station which is abit out of the City centre.If you are in hurry You can do so by Taxi which you might charged RM50.Or the cheaper way is by taking KTM train from Kuala Lumpur (KL Sentral) to TBS Bus station...


Melaka Shopping

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  • Freeport A'Famosa - brand outlet shop

    Freeport A'Famosa is a factory outlet store just outside Melaka. It has many brand name shops in the fields of fashion, sports and shoes, which I won't detail. There are apparent discounts of 50% or even more, so if you know you want some sporting gear and you're passing by, it's worth a look.The complex itself is laid out in a high street style,...


    Mahkota Parade was opened in 1994 and was one of Melaka's first shopping malls with over 200 stores and parking space for over 1000 cars. It was recently refurbished to make it more modern and attract new tenants, and now there are international brand shops, entertainment canters as well as restaurants and cafes. Normally i would never dream of...


    Dataran Pahlawan is a large mall situated in Merdeka Street, and has all kinds of shops except for a grocery supermarket. We wandered around here to escape from the heat of the midday sun. It is a modern shopping mall with many clothes stores, cafes and restaurants, as well as a foodcourt. We were in the mall on two different occasions and it is...


Melaka Local Customs

  • Festivals

    Merry Christmas from the Portuguese Village, one of the last places on earth where Kristang is still spoken! Malaysia's national Xmas celebration this year (with the King in attendance) is being held at this village today (Dec 26)!

  • Religions

    wandering around Chinatown you may see some small shrines on the streets or even in the shops. In the shrine you will probably see small bowls and incense sticks, or even a Buddhist deity. The shrines are little red boxes often hidden away in the shops, but these shrines are not meant to be seen but their presence is felt. They are placed there to...


    Greetings can be a slightly complicated affair. ‘Selamat’ is the greeting word, but you must specify the time. • Selamat pagi = Good Morning • Selamat tengah hari = Good Afternoon (from noon to about 2pm) • Selamat petang = Good Afternoon/Good Evening • Selamat malam = Good Night I did have a grumpy policeman on a train just say ‘Pagi’ to me...


Melaka Warnings and Dangers


    When you are in Melaka you may encounter large groups of Chinese tourists and i am afraid to say that it was not pleasant as large groups walked along the sidewalk pushing us out of the way, blocking the doorway etc while taking selfies with their selfie-sticks, and completely filling up souvenir shops and cafes so nobody else could enter. We only...


    While most people in Melaka prosper from the tourism industry there are still those who are less fortunate than us, like the unfortunate person in the photograph. This was the only person i saw during my four days in Melaka that seemed to be living on the street.


    Melaka, being a World Heritage Site is keen on protecting the buildings and you are not allowed to smoke in any building that lies along Jalan Lakasama Street. It is lined with many old Dutch buildings, most of which have been constructed in red brick. In fact all of the buildings in Melaka's World Heritage area are considered as a no smoking area...


Melaka Tourist Traps


    I was looking to take some tours and came across Melaka Duck Tours but when i saw the sign that foreigners who have spent so much money coming to Malaysia, paying for hotels, eating in restaurants and buying souvenirs have to pay more when they take a tour with this company. What is the difference between a foreigner taking a tour and a local. ? In...

  • Malaysian Chinese Sweets at Jonker...

    I have included the sweet stuffs you can buy eat eat along Jonkers Street as it would really make your belly heavy due to the awesome sweets and breads, mostly malay chinese, that you will find while walking along Jonkers Street and the assorted side streets beside it!The street has lots of bakeries, local sweet stalls, confectionare stalls that...

  • Trishaws

    The trishaws are both as a means of transport and a tourist trap in Melaka.although the going rate for a 45 to 1 hour trip around the Old City of Melaka will be around RM 40 and most trishaws drivers are honest, it is still better to ask or negotiate for the price as like in any countrty, there are unscrupulous drivers that charge 60 RM of more for...


Melaka What to Pack

  • Bottled Water

    all those walking and hiking along Malacca in Tropical Heat and Humidity will leave your thirsty and dehydrated, hence buying bottled water is a must. And there are lots of stalls and shops selling them everywhere in in any major cities, people don't generally trust tap water and hence the water refilling stations and water bottling...

  • Bring Powerbank USB Chargers

    There are literally lots to see around Malacca and also lots to shoot pictures, shoot selfies and shoot videos. You may have a large memory capacity in your DSLR or Point of Shoot or Smartphone, but how about your battery power? that is why bringing a powerbank USB Charger or two is handy as you might get low power while doing a photo shoot!In...

  • Bring an Umbrella or Rain Coat

    Malacca is a part of Malaysia where there are frequent rainshowers (but never of typhoons) and if your going to Malacca during Months of October to March, better bring your raincoat or portable umbrella handy as these sudden downpours can be a pain on the neck as it can damage your cameras and smartphones (by soaking them with water). Actually,...


Melaka Off The Beaten Path

  • Fort Wall

    Here's the view of Porta de Santiago from the back. Like the front, the insignia of the Dutch company, VOC is stamped somewhere on the stone relief. Can you see where it is? VOC was a powerful Dutch trading company in the 1600's. So powerful was VOC that she was granted a monopoly of trading in the east and allowed to wage wars with foreign...

  • Jonker Street

    OK, so it's probably a bit odd to describe anything on Jonker Walk as off the beaten path, but this gem is easily missed. There's a mango juice shop about halfway along which you must try! For RM4-5, they sell a blend of young and ripe mango over ice. Ask for less sugar and some sour plum - the result is intensely mango-y, with a balance of sharp,...

  • Portuguese Square

    Visit the Portuegese Settlement, inhabited by descendants of the Portuegese who colonised Malacca (as Melaka used to be called) centuries ago. They hardly look Portuegese anymore but retain many unique cultural traits and have surnames like Sta Maria and speak a very old Spanish language derivative (I believe!) called Kristang. The settlement is...


Melaka Sports & Outdoors


    We were lucky enough to be in Melaka to see the 8th and final day of the Tour De Langkawi which has been held annually since 1996. According to the locals the race passes through Melaka every second year, so you may want to see this if you are in Meleka in February or March.

  • Tiara Golf melaka-A Nature beauty Golf...

    "What makes Tiara Melaka so memorable is not only the exhilarating beauty that surrounds you, but also the fact that each of the 27 holes stand out on their own. No two holes are similar.Third hole of the Woodlands Course - a Hole that will win top honours as the best in Malaysia.

  • Mountain Biking in Melaka

    Now, for those of you who know me, I'm into all kinds of sports. Off road biking is no exempt, I've got all kinds of scars to show for it. Though I'm not keen to collect another, I'm putting 2 bike links here to remind myself to do this the next time I'm in Melaka. That'll oughta work off the fats accumulated from the eating binge there.


Melaka General

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    While wandering around Melaka i noticed that the name of the town was on display in several places, probably for the benefit of tourists to pose for photographs. There is one on the bridge by Jonker Street and another by the roundabout at Dutch Square.


    During my visit to Cheng Ho's Museum i was surprised to learn that he was a eunuch and even more surprised and horrified to find out how this operation was carried out in the olden times. I almost doubled up in agony while reading this.For a payment of 6 taels of silver a castration is performed by three men holding a young boy down. His *** and...


    After dinner we decided to hang around by the river as it was not yet time to retire to bed at the guest house. We reached an small open area by Padang Nyiru which was by the bridge at the end of Jalan Temenggong and we listened to three young men and a girl practicing their music. After a while they invited us to sit with them and wondered fi we...


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