Penang Local Customs

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  • Jade Emperor
    Jade Emperor
    by limkahwan
  • Roast Pig Offering
    Roast Pig Offering
    by limkahwan
  • Mixed Offering Jade Emperor
    Mixed Offering Jade Emperor
    by limkahwan

Most Viewed Local Customs in Penang

  • 1. chinese religious practices

    This year 2014 I make a date for the purpose for visiting the famous Chiew Jetty, Weld Quay offerings and prayers to the annual Emperor Jade of Haven for the first time. This traditional Chinese,...

  • 2. Traditional costumes

    In Malaysia many of the women wear head dresses because a large part of the country is muslim. They have to be worn when out in public. These do not have to be worn by women who are not muslim that...

  • 3. Food Culture

    Those who travel around Penang, you should try out Penang Local food like Hokkien Mee, Laksa, Char Koay Teoh. This 3 is the top famous local food for penang. One of the restaurant had been operate for...

  • 4. Taboo for gifts ....

    Another world - another culture - another habit... our top-model learned her lesson when changing her clothes in the centre of Georgetown. She got pushed into the van at the moment we all could see...

  • 5. Chinese business

    When we were children, travelling through Malaysia and Borneo, in all towns, the stores would be owned by the Chinese, usually by the family and we always saw the student, son or daughter sitting in a...

  • 6. Art and performances

    well the Chinese Opera is only featured mainly during the Hungry Ghost festival or during the birthday of Chinese Gods or Deity....and mainly cater to older folks ...perhaps its because the younger...

  • 7. Buddhism in Penang

    ►Wesak Day (May 25) This is the most important day of the Buddhist Calendar as it marks the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha. Buddhist devotees will gather in temples throughout the...

  • 8. Malaysians' swimming costume

    Do not be surprised! Malaysian like to swim together in family, in daily clothing, without proper swimming attire.Some hotel management would not strictly warn...

  • 9. Akad Nikah (Solemnization)

    The Akad Nikah was taken place at one of the mosque in Kepala Batas, where both families from the bridegroom and the bride attended to witness the solemnization...

  • 10. Traditional Malay Wedding 1 - Merisik & Bertunang

    It's a good friend of mine, getting married yesterday on 16th September 2012. I was there to witness the Malay friend wedding adat-adat (Ritual). Fiza and Farid...

  • 11. Clothing

    For us Europeans, clothing that covers, not reveals is a very good idea. This is for self-protection against the sun and has the advantage that it shows respect...

  • 12. Tamoul New Year 2008

    The weekend I was in Penang coincided with multiple new yearThingyan for the Burmese, Thai and Khmer New Year, Tamoul New Year, Malayalee New you could...

  • 13. Hair Cut

    I am a little fuzzy about who cuts my hair, but Paris is far away, Baracoa is not within reach and my hair cried out for a cut. walked into a hair salon, asked...

  • 14. Interesting Gables on Buildings

    Wandering around Georgetown, couldn't help noticing the interesting gables adorning the buildings by the streets. Later, read on some book the shape of gable on...

  • 15. Additional State Holidays - Penang

    Pulau Pinang (Penang State) was obtained from the Sultan of Kedah. Hence no hereditary kings. A Yang Di-Pertuan Negeri is appointed to serve as Head of State.If...

  • 16. Fort Cornwallis - Seri Rambai Canon

    One of the most popular touist package destination is Fort Cornwallis at the Esplanade.Inevitably the tour guide will talk about this Duth canon named "Seri...

  • 17. Eating Non-stop Penang Style

    One of the most popular entertaining or activity in Penang is going out to eat. It is a great way to socialize and enjoy the great variety of food that Penang...

  • 18. Body Language

    The following body language is vulgar in Malaysia1) Showing of middle finger (i suppose this is western influence). (The sign is trying to convey male sex...

  • 19. New Hell money available

    Some Malaysian Chinese will buy hell money to burn to their deceased beloved during annual Qing Ming (Chinese all souls day) festival, Hungry Ghost festival,...

  • 20. Where To Go

    A very nice gesture that is not known in the rich Western world ... Put your house, your privat place at the disposal of people who need some time for...

  • 21. Local Customs

    Remember always that you are in another persons backyard and you should always respect their customs .. if they were to visit your country you would expect them...

  • 22. Buy biscuits

    Traditionally, if you visit Penang island, you should buy some biscuits for your friends and relatives, this is a local custom I want to tip everybody. Now if...

  • 23. Chinese New Year- new clothes!

    Buying new clothes is a special custom for hokkien people. Although everyone wearing new clothes during chinese new year, but the meaning of wearing new clothes...

  • 24. Da Qing descendants

    Da Qing descendants are actually Penang's Tanglang. Da Qing means The Great Qing Empire 1644-1911 (Old China). Penang's Tanglang means the descendant of The...

  • 25. Punjabi tomb guards

    Punjabi tomb guards are Penang's Tanglang culture. I did not go to the graveyard on purpose, it was a funeral of my grandmother. I went there and I saw so many...

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