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Burmese Temple (Dhammikarama) Tips (38)

The Standing Buddha (2)

The Dhammikarama Burmese Temple is just opposite the Thai Reclining Buddha Temple, both founded in the 19th century. This area ( Jalan Burma and Lorong Burma ) may have lived Thai and Burmese people during early years.
Beside the famous standing buddha in gold stood in the main hall, there are area which display paintings telling the stories of Buddha, both side of the walk way to the inner hall.
The traders outside the temple are selling small items of Penang souvenirs but in the temple, bigger Buddha statues are on display for sales to earn income for the temple.

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Dec 07, 2014

The Standing Buddha (1)

The DHAMMIKARAMA BUDDHA Temple was founded in 1803. A golden standing buddha is stood inside the Sima Shrine Hall, the standing buddha is about 25 ft in height.
This Burmese Temple opened daily from 6am to 6pm. There are some traders selling Penang souvenirs in front of the temple. Bodhi trees and pagodas can be found in the compound.
The lane where the temple is located is given name LORONG BURMA because of this Burmese Temple. The wider road next to this lane is named Burma Road too. One upon a time in the history, Burmese people form a big population in this area.

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Dec 07, 2014

Most Beautiful Burmese Temple In Penang

This beautiful Burmese Temple is located at Burma Lane (Lorong Burma) was founded in 1st August 1803. The Temple was known as Nandy Moloh Burmese Temple, and purchased by Nonya Betong from George Layton for 390 Spanish Dollars and donate to the Temple. The Temple was named Dhammikarama Burmese Buddhist Temple.

limkahwan's Profile Photo
Oct 15, 2013

Burmese Temple

Yet another fascinating temple, the detailed work that is put into these places is amazing. You could spend a day and still never see it all. Scenes depicting long ago events, ornamental pagodas, gold fish ponds, with very large fish in them! Hopefully my photos are doing these places the justice they deserve.

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Apr 18, 2010
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Dharmikarama Burmese Temple

This Temple is located across the road from the Reclining Buddha, and is another that
should not be missed as it is different again!
It is on the Penang Heritage List.

Here, the Buddha [which is coated with a mix of gold & copper] is not reclining, but is standing 8.2metres high! Behind the Buddha are 16 standing Buddha's which are donations from 16 different Buddhist countries including Thailand, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and even Afghanistan. Also here is some beautiful woodcarving on the ceilings and surrounds, make sure you have a look!
On the right of the hall is a small Buddha statue which is said to be more than 200 years old.

A pair of elephants guard the entrance to this Burmese temple. within the pagoda grounds is a Boddhi tree and a wishing pond with a small shrine and a Buddha statue. In the middle of the pond you will find a small shrine with a Buddha statue.

IF you visit during the month of April, you will witness the water festival.

I thought this was a lovely Temple, perhaps because it was different to the others.


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Dec 05, 2009

Beautiful temple

The entrance to this Burmese temple is guarded by a pair of elephants. Inside the pagoda grounds you'll find a Boddhi tree & a wishing pond. The temple is a delight to look round, it is beautifully designed & the colours are amazing. There are plenty of fascinating sculptures to look at too.

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Jun 21, 2008

Dhammikarama Burmese Buddhist Temple

I have visited quite a few Buddhist Temples all over Asia, but this Burmese Temple raised the bar. Especially the temple close to the entrance is a beauty. The wooden carvings in there are gorgeous and the golden buildings all around the area are just beautiful.

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Mar 14, 2008

A little piece of Burma

The gilded and intricate eaves and latticework catches your attention upon entering the gates of the Burmese temple. A tall marble statue of the Enlightened One greets you after you've removed your shoes and entered.
There are other shrines dotted around the main sanctuary.
Half an hour here should suffice.

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Nov 08, 2007
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Burmese Buddhist temple

The Burmese Buddhist temple was built in 1803, the temple is one of the oldest heritage temples in the country. Consistent maintenance and renovation has kept the building in good shape.Standing in the centre of the hall is a huge statue of Buddha. The head and feet of which were made of carved marble stones.
It was really a eye-opening experience for all of us.

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Jan 14, 2007

Dharmikara Burmese Temple

founded on the 1st August 1803,the temple was then known as Nandy Moloh Butmese temple.This place of public worship was purchased by Nonya Betong from George Layton for 390 Spanish dollars and dontaed to the templr.
Being one of the earliest and the only burmese buddist temple in Malaysia and featuring the historical pagoda,the temple and Sima Hall,the temple was designated in 1988 as one of the state heritage sites to be preserved as a tourist attraction.

Since its inceptio,the temple is presently managed by the seventh chief monk.To faciliate and complement the practice of buddhism,the temple has a main shrine hall,Sima Hall, a dinning hall, monks quarters perceptees' lodge,Sunday school classrooms,a library and a lecture hall.

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Jan 13, 2007

Part of Little Burma

The ornate gilded roof of this 200 year old temple beckons as one walks down Burma Lane; past hawker staffs selling food and souvenir stalls selling tacky knick-knacks. A pair of stone elephants at the entrance serve as silent reminders of the sanctity within.

Mythical figures and religious icons dot the spacious and well-kept compound inside - among them, bell-bearing acolytes, myriad buddhas, chimeras and flying beings. Two huge and imposing-looking chi lings (a fabulous being that is a hybrid of a dragon, horse and a lion) flank the entrance to the main prayer hall. Chi lings are traditionally used in feng shui to deflect evil.

Next to an unused 200 year-old well is a huge man-made water catchment filled with carps. Buddha statues in different meditative poses nestle in grottos marked with the names of individual donors. A pair of winged chimeras called Panca Rupa look resplendent in the roles as "Guardian Protectors of the World."

There is a nice huge mural depicting the Great Renunciation of Prince Siddharta (see picture). The future Buddha is 'captured' riding his steed Kanthaka in mid-air with his faithful servant Channa seemingly hanging on for dear life. Evil beings on one side try to discourage him from his noble quest while the good ones on the other side welcome him with open arms. It's all done very tastefully.

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Jan 13, 2007

Burmese Temple just opposite of Siamese Temple

When you are visiitng the Reclining Buddha, just walk across the road to drop by the interesting Burmese Temple.

You will noticed that facial expression of Burmese Buddhas are different, more serene in a sense. There is a giant standing Buddha in a beautifully carved wooden hall and with different Buddhas from different countries of Asia.

At the side of the main temple, is a temple roof which looks like a floating piece of cake. At the back, is a coin thowing whether you want "Success", "Happy Marriage", "Love" into a rotating bowls over a pond. Stand at nearest part of the pond but it is an easy miss.

Highly recommend to drop by if you are visiting the Reclining Buddha. Admission is free too but there is a solication of voluntary donation for building funds.

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Oct 15, 2006

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