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Private Tour: Discovery Tour of Entopia Butterfly Farm in Penang
"Entopia - the newly reconstructed Penang Butterfly Farm where the world of insect is seen in harmony with nature the area is 3 times bigger than the old farm and it is divided into 2 parts - the Natureland which is a living vivarium where live butterflies dragon flies stick insects reptiles and other insects are seen in their natural habitat and surroundings. The cocoon area covers indoor nature activities and exhibitions such as the reproduction process of insects including the firefly and beetle. Technology guided interpr""Entopia - the newly reconstructed Penang Butterfly Farm where the world of insect is seen in harmony with nature. Journey into a magical paradise that honors the unsung heroes of our natural world with plenty to discover from outdoor adventures to caverno
From $57.00
Private Tour: Spice Garden and Entopia Butterfly Farm in Penang
"Visit the Tropical Spice Garden planted with some 500 spices of tropical spice and herbs and see for yourselves the produce which are part of a typical Malaysian kitchen. Take a guided tour of the gardens within this 8 acre area along a lush green hill slopes and learn the history of t firefly beetle and other small living things with technology aided interpretation.""""Visit Tropical Spice Garden which offers fun and adventure in an award-winning lush
From $67.00
Half-Day Tour to Tropical Spice Garden and Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm
"A tour specially designed for nature lovers. Our first stop is the spectacular Penang Butterfly Farm where you’ll find yourself surrounded by a myriad of flickering and flitting butterflies in this specially designed natural environment. A sanctuary f the farm also houses unique live tropical insects and small reptiles including scorpions frogs and other fascinating species. There is also a hatchery and a 'Preserved Butterflies of the World Museum'. Next visit to the Tropical Spice Garden. Explore the lush landscaped award-winning gardens set out over 8 acres of secondary jungle. Get up close and personal with over 500 species of tropical flora and fauna some you’ve never seen before! Relax at the breezy outdoor café overlooking the Straits of Malacca and the beautiful shoreline of Teluk Bahang. You may shop for unique
From $59.00

Penang Butterfly Farm -Closed until Dec, 2015. Tips (20)

Very friendly butterfly

In Penang Butterfly Farm, you can walk around freely in and invite all sorts of butterflies on your palm.There are so many butterflies and you enjoy seeing them with colorful wings. Its really an...
Toshioohsako's Profile Photo
Mar 05, 2014

The Butterfly Farm

Here you can walk around with butterflies flying all around you and watch them feast on slices of fruit put out on special tables for them. You can also reptiles and other animals. The indoor insects...
f1katt's Profile Photo
Jun 14, 2008


Opened in 1986 the Butterfly Farm provides an opportunity for visitors to be surrounded by butterflies at close hand as they walk through the tropical plants. The covered farm contains thousands of...
tim07's Profile Photo
Jun 01, 2008

Te Butterfly loves you....

if you wear some very bright multicolored clothings... eg colorful batiks, they'll literally swamp you, and will not leave you even if you blow them away.... and you can walk out of the farm with 'em...
Apr 23, 2008


well worth the drive to experience not only magnificent butterflys but amazing plant life too. make sure you allow some browsing time for the shop as the displays are great(not just butterflys). we...
garyb1's Profile Photo
Mar 10, 2008

Butterfly farm

Only a small place, but so very worth a visit. Children will love it, it was one of the highlights of the holiday for my younger daughter.Great to to see butterflies in all their stages of...
Oct 27, 2007

Popular Butterfly Enclosure

Penang Butterfly Farm is one of the best I have seen. Local butterfly species are grown from eggs, caterpillars, cocoon into live butterfly can be seen in glass cages. There are fruits and sugary...
SLLiew's Profile Photo
Feb 24, 2007

Beautiful Delicate Butterflies

We visited the Butterfly Farm in Teluk Bahang, Penang, a sanctuary for over 120 species of rare and exotic tropical butterflies. The farm is complete with a hatchery and a "Preserved Butterflies of...
longsanborn's Profile Photo
Jan 13, 2007

Stone look alike????

You may stop to see other living creature in the aquarium and just pass a glance towards this huuuuuuuuuuuge 'stone'.Thats what I thought until I read the signage near the aquarium. What u see here is...
lukluk_wal_marjan's Profile Photo
Feb 12, 2006

'Flowers' that fly......

At first glance you may pass them as flowers flowing down from the pot hanging above.Even when ppl start taking pictures near it, u may still be wondering what so unique about the flowers!!!When u...
lukluk_wal_marjan's Profile Photo
Feb 12, 2006

Colourfuls insects that fly!

Its called butterfly. Plenty and colourful butterflies can be seen here at Penang Butterfly Farm. Depending on the traffic going towards Feringghi Beach, from the town it may take about an hour to...
lukluk_wal_marjan's Profile Photo
Feb 12, 2006

lots of butterflies

The butterfly farm covers an area of .8 hectares and has over 3,000 butterflies, frogs, scorpions and other creatures to see.We saw snakes, lizards , even spiders. The butterflies are lovely to look...
Tattugran's Profile Photo
Mar 01, 2005
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Hotels Near Penang Butterfly Farm -Closed until Dec, 2015.

Batu Feringgi Beach, Penang, Batu Ferringhi, Penang, 11100, Malaysia
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Batu Feringgi Beach, Penang, 11100, Malaysia
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97 Batu Ferringhi, Batu Ferringhi, Penang, 11100, Malaysia
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Batu Ferringhi Beach, Jalan Sungai Emas, Batu Ferringhi, Penang, 11100, Malaysia
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(formerly Grand Plaza Parkroyal), Batu Ferringhi, Penang, 11100, Malaysia
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72 Batu Ferringhi, Georgetown, Penang, 11100, Malaysia
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"Penang - Prince of Wales Island"
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"Penang - my birthplace"
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"colourful FUSION of culture"
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"Penang for Foodies"
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"Penang My Home"
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Things to Do Near Penang Butterfly Farm -Closed until Dec, 2015.

Things to Do

Kek Lok Si Temple

At the main temple, in the hall, all visitor are invite to make a new year wish. One have to pay RM1 or at your wish ( to pay more ) to get a wish ribbon, write down the name and additional wish (...
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Things to Do

Sri Maha-Mariamman Temple

This Hindu temple is one of the oldest Hindu temples in Penang, built in 1833. It is dedicated to the Hindu deity Sri Muthu Mariamman, who has a following among south Indians. It contains fascinating...
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Things to Do

Burmese Temple (Dhammikarama)

The Dhammikarama Burmese Temple is just opposite the Thai Reclining Buddha Temple, both founded in the 19th century. This area ( Jalan Burma and Lorong Burma ) may have lived Thai and Burmese people...
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Things to Do

Cathedral of the Assumption

The Church of the Assumption was founded when George Town was first settled in 1786. It was so named because the first group of Roman Catholic Eurasians from Kedah landed in Penang that year on the...
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Things to Do

Chew Jetty

The Chew Jetty is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site which covers Penang and Melaka, and it is in brief a collection of stilt houses. It was first built more than 100 years ago as a clan jetty for...
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Things to Do

Penang War Museum

This War Museum is situated at Bukit Batu Maung in Penang. It is an old former British fort manning by soldiers of different races – English, Sikhs and Malays soldiers. Its incredible to know how this...
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Getting to Penang Butterfly Farm -Closed until Dec, 2015.


830 Jalan Teluk Bahang, Teluk Bahang, 11050 Pulau Pinang


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