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Klang Things to Do

  • Pulau Ketam - Ketam Island

    This was a great trip. The island is only about 10 K west of Port Klang and you can get a high speed or standard ferry across to the island from the ferry terminal.The houses and shops are built on stilts is because over 90% of the island is covered by seawater and most of the land consists of swampy mangroves. Roads are really non existant and...

  • FGS Dong Zen Monastery

    One of the attractions in Klang or specifically, in Jenjarom, near to Banting town. For more tips and photos, please re-direct to my travel page on Jenjarom. Thanks.

  • Fishing village off Port Klang

    Take a boat ride to Pulau Ketam.For those who doesn't know what it feels like living like fishermen in Malaysia, youcan have a unique experience.The boat ride used to be a special experience for me.Back when I went there when I was a kid, I used to take a wooden sampan to the main boat.That ride to the main boat is quite thrilling because the water...

  • Klang Railway station

    The Klang Railway station is an old railway station that connects the royal town with Port Klang and Kuala Lumpur.

  • The Royal Moselum

    As a royal mosque in a royal town, it is not suprising then to find a royal moselum in the compound of Masjid Sultan Sulaiman.

  • Aircraft Carriers at Port Klang

    When in Malaysia and you are a port lover, do check out Port Klang. If you love ships, do call and inquire on who's visiting. Rarely show shops come over, but they do once or twice a year.In 1997, Indy became the first aircraft carrier in the world to make a port visit to Malaysia. And boy, was it Huge..no Massive! Never been on board an aircraft...


Klang Restaurants

  • Danny Yap - Wonton Meeh

    Best Wonton Meeh in Klang, Malaysia located at Bukit Tinggi 2 shops. Excellent food and a great personality to talk to and even have a beer with. Ask for Jamie the JAZ girl. Curry Meeh, with Kway Teow noodles.... Best Ever!!!!

  • Seafood In Port Klang

    Chinese Style Seafood By The Sea. Nice Environment, Sea Breeze And Cheap! What More Can I Say!. Hahaha...If you're on your way to Star Cruise jetty or on your way to KL from the port, then head over to this place to have some seafood cos it's different than the ones in the city. Everything In The Menu. Not Forgetting Sugar Cane, Chinese Tea &...

  • Chung Kok Kopitiam

    This is a very busy shop. and you may have to wait to get a table in the mornings. the hainanese kopi kaw is the crowdpuller. Charcoal-toasted sliced bread or buns are avaliable.

  • Kedai Makanan Seng Huat

    Commonly known as the '' bak kut teh under the bridge '' or next to the police station '' . this 60-year-old outlet is one of two shops embroiled in the debate over who is the bak kut teh pioneer. business is brisk . it served in bowls and only meats and innards are available .

  • Bak Kut Teh ("Pork Rib Tea") or simply...

    You can find many, many Bak Kut Teh (BKT) shops all over Klang Town as Klang is the home of the famous BKT. The shops open as early as 6am and many Klangites can eat BKT anytime of the day : early morning, late afternoon and even at midnight! BKT shops are easy to recognise as, near to the each table, there is always a stand for a kettle of hot...

  • One of its kind...

    Bah Kut Teh is a dish not to be missed when you step into Klang. Someone once told me that it orginates from this town. I am not too sure about that data but i can definately say that Klang cooks the best Bah Kut Teh. I will testity to that because i have tasted bah kut teh from the north,south and east malaysia. Heard that they have one in...

  • Bukit Tinggi commercial area

    For those who opt for nicely decorated restaurants, you may want to head towardsBukit Tinggi. This place is fast becoming a boom among youngsters.Many new restaurants are sprouting here. Bandar baru Klang used to be a place wheremost Klangites hangout but Bandar Bukit Tinggi is fast catching up or I may say overtakingBandar Baru Klang as a new...

  • Yu Yu Ice - Unique Klang dessert and...

    The nice food are Klang are mostly confine to hawker stalls.Thru hardship, they depend on the uniqueness of their food to stand out.Yu yu ice - aka Klang version of ice blended blendslocal delicacy like lycee and corn. Try it. I have been having this since young.The best blend is the red bean. Unlike most ice blended, in the blend itself includethe...

  • Porridge shop near Klang Parade

    This is another normal coffee shop but the food is definitely not normal.The food is similar to Teo Chew Porridge in KL.I was also introduced by my Klang friend.Most people will easily miss this place because it is right behind a main road.Not many Klang people know the secret food of this place.This direction is coming from Klang town towards Meru...

  • Best Mua Chee in M'sia and Klang style...

    This is a roadside stall.The stall has been around for a long time.It has once appear in the centre spread of Malaysia main English newspaper, The Star, once.The experience is like Air Asia - no frill. Come and seat at the stool like the old time and munch away. Ok - I admit the experience is the feeling of how it's like to be eating out in the...

  • Best la la dish in Malaysia

    Wonderful, Execellent...New Boston restaurant.A place that even Klangites tend not to notice.Waiting time can be as long as 1 hour on weekend thanks to PJ and KL customers whofrequent the restaurant. I have heard of my friend's father who actually got so angryat the waiting time that he threaten to leave only to have his son calming him down.It is...

  • Best Seafood in Town

    This seafood restaurant in Teluk Gong, Klang has got to be my favourite seafood place in town. It's not a fancy restaurant and the tables & chairs are plastic, all in a wooden building but I can tell you food is really fantastic. Plus the price is reasonable too. The drive from KL will take just under an hour (on the highway) and the internal road...

  • Don't Miss The Fresh Seafood!

    amzing amazing amazing.... this is fantastic place for you to be... go and visit and dont forget to try this out.. it's called the sweet and sour Jenahak fish

  • Excellent Seafood @ reasonable prices

    They are located on the far left of the Port Klang Esplanade. This restaurant reaches from the road to sea, accessible by a walkway. Try to be early and you'd probably get to sit closer to the sea.The breeze is great - sort of adds on a certain marine kinda ambience to the already wonderful dishes that they prepare.Service is fast and up to...

  • Bak Kut Teh

    I have been to Klang few times to meet a Penangite friend whom already settled down in Klang. From what I know this town has good reputation for its Bak Kut Teh. This is a pork food cooked with medicinal soup. Very popular in Malaysia.


Klang Transportation

  • Getting to Port Klang

    It's easy to get down to Klang Port (station is at the port) or Klang City by bus or train. The fare was very cheap, just can't remember how much it was!) I caught a bus down and train back , should have done it the other way around though and stopped in the city before going to the port and ferry station. Then I could have just got back on the...

  • Klang Taxi Station

    The taxi station in Klang is located right behind the Klang bus station. Although it pretty run down and the taxis are pretty shabby, it does get you places especially when the bus services is over its operating hours or you have loads of luggages to carry.

  • Klang Bus Station

    Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) is the name of the train service that runs throught the town which departs from Port Klang. The train stops at all major towns and you are able to transit in Kuala Lumpur Sentral for other train services. Its not the best way to travel around because the train is slow but it sure is when the traffic jam hits the major...


Klang Shopping

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  • Shaw Centrepoint

    Shaw Centrepoint is a shopping complex located in Klang, Selangor. It's main tenant is The Store. Shaw Centrepoint is located adjacent to Klang City Square.

  • Worth shopping centre in Klang

    Most Klangites head towards Jaya Jusco Klang for shopping.Probably the only shopping centre worth visiting if you are out of towner.Nothing much compared to those in KL.There is a cinema there as well.From KL, after the Sg Rasah toll go below the next flyer over and turn left.Easy to see from main road.

  • Biggest Indian Street in Malaysia

    There are plenty of shops here selling Indian things.Most crowded during Deepavali of course.For those who don't know, this is the biggest Indian street in Malaysia.Look left and right you will think you might mistake yourself to be in India.Shops line up with everything Indian are sold here. My mum love to buyportable pots here. To get there, use...


Klang Warnings and Dangers

  • Jewelry and Money

    Try not to wear too much of jewelry (and it will be better not to wear at all) otherwise do not reveal them. Even the tiniest, thiniest one can attract the theft there.Secondly wil be to be extremely careful while handling money. Similarly to the jewelry, they can grab anyone including pregnant lady.

  • Don't steal and get caught in Klang

    I, myself, have caught a snatch thief in Klang before.You might have heard recently how many lives have been claimed because these petty thieves are getting more violent by the day.In Klang, the people take law in their own hand- we beat them up.As for my case, I didn't participate in the lynching of the guy - I saw the crowd nearby kick and punch...

  • Klang Hotels

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Klang Off The Beaten Path

  • ll_angel86's Profile Photo

    Pulau Ketam

    by ll_angel86 Written Nov 24, 2009

    From Port Klang, you can take a boat to Pulau Ketam which is a small island. more details at http://hubpages.com/_vt86/hub/Unique-Travel-Experiences

    Picking up a bride on bicycle! The island's Police Station
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