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Seremban Things to Do

  • Ostrich Farm

    Jelita Ostrich farm is only 60mins from KL and Melaka and barely 30mins from Seremban...Located along Jalan Jelebu, this farm is the 1st Ostrich Show Farm in Malaysia, being awarded by the Malaysia Book of Records.Here, you will see many ostriches, given a personalised tour by the staff there, a chance to ride an ostrich and also stand on an...

  • Church of the Visitation, Seremban

    Right in downtown Seremban, there is an impressive Catholic church building. The history of this church started with French Missionary (MEP) visiting Seremban from Malacca in 1848. From an initial atap construction, the new church was built around 1899.There are many Catholic churches built by French Missionary in large and small towns all over the...

  • Wesley Methodist Church

    There is another attractive building - the Wesley Methodist Church in downtown Seremban.It was built in 1915 with the support of then Seremban Chief Police Inspector Bailey. The early congregation were Chinese immigrants of Christian faith who can to Seremban area to work in the tin mining industry. The Anglo-Chinese School of Seremban is located...

  • Seremban Main Post Office

    Great news. The main post office is located just opposite the Seremban Train station.Like all Post Office in Malaysia, it has been privatized under Pos Malayisa.Besides sending mail, one can pay online for all utitlies, car annual road tax or to major mobile phone and satelitte television subscription as well as for government trust fund payments....

  • Seremban Parade - Shopping Mall

    Seremban Parade is one of the many shopping malls and hypermarkets in Seremban.For Malaysian tourists, it is a popular place to go for air-conditioned environment shopping with easy parking when visiting a new town. There are food court for dining, supermarket to stock up drinking water or even buying local art and craft and souvenir items.Seremban...

  • Seremban Municipal Building

    The Municipal of Seremban (Majlis Perbandaran Seremban) has traditional Minangkabau features. Minangkabau is a cultural region in Sumatra Island, Indonesia where the word itself originates from "kerbau" meaning the rice fleld cow with the pointed horns that are so important to the life of the farmers.Seremban is one of the few State capitals that...


Seremban Hotels

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  • Royale Bintang Seremban

    It is now called Royal Adelphi. I called them to book a room. the first person quoted an outrageous...

  • Seremban Inn

    39 Jalan Tuanku Munawir, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, 70000, Malaysia

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Couples

  • Hotel Lotus

    No 1, Jalan Toman 2, Kemayan Square, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, 70200, Malaysia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

Seremban Restaurants

  • Seremban Siew-Pao

    This is Seremban Siew-Pao, each cost RM1.10, eat with hand only, or even better to eat with ice beer or hot Chinese tea. I am not sure whether this is halal food, but anyway, there are KFC, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, 7-Eleven, etc and Vegetarian restaurants too, I especially like the restaurant of Sri Lanka, the Thosai of Ghee Massala and Tea Ceylon,...

  • KFC is a must in any towns, cities or villages.To ban eating KFC is to kill all Malaysian, No No No !!!All Malaysian will die if KFC is suddenly closed down.

  • Restoran Lee Koon

    The restuarant is non air-conditioned but is cool enough during the morning... Not sure about the afternoon as normally drop in for breakfast...The shop is opened daily for breakfast and lunch... Lunch is prepared by the son sho take over from the father who does breakfast... The shop sells noodles and home-made fish and meat balls... It is a very...


Seremban Nightlife

  • Shopping and bars

    There's not much night life here but this is what the locals do.Save the shopping for night time - sightseeing and excursions during the day, shops open till 10pm every night.Try a local bar, there's several in Kemayan Square, near the two restaurants mentioned in my tips.Taman AST, behind the Seri Malaysia hotel is more famous for its, well,...

  • Wild Wild Star

    We got into this place while we are driving on the way out from the crab place... We being attracted by those singer on the stage...We went in... the song are not so fantastic.. but nice drink... there are a lot of fruit shake... I have one mix with Passion Fruits and Banana, and another one Kiwi with Honeydrew... Suprisingly... the taste are not...

  • Seremban Hotels

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Seremban Transportation

  • KTM Komuter

    Apart from driving or boarding a coach, another way to reach Seremban from Kuala Lumpur is by taking the KTM Komuter train. The train journey from KL to Seremban will take approximately 1 hour and along the way, you can enjoy the view of the country side as the train will pass through small towns and villages en route to Seremban. The train travel...

  • Express buses from KL to Seremban

    Most of Seremban bound expres buses nowadays depart from the makeshift terminal next to the Klang river - between Pasar Seni LRT station and Kuala Lumpur railway station/Dayabumi building. It iss better to go here then Puduraya since there are more choice of buses at regular interval (every 15-30mins) departing from here.

  • Seremban Railway Station

    The railway station was constructed between 1904 to 1910 and is one of the main on the north-south line of KTM's intercity trains service from Pandang Besar (in the nroith) to Singapore (in the south)... There is also a line to Port Dickson which has since been discontinued but the state authorities are looking into restoring it... The railway...


Seremban Shopping

  • Pasar Malam (night markets)

    Throughout Malaysian towns, and Seremban included, a pasar malam can be found almost every night.Maybe the biggest pasar malam in Seremban can be found at Ampangan, 2 km from the city centre.Here you can see the locals buying their food, clothing, the occasional pirated CD and a wide range of other daily needs.They are not for tourists. This is...

  • Seremban Parade

    Seremban Parade is the shopping complex for Parkson Group... It joins other outlets such as Ipoh Parade and Melaka Parade... Like any other shopping complexes, there are numerous other tenants selling all varieties of goods... There are shops selling clothings, mobile phones, electrical good, gold ornaments, florists, shoes and leather goods...

  • Terminal One Mall

    Terminal One Mall ( commonly abbreviated as Terminal or T1 by the locals ) is a shopping mall located at the heart of Seremban in Malaysia. It was built in 1996.


Seremban Local Customs

  • Seremban Malays

    In Seremban, you will find most of the staff in the government offices, banks, police station and post office are Malays. Almost all Malay women usually wear a Muslim head scarf and so it is easy for any tourist to know who is Malay. Most of Malays live outside the down town in their villages or the new housing flats and residential areas.

  • Seremban Indians

    Along Jalan Yam Tuan, you will see most of the shops are Indian owned. It is like "Little India".During the British era, many laborers from English ruled India came to Malaysia to work in the rubber plantations as well as in building raliways, roads and construction.Unlike Chinese immigrants who were predominantly Buddhist or Taoists, the Indians...

  • Seremban Chinese

    Seremban is called "Fuyong". The tin mining attracted many Chinese immigrants to Negri Sembilan. When you see the prewar house shoplots, you will see many shop signs with Chinese characters. This is because many of the older Malaysian Chinese do not read English or Malay and can only understand Chinese characters.As with many towns, most of the...


Seremban Warnings and Dangers

  • Pay 4 times of Highway Tolls

    Pay 4 times of Road Tolls is a WARNING! Cars from KL or Seremban-KL please be careful of road tolls, taking the exit at KAJANG, please get ready to pay 4 higway tolls. First I paid RM5.50 for Plus highway Seremban-Kajang, then I had to pay Rm1 for Sungai Balak toll, then pay another 2 at Cheras Highway, RM0.60 and RM0.70, all together 4 times. You...

  • Littering habit of Malaysian

    When I was standing outside a restaurant taking photos fro VT tips, there were cars passing by, suddenly I heard a voice of an object being thrown onto the walkway, it came from one of the passing cars, I saw a hand and the car window halfway winding up, then I realized it was a littering habit of Malaysian. This is not lightweight, is a glass...

  • Minig Pool

    A mining pool next to Taman Rasah housing area. This pool as deep as 100m and many children die every year while swining there.


Seremban Tourist Traps

  • l_joo's Profile Photo

    Rocket Launching Site

    by l_joo Written May 2, 2006

    Rocket Launching Site of Seremban is a trap, is nothing but a signboard only. Probably hidden somewhere behind the dentist, top secret, not to be revealed to public. Anyway, I guarantee you it is a trap, do not go to Rocket Launching Site.

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Seremban Off The Beaten Path

  • Muslim Reverts' Association Building/...

    Hello there. It's not everyday that one get to write about a society building or grounds but this is one write-up of this society. This is the Muslim Revert's Association of Negeri Sembilan, a Malaysian state south of Kuala Lumpur. It's is located in a quiet side road in Seremban town, Negeri Sembilan's capital. What's great then? It is build to...

  • Where's The Hospital?

    This is just an information if emergency cases happens during your travel here in Seremban, the government hospital is situated in Seremban town itself and it is very easy to access.It has 850 bed strength (General Hospital) and services provided are Medicine , Ger & Rheumatology, Dermatology, Psyciatric, Nefro, General OT, Ortopedic,...

  • Beaches and Lighthouses

    Take a US$2.50 bus trip to Port Dickson for a 1/2 day excursion.It's still-water swimming and great for the kids, Port Dickson is Negeri Sembilan's beach area.Fulll range of accommodation, handcraft shops and lovely beaches and lighthouse to explore.A nice quiet relaxing time to recover from your day in Kuala Lumpur.


Seremban Sports & Outdoors

  • Seremban International Golf Club (SIGC)

    The par-72 18-holes course plays to 6,236m from the men's tees... The course is an old course grouped together as the "Royal" courses such Royal Perak Golf Club, Royal Pahang Golf Club, Royal Selangor Golf Club etc... The First Nine plays to 3,181m while the Second Nine to 3,055m... The course is matured with old trees lining the fairway providing...

  • Gemas Golf Resort

    This rather old course plays to 5,972m from the blue tees... The shorter First Nine plays to 2,852m while the Second Nine at 3,120m... The fairway is of cow grass and the course is rather hilly with some holes where water come into play... The clubhouse is big but under utilised... The changing rooms are rather un-maintained... There is a small...

  • Paradise Valley Golf Resort

    The course is rather challenging with water coming into play in all but 2 holes... The fairway is also hilly and undulating... The course plays to a total of 6,072m from the blue tees... with the First Nine at 2,879m and the Second Nine at 3,193m... The view from the tee-boxes are breath-taking and the course is not for high handicapers... It has...


Seremban General

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  • Yau Char Kwai

    You can find this Yau Char Kwai stall (which opeartes at night around 7.30-10.30pm) at Jalan Dato' Sheikh Ahmad. Somewhere in between Shell Petrol Station and the Library (UMNO Building)!

  • 4D shop

    4D shop is a shop for everbody to play 4 digit numbers to win money, is a super popular shop in Malaysia, Seremban is no exception. You can play a bet Rm5 to as much as you can, and if you are lucky, you will win millions of Ringgits. 4D shop is the one in yellow color.

  • Roadside eating and buying

    Roadside eating and buying is very common in Seremban and all of Malaysia. Anybody who can make delicious foods, he/she can setup a stall at a roadside anywhere to make a living. Is only about delicious and convenience, nothing else matter.


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