Pulau Perhentian Kecil Travel Guide

  • Diving
    by al1004
  • Beach on the Opposite side of Long Beach
    Beach on the Opposite side of Long Beach
    by sweetie_inc
  • From the bridge between the beaches
    From the bridge between the beaches
    by Loubna

Pulau Perhentian Kecil Things to Do

  • Long Beach @ Perhentian Kecil

    We visited the Long Beach or called Pasir Panjang Beach by locals, located on Perhentian Kecil island, April 2014.Departed from Perhentian Island Resort (PIR) by boat taxi ,paid RM 10 per person.A bit curious of what would we see, because the locals said that beaches in Perhentian Kecil are different from beaches in Perhentian Besar in term of...

  • snorkeling

    either you're a good swimmer or you don't even know how to put a snorkeling mask on, just go for it.. it is so much fun. you can book a trip with your chalet operator.. as for me, i would like to suggest lemongras snorkeling guide. a friendly local guy with a new & bigger boat (fyi, when i was there-june07, he's still operating with a small boat)....

  • Snorkeling Tour

    Even if you dive in Perhentian Islands, plan 1 day for the snorkeling tour. You won't see the same as with scuba diving. There are plenty of boats offering some snorkeling tours and they all do pretty much the same. I always did the one with Jeffrey, starting from Coral Bay, as his boat is usually less crowded than the ones from Long Beach.He...


Pulau Perhentian Kecil Hotels

  • D'Lagoon

    Teluk Kerma, Terengganu, 22200, Malaysia

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Solo

  • Matahari Chalet

    I intended to stay at this chalet as it seems to be a pleasant and affordable place. However, as...

  • Lily Chalet

    I spent two nights at Lily Chalet on October 2005. I picked this place upon arrival on Long Beach,...


Pulau Perhentian Kecil Restaurants

  • Food poisoning danger

    Be aware that Panorama Chalets Cafe, Kecil, Perhentian is serving bad food - a fact well known to all the local outlets. We had the misfortune to eat there in July 2012 (6 people) and we all ended up with food poisoning. It took us 2 days to recover, and when we spoke to Panorama staff they just laughed at us..... The local diving operation, Turtle...

  • Don't miss the fresh seafood!!

    its cheap.. rm15 for a dinner set menu.. choices of fresh seafoods like giant squid, prawn, sharks, barracuda fish mixed with your favourite choices of garlic butter, spicy or yellow coconut sauce, add with choices of rice, jacket potatoes or french fries, and choices of mix vege or salad. Together with fruits and a cup of beverage. and the most...

  • Barbecue on the Beach

    There are 2 places on Coral Bay where you can have barbecue for diner and they both serve exactly the same at the same price. For RM 20, you get* a barbecued fish (king fish, barracuda, shark, tuna, chicken fish, etc.) freshly fished the same day, or king prawns, or squids, or satay (Malaysian speciality), or what they call sea lobster (which is...


Pulau Perhentian Kecil Nightlife

  • bar.. bar.. bar.. & bar..

    not much to do.. there's a lot of bars to choose from.. the nicest i would say is the 'bubu long beach bar' (can't remember what's its name).. apart from that, you could have bonfire with your friends.. or you could watch fire play show.. but, the best is to just lay down on the beach and watch the stars.... huhu... anything short and simple (but...

  • Party

    If you like to party a little bit in Perhentian, Long Beach often hosting full moon party with DJ's coming from established night club in KL. Nothing like FMP in Phangan though.. ;(

  • International Bar

    Palm Tree is the only place where is really happenning, selling monkey juice, vodka, and whisky in buckets.. and also that was where I met mostly lone travellers from Wales, Australia, Hawaii, UK, Holland, Germany, France.. etc etc.. Bob (the waiter cum DJ) was the one who introduced me to them as I was by myself there waiting a girl who I met on...


Pulau Perhentian Kecil Transportation

  • bus from kl to kuala besut

    from kl, take a bus at putra bus station. Ticket will cost you rm30.80 per way. Bus schedule at 8pm every night.. Reach kuala besut at around 5am.. Have an early breakfast at the jetty because you gonna have to wait for the first boat that will only starts operating at 7am.. get your boat ticket from the boat operator, it will cost you rm70 for...

  • From Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Besut by...

    It can be convenient for those who don't want to spend a night in the bus... 1/ Taxi from KL to the airport LLCT (Low Cost Terminal) or SkyBus from KL Sentral Station to LLCT. * 1 hour* The SkyBus runs almost 24/7 and departs every 30 minutes* RM 70 by cab or RM 10 by bus 2/ Take an AirAsia flight from KL to Kota Bahru * 1 hour* Around RM 100 one...

  • From Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Besut by Bus

    The night bus is definitely the cheapest way to go to the island. The easiest way: Bus from Hentian Putra Station in Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Besut. * 2 companies: Mutiara or Mahligai* Depart every night at 9pm* Arrive in Kuala Besut around 5am* RM 30 If there is no ticket left, the alternative way: Bus from Hentian Putra Station in KL to Jerteh +...


Pulau Perhentian Kecil Shopping

  • Everything Under One Roof

    The best place to go on Long Beach if you are trying to find something and the friendly staffs are always there to help you.It carries everything from beachwear, toiletries, sun lotion, cigarettes, food and snacks, soft drinks, fresh milk to medicines.They also provide money changer service and internet cafe.Anything you might need on the island,...

  • Souvenir & Convenient shop

    Along 'long beach', there are quite a number of shops which may cater for your needs or something you may have forgotten to bring. Items include sarong, beach wear, snokle equipment, drinks, ciggies and much more. Anything you need. More expensive than mainland.

  • Pulau Perhentian Kecil Hotels

    9 Hotels in Pulau Perhentian Kecil

Pulau Perhentian Kecil Local Customs

  • The Fishing Village

    A majority of the local islanders lead a simple life as fishermens and live at the only fishing village located on Perhentian Kecil.The fishing village is located on the other side of Perhentian Kecil from Long Beach. In fact, you will pass by the village during your boat ride to Long Beach.They are very friendly people and are always willing to...

  • Drinking beer is forbidden in Perhentian...

    Terengganu state is rulled by muslim party. But you can still get beer very easily. Everybody doing business in this tourist island in fact has to be adapted to what people want. The chalet I stayed, Moonlight was been warned by their boss not to sell any more beer to tourists ... thats what I had been told from one of the staffs. You can ask for...

  • No alcohol... - officially...

    All the restaurants and guesthouses have a policy saying "we're muslims - so we don't drink alcohol - so we don't sell alcohol..."Hypocrits!!! You can buy beers, vodka etc. many places and drink it everywhere... But they charge you! MYR 8 for a can of beer! That's quite a lot


Pulau Perhentian Kecil Warnings and Dangers

  • for Malaysian

    My humble advise for Malaysian to stanby back up money becouse there in Perhentian Kecil all thing's price is double up compare to mainland and for alcohol better buy from the jetty. There at island (perhentian kecil) a can price 10RM and for liquor some locals are selling cheap liquor like vodka and whisky at high rate. Not worth at all better...

  • Snatch theft in Perhentian Island

    Recently I have been a victim of snatch theft, which happened during my holiday in Perhentian Island. This happened last Saturday(29/06/2013) around 6.40pm at Turtle beach, on my way back to my room at D'Lagoon chalet. I was alone at that time. As I was travelling, bad things had happened to me at Perhentian Island, which listed as one of the most...

  • be aware of jellyfish during snorkerling

    just for your precaution, be aware of the jellyfish during your snorkeling period. there's not much, thats why its hard for you to see one. apart from that, take your sandals with you when you go snorkel cuz, you might need it when you stop for lunch at the fishermans village.. trust me.. the walking path is extremely hot....!!


Pulau Perhentian Kecil Tourist Traps

  • AVOID The Corner Small Chinese...

    The food was all marked up few hundred percent. Avoid the "seafood restaurant" by all means. It is one of the corner shops at the jetty area. A bowl of plain vegetable soup was RM7-8 and I thought it was ridiculous.

  • Miscellaneous payments

    There is miscellaneous along the way. But it's not much and may not applied to all.1. Marine parks fees RM 52. Sea taxi Rm 2 (transfer from speedboat to smaller boat so that you can aboard safely to shore) Just act blur. Pay if they ask. Just pay

  • What to do when you are in a tourist...

    There will be many people there selling their chalet rooms .. can be mind boggling !If you are a female solo tourist, expect more guys to come up to you ;-) 1) if you have not booked your accomodation yet, try to make it to the island as early as possible.2) Do not be intimidated by the chalet owners there. Take your time to look at the chalets...


Pulau Perhentian Kecil What to Pack

  • travel light!!

    back pack please... no shoes!! flip flop or sandals.. shorts.. swimming/snorkeling gear, bring your own towel... bring your own.. get it from the mainland... not on the island.. it will cost you MORE....sunblock and aloe gel is a MUST!!! mosquito repellent if you're visible.. plugs (if you plan to charge your hp + batteries + on the fan all at...

  • Keep it Light

    A medium-sized backpack/knapsack will do. And a sling/messenger bag for your personal items. Your most comfy flip-flops, swimsuits/bikinis, tank tops/sleeveless tops, shorts/boardshorts, cropped pants/skirts, pareos (tons of them sold here..). Basic toiletries, band aids, insect repellant (if you can't stand mosquitoes) or any special medication...

  • island packing...

    comfy shorts, t-shirts, slippers, sunglasses, hat mosquitoe repellent, sun block bring extra batteries for your camera


Pulau Perhentian Kecil Off The Beaten Path

  • Secluded beach

    Rent a kayak for $30 (full day) and start exploring the island and make a pit stop at many secluded beach around the island for lunch (pack).

  • Walkway to Long Beach

    If you stay at Aur Bay, there is a walk path through a jungle to Long Beach. Takes most about twenty minutes. There is a food outlet called - Mama's Kitchen, take the short board walk and you will see a sign ' Lg Beach ' and while walking, u will notice a blue white string tied along the way...just follow straight on until u see sunshine...as u...

  • After 25 minutes of jungle trip....

    After 25 minutes of jungle trip...you'll find another suprising beach:Adam and Eva Beach !Should i add any comments more?


Pulau Perhentian Kecil Sports & Outdoors

  • Fun in the Sun - Water Sports

    There are a few water sports facilities available at Long Beach.For those who wants to take in the sights in a different way, you can try parasailing or just go kayaking around the island.If you are interested in a more 'active' sports, check out the booth on the beach that offers wakeboarding, kneeboarding and waterskiing. This booth is ran by...

  • Dive Site : Mullet

    It was quite a normal dive. Saw a turtle and followed it. Lion fish and emperor angle fishes and puffer fishes. Lots of table corals and even some morish idol. Dive gear.

  • Dive Site : Twin Rocks

    I love this this dive site. This is the first time I was so up close and personal with so many bumphead parrot fishes feeding and nesting. I saw like 30-40 of them and they were everywhere. No afraid of any one of us. Saw them chewing on dead corals. Quite amazing. Dive gear.


Pulau Perhentian Kecil General

  • quiet non gringo beaches

    simple. rent a canoe for Rm 25 the whole day or RM 15 half a day and canoe the island. you can find quiet almost private beaches around the island where serenity lay rest. If you just want to be there to be 'seen' that you are there so you can boast about how bohemian you are around europeans or locals, then long beach is the place. For gringos...

  • General Tip for Perhentian.

    * Bring plenty of cash before to Kuala Besut and Perhentian Island, there are no bank on Kuala Besut and Perhentian Island. But some of the resort or chalet on Perhentian Island accept credit card or travellers cheques. You can pay by credit card at our sales office (Anjung Holidays) at Kuala Besut jetty.* You can change your money with some of the...

  • When Is A Good Time To Go?

    Basically, the island will start opening end of monsoon season which is early March and will be closed at the beginning of monsoon which is around November.The best time for snorkeling is between April and September.As for diving, the visibility will be at its best between April and August.However, both snorkeling and diving are available from...


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