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Kuala Lumpur Self-Guided Audio Tour
"Enjoy the magical city of Kuala Lumpur where many cultures and religions can be found. This self-guided audio tour will take you through the city where you will see the amazing Masjid Jamek Mosque and the impressive Sri Mahamariamman Temple. You will also see the Sultan Abdul Samad Bu Bukit Bintang the Lake Gardens Chinatown Chan See Shu Yuen Temple Central Market
From $20.00
KL Tower Observation Deck Admission Ticket
"The KL Tower (aka the Menara Kuala Lumpur) is one of the most iconic sights in Kuala Lumpur and is visible from most parts of the city. It's one of the world’s tallest telecommunications towers a major tourist destination and a popular venue for special occasions. The tower sits on a hill making it appear taller than the city's famous Petronas Towers; KL Tower measures 1381 feet (421 meters) high while the Petronas Towers measures 1483 feet (452 meters). With your admission ticket you may visit whenever you wish during operating hours. Perhaps go to watch the sunset and see lights come on across the sprawling city below. When booking choose from the following two admission options.KL Tower Observation Deck and XD Theater:After arriving at KL Tower
From $18.00
Kuala Lumpur Tour including Petronas Twin Towers
"This four-hour tour provides a brief introduction to Kuala Lumpur's famous locations and allows time to explore the city at leisure. You will meet your local driver/guide upon pick-up from your city hotel in the morning and embark on your guided narrated tour in our comfortable air-conditioned vehicle.Visit the various Kuala Lumpur attractions making photo stops at any location you prefer. All you need to say “Pull Over” and the driver/guide will be more than happy to accommodate. The tour will take you to the King's Palace a symbol of Malaysian sovereignty as well as Merdeka Square which features the world’s tallest free standing flag pole nestled between the old courthouse and the famous Selangor Club built Victorian style architecture. Look up at the perfectly symmetrical twin structure of the 88-story Petronas Twin Tower
From $98.00

Etiquette Tips (13)

No shoes in the house

KL may be a modern city but there are several etiquette still practiced by all races in Malaysia. When entering someone's home, you must take off your shoes because we don't like the dirt from outside to be trampled all over inside the house. Even my sister who lives in Europe brought the habit there and insist that no dirty shoes enters her flat.

BorneoGrrl's Profile Photo
Aug 30, 2007

When shaking hands

Particularly with Malays but now days, with everyone, shake hands firmly but not too much so AND THEN gently place your hand over your heart for 1 or 2 seconds.

People will know you have studied the culture of indicating sincerity in your greeting.

ogb4619's Profile Photo
Jul 11, 2007

Boys beware of girls!

It's illegal, unless you are married, to show public displays of affection. If you are married, you must have your marriage license on your person in case you are approached by a police officer. You are also not allowed to be alone in a room (including an elevator) with a single, non-relative female.

aimeewoods's Profile Photo
Dec 28, 2006

Take Off Your Shoes

When visiting a malay home or a mosque, please take off your shoes. It is customary for malays and muslims to take off their shoes when entering their homes and their place of worship as they consider these shoes dirty and not suited for indoor wear - no matter how cool your footware is.
At mosques theres usually shoe racks where you could leave your shoes...of course if you're wearing ultra cool footwear, put them in your bag and take it with you. Trust in God but lock your door huh...

ishi01's Profile Photo
Nov 20, 2003
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Use your right hand, please

When handing something over to someone or eating with your hands, always try to use your right hand, even if you're left-handed. Some Muslims consider it disrespectful if you use your left hand to do that because it is regarded as used for "unclean" activities.

BorneoGrrl's Profile Photo
Aug 30, 2007

Malay greeting

instead of hand shaking or kissing on cheek (like in saudi), it's to smell your guests' cheeks.
Back to my Malay relatives, I remember when my opah (=grandma) used to smell me when i was a smelly kid.
To me, it's so beautiful greeting.
This is common among Malay ethnics.

Apr 22, 2004

Hand Shake

Shaking hand is very popular like any other places on earth but there is a slight problem. Being a Muslim country, women usually don’t offer handshakes and they just smile to show their welcome gesture.

Imbi's Profile Photo
Apr 15, 2004

Using Both Hands To Greet

When you meet a Malaysian, especially a Malay, the right way to shake hand is to offer both your hands and gently grip the other person's hand. He or she would definitely do the same. Of course, the Western way is mostly and widely accepted as Malaysians are very liberal and Westernised but it's just a guide of how Malaysian cultures are.

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Oct 04, 2007

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don't put your legs on the table...

well, maybe this is not a big problem,but i'v been noticed this for a long time and it is just keep bothering me for years...maybe is just me? i don't know, but for a local custom, i think most of asian countries think the same, my experience with foreign friends, they used to put their legs on the other chair or table when they chilled out, so better take note guys, keep your legs down, i'm sure u don't want people to give some kind of that 'look'....cheers guys..

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Apr 18, 2007

Prada? Fendi? Nike?

When entering a malay home or most chinese and Indian homes as well in malaysia... shoes off please. We can arrange a display of our designer shoes or not so designer shoes by the front door. It has been a custom here for as long as anyone can remember.

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May 21, 2006

when visiting a house

When you are entering any mosques or Malaysian home, don’t forget to take off your shoes. Malaysian people are very hospitable and they always welcome their guests with some drinks, It would be courteous to accept this offer

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Apr 15, 2004

Hm, let's see... Are you...

Hm, let's see... Are you ready to observe a few very important Malaysian local customs and practices?

Shall we make the Malaysians really proud of us and show them that we DO know some of their common courtesies and customs?

1. Although handshakes generally suffice for both men and women, some Muslim ladies here may instead acknowledge an introduction with a gentleman via a nod of her head and a smile. A handshake is ONLY to be reciprocated IF the lady offers her hand first. The traditional Malay greeting of 'Salam' resembles a handshake with both hands but without the grasp. The man offers both hands, lightly touches his friend's outstretched hands, then brings his hands to his chest to mean, ' I greet you from my heart'. The visitor should reciprocate the 'Salam' in the same manner. Confused? Yeah, me too! But this is the general practice. So remember!

2. It is polite to call your Malaysian friend BEFORE visiting their home. I'm sure this is a common practice amongst most people living all over the world too. But I'm stating this down because I have met some people who just drop by your place (read: MY place) WITHOUT informing you before hand... and... and... I've actually opened doors and greeted my unexpected guests with face mask still on my face! Oh well. I'm sure you catch my drift.

3. Shoes must be REMOVED when entering a Malaysian home. It is also customary to do so before entering a Mosque or an Indian temple. No, I shan't say customary... It's more like MANDATORY.

4. Your RIGHT HAND is always used when eating with one's hand or when giving and receiving objects. And try not to look so shock when you see many Malaysians here eating their meals in public places with their right hand instead of using utensils like fork and spoon. It must be the culture thingy, ya know.....?

5. Toasting is NOT a common practice here in Malaysia. Also, the country's LARGE Muslim population does NOT consume alcoholic beverages. So, TRY not to make your Muslim friends feel awkward as you gulp on your beer or gin tonic! Well, if you really must... don't look too happy drinking 'em O.K.? Oh, and alcohol is pretty expensive here.

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Aug 24, 2002

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Hop On, Hop Off Bus

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National Art Gallery

National Virtual Arts Gallery is near the Tasik Titiwangsa (Lake), around 6KM north of City Centre. The current Art Gallery building has been operating since 1998. Previously, the National Art Gallery...
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Hard Rock Café

Located about five to ten minute walk from the Menara Telecom Tower, I decided to stop by the Kuala Lumpur's Hard Rock Cafe,and as it was an exceedingly hot and humid day, I was looking forward to a...
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KL Tower - Menara Telecommunications Tower

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Petronas Twin Towers

The Petronas Twin Towers have become an icon and symbol of Kuala Lumpur. They are now the tallest twin towers in the world, at 451.9 metres. The buildings are 88 stories high, and the sky bridge...
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Dewan Filharmonik Petronas

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