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"Kuala Lumpur Nature Tour: Orchid Garden
"You’ll be picked up from your Kuala Lumpur hotel in the morning by your friendly and knowledgeable guide and taken past the city’s busy streets to three natural sanctuaries starting at the Kuala Lumpur Orchid Garden.Tour the garden to see 3000 species of orchids 800 of which are native to Malaysia. This huge collection includes hybrid and exotic species of flowering plants and colorful blooms that thrive abundantly in this 2.5-acre (1-hectare) floral paradise. You’ll be awed as you explore the garden and feast y head to the beautiful and lush Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park comprised of more than 15
From $50.00
"Kuala Lumpur Private Half-Day Family Tour of Nature
Kuala Lumpur Private Half Day Family Tour with Nature Birds and Butterflies"Get amazed and enjoy the nature in this 4-hour tour with 2 different time slots options each day to choose according to your schedules. A pick up from your hotel in Kuala Lumpur will be at your chosen time slot (either morning or afternoon) your will visit to Orchid Garden. Discover 3000 species of orchids 800 of which are native to Malaysia. This huge collection includes hybrid and exotic species of flowering plants and colorful blooms that thrive abundantly in this 2.5 acre (1 hectare) floral paradise.Next head to the Butterfly Park. This is adjacent to the Lake Gardens and the Bird Park. The butterfly park houses many species local to the country. Spanning over 80000 square feet of landscaped garden with over 5
From $94.00
Private Tour: Kuala Lumpur Nature In The City Tour including Butterfly Park
"On this private guided sightseeing tour you will visit the living tropical Nature Theme Park situated in the heart of Malaysia's bustling capital city Kuala Lumpur. Begin with the Bird Park and witness how over 600 birds of 60 local and foreign species adapt to a semi-natural man-made environment. Then follow your guide for an educational exploration of nature and environment outside the jungle - the colorful and beautifully landscaped Butterfly Park - a kingdom with splendid haven of hundreds of vividly colored free flying butterflies and other insects.Finally visit the Orchid and Hibiscus Garden to see over 3
From $81.00

Bird Park Tips (42)

see fantastic birds in a fairly natural setting

Really enjoyed my visit here earlier this year May 2015 as you can see a lovely range of birds up close and get really good photos - birds of prey, flamingoes, hornbills, orange egrets, pelicans were my favourites.

Very popular - this public aviary has been open since 1991 and has average 200,000 visitors per year.

Its in a huge enclosure/walk through aviary covering 20 acres/8 hectares with various compartments.
Many of the birds such as the storks can fly around, the flamingoes have a large water feature with waterfall they seemed to be happy wading around in, and there are feeding times through the day.

The areas around the park are subdivided nicely using trees, walkways, ponds and a creek running down through the middle. You are given a map with your ticket and there are signposts to the various bird areas.

Admission for adults was 50 ringit - about 8 pounds sterling. There is a cafe, huge souvenir shop as well as restaurant with toilets. Quite a large area for carparking

angiebabe's Profile Photo
Oct 16, 2015

KL Bird Park

This is one of the largest free flight aviery's in the world, and it is well worth a visit.

There are many species of birds here, some in cages, (always roomy) some in free flight.

Well worh spending part of the day here and having a good wander.

stevemt's Profile Photo
Oct 14, 2015

Bird Park

We walked into the worlds largest free flight aviary with the ambiance of a lush green tropical rain-forest where we walked along side many bird species flying freely and living together creating a unique ecosystem of its own in this semi-natural environment. We were amazed by the 5 foot colorful display of the Indian Blue Peacock, Crowned Pigeon, Yellow-billed Storks, Southern Cassowary,Rhinoceros Hornbill, emu, ostriches, flamingos, parrots, doves, egrets and ibises.

There was a nursery where chicken and duck eggs are incubated artificially.

The park is opened daily 9 AM to 6 PM. The birds were fed at 10:30. There were gift shops, cafes, restaurants, photo booths, plenty of parking and clean rest rooms.

apbeaches's Profile Photo
Jul 13, 2015

KL Bird Park

This was by far my favourite experience in Kuala Lumpur. Set in peaceful, well maintained parkland on the edge of the city, the Bird Park is over twenty acres of birds, of all shapes and sizes, freely flying above your head, and in some controlled environments, onto your hands and shoulders too. It claims to be the biggest of its kind in the world, and it's certainly the best bird sanctuary I've ever visited (and I went to many in Britain as a child). The birds all seem well looked after, and there's a lot of space for them to fly in for the most part. Despite that, you'll see a great deal of them, and often close up.

antistar's Profile Photo
Jun 21, 2015
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Taman Tasik Perdana, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, 50480, Malaysia
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3, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur, 55100, Malaysia
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#165, Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad, Off Jalan Tun Sambathan 4, Brickfields, 50470
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No 1A Jalan Bintang, 55100
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135, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, 50100
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No.8, Jalan 65C, Off Jalan Pahang Barat, Pekeliling Business Center, 53000
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The Bird Park KL

The bird park is one of the stops when you're on a Bus Tour. So I decided take a look at some different kinds of species.
It was great to get in touch with the wild life in the City, after some tiring walk inside the Park we had to witness some different talents of well trained Parrots.

Fee: RM45

Paulm1987's Profile Photo
Jun 13, 2015

Great Tour of Bird Park

I really loves the nature. I visited the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park with my friends and we really enjoyed the nature. There are so many kind of beautiful birds to see. The view of Birds near the Lake Garden was so amazing. Thanks for your great service...

Oct 13, 2014

Major Attraction in Lake Gardens Area

The Sprawling Lake Garden Area of the Old City Center of Kuala Lumpur host a number of Major Attractions as this 92 hectare park in the heart of Kuala Lumpur not only is a sight for sore eyes and a nice rest and recreation area to de stress from the hustle and bustle of KL, it also contains large sculpted and manicured gardens and a host of attractions like the Orchid Garden, Butterfly Park Kuala Lumpur, Deer Park Kuala Lumpur, Islamic Art Museum, Planetarium Negara, National Mosque and the Bird Park. To Name a Few.

One of the Most Sought After Attractions in the Lake Gardens is the The Bird Park. The Bird Park is the largest open air aviary in Malaysia and it has more then 200 species of the birds of malaysia of which 90 percent are endemic and 10 percent are imported and they have more than 3,000 birds in this huge aviary. The Bird park was inaugurated in 1991 and it has many themed areas inside the huge aviary like the love aviary, Oriental Bird Aviary, Flamingo Pond, Horn Bill Park and Waterfall Aviary

Opens: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm everyday

Admission: RM 48 for Adults and RM 28 for children

machomikemd's Profile Photo
Jul 02, 2014

Interesting tropical birds

The Bird Park does what it says on the tin. Lots of tropical birds in a park. They're mostly free to move around as they like under large nets - claimed the largest in the world at the time - and there are several smaller enclosures with specific foci. There are also flying displays several times a day.

There are also lots of monkeys which roam around outside the park.

It's RM48 for adults, RM38 for children (half price for Malaysian adults, 1/3 for Malaysian children).

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Mar 05, 2014

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Bird park

Visitors will have an exciting experience of watching colourful and melodic birds perching and winging about freely while relaxing in a natural and beautifully landscaped surrounding. KL Bird Park is also reputed to be the largest walk-in free-flight aviary in the world.

Twan's Profile Photo
Mar 14, 2012

K.L. Bird Park - worth giving the children a look

I'm not usually one for visiting animals in captivity, but I would have to say the K.L. Bird Park is one of the better 'zoos' I have seen. The majority of the birds have plenty of space to move around and it does give children the opportunity of seeing the birds up close.
I was disappointed that there was a 'circus' performance with the traing of some of the birds to 'act' for an audience, but in generally the conditions are good for birds in captivity.
The Park is close enough to the centre of K.L. to make it a half-day trip.

Daihappydai's Profile Photo
Nov 24, 2011

the world's largest covered bird park

The bird park in kl is an inique experience esp if u hv kids travelling with u. The fact that its fully covered by huge nets mean that birds are flying around and the larger ones are walkin with you. U can feed the ostrich, watch a bird show, feed the eagles or just stroll around taking in the place. There are some parrots that wish you the time of the day as well! Tip: carry caps or umbrellas if u visit during sept. It was hot! Also there is a photo booth where you can have birds placed on you for a photo op. The place is well maintained. And it was a pleasant experience. Its a must visit for family and kids.the park is open from 9am to 7pm dailym entry fee for non malays is rm 28 for adults and rm 20 for kids. The entire park is 20.9 acres.

papul's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Bird Park

Located in the serene and scenic Kuala Lumpur Lake Garden, KL Bird Park is one of the renowed ecotourism destination strategically located in the heart of the Kuala Lumpur city. It is also the home to over 2000 birds from about 200 species of local and foreign birds.

The Bird Park offers a great opportunity for photographers to "capture" some stunning creatures on film. I loved the place.

daddygila's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

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Orchid Garden

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920, Jalan Cenderawasih, Taman Tasik Perdana, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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