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Railway Station Tips (49)

The old station

The Kuala Lumpur station, located at Jalan Hishamuddin, provide further examples of Moorish inspired architecture.The architect Hubback continued to feature arches, domes and minarets, creating what has come to be described as a Byzantine Arabian nights fantasyland. It was built in 1910. Across the street is the Malayan Railway Administration buildinf, another example of the British colonial adaptation of Moorish architecture. It is linked to the station by an underground thoroughfare. The railway station was transferred to the spanking new KL Sentral in Brickfields in 2001.

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Nov 15, 2006

The (Old) Kuala Lumpur Railway Station

Officially known as Kuala Lumpur Station, this Moorish-style railway terminal was designed by the same architect for Masjid Jamek KL, A.B. Hubbock; in 1886.

As Mr.Hubback had previously served the British administration in India before being transferred to KL, his passion for Morish/Northern Indian designs are clearly reflected here. Not suprising then KL's Railway Station and Masjid Jamek have close resemblance. Its domes and minarets' unique features make it one of the most phothograph railway station in the world. The station housed a linear set of halls with the platforms were out behind.

It was extended in 1967 to accomodate the need for additional office space. The new extension also housed the Heritage Station Hotel at the station's northern wing. In the 1980s extensive renovation was carried out to modernise the station but not at the expense of its original design which is still being preserved and not unnecessarily destroyed.

With the opening of KL's integrated trains station and transport hub - KL Sentral - in 2001, all of the inter-city trains now use KL Sentral as their embarkation point, leaving only KTM Komuter trains and PLUS Liner coaches that still operate from this old railway station. However, plan is underway to turn the railway station into a tourist attraction heritage building.

Some interesting facts:
*There is a story that the design was originally intended as a pavilion for a trade fair in Moscow but later it was built in KL - with snow gutter and a roof to withstand about 2 metres of snow!

*The place is said to be spooky as there are few cases of peoples jumping onto the railway track when train approching to commit suicide.

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Oct 20, 2005

Malayan Railway Administration Building

Directly opposite the old KL Railway station is the Malayan Railway ("Keretapi Tanah Melayu" or KTMB) Administration building. The building's Moorish design readily complements the old KL Railway station and both buildings are linked by an underground thoroughfare.

This "Old Monument and Historical Site" gazetted building was also designed by British architect A.B. Hubbock in 1913. However, its construction was delayed by the World War 1and was only completed in 1917.

The building is a unique blend of various architectures, and has elements from the 13th and 14th century Ottoman and Mogul empires as well as Gothic and ancient Greek designs. Its high and wide verandahs is well adapted to the tropical climate. The rhythmic arched colonades wrapping the verandahs give the building on its facade an interesting shadow interplay. There are five domes sit majestically atop the building, each surrounded by four spiral columns of orthodox Greek design.

This historical building was partly damaged during World War 2 due to bombing and by a fire in 1968 but has then been restored to its original conditions.

Plan is underway to turn the building into an exclusive heritage hotel upon the completion of the new KTMB headquarters building in the future.

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Apr 04, 2011

KL Railway Station

Built by the British architect A.B. Hubbock in 1910, this magnificent station is a contrast of domes, minares, and archways that house everything from a tourist office to a hostel.
The ground floor of the station housed a linear set of halls with a deep continuous covered loggia in front to provide shade and shelter. The platforms were out behind. In 1967, a new 4 storey extension was built north of the station to accommodate the need for additional office space.

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Sep 26, 2004
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KL Sation

This magnificent building was built in 1911 by the British architect AB Hubbock.

On the west side is a pedestrian tunnel across Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin. Here you can see the MRA Building. Walk north and turn left toward the lake gardens. You see the national mosque here.

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Jun 26, 2004

Old Railway Station

The Old Railway Staion is really pretty to look at when travelling around downtown Kuala Lumpur as it is located at one of the entrance to the Federal Expressway from KL to Petaling Jaya/Shah Alam and Klang.

You can take the Rawang Komuter train and stop here. The next building to it is also of Moorish style and worth a digital shot for memory.

This Railway Station was busy in the early days of newly independent Malaysia when the highways were not built and driving frim Penang to Kuala Lumpur would take eight long tiring hours behind slow lorries.

The new railway station is KL Sentral.

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Nov 04, 2008

The Moorish Railway Station

From a far, you'll directly noticed the moorish building. As I only got there for photo taking so, it's undesrtood that I never get inside. But as told that this Moorish-style terminal was designed by architect A.B. Hubbock, who also designed the Masjid Jam. Built in 1910, it underwent extensive renovations in 1986. It is equipped with air-conditioned waiting halls, snack kiosks, money changing booths, souvenir shops, restaurants and a tourist information counter. Another pretty nice building!

Jul 28, 2003

Administration Building

From the Railway Station across from there, you will also notice the gliming old and nice building which is the Malayan Railway Administration Building, another fine example of the British colonial adaptation of Moorish architecture. It is linked to the station by an underground thoroughfare. The tour guide just said so...I could have taken wonderful pictures of the architectures but nah..not allowed to get inside...

Jul 28, 2003

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The Central Railway Station

The coach into the city gave me the option of descending at the main railway station. It is a magnificent building which was built in 1911 and has a very strong Moorish influence with little minarets and spires adorning its façade.

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Jan 01, 2003

Heritage Building: KL Railway Station

KL Railway Station is one of the iconic heritage buildings in Kuala Lumpur. This building was designed by a British Architect, Arthur Benison Hubback, who had experience in Anglo-Asian architecture in the region. It was completed in 1910 with the combination of Western and Mughal architecture similar to Moorish Revival or Indo-Saracenic architecture. This building is surviving today could be due to its Islamic architectural outlook that associate with promoting Malaysia as an a Islamic nation.

Before April 2001, this Railway Station was a main Railway Station Hub for the city to link with other cities in peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. I had taken trains from this station to Singapore several times. I often enjoyed coming here as it has old heritage building, the traveling scene of people leaving the City, and different kinds of trains passing by. Its underpass pedestrian subway links the platforms was my favorite , as modern Malaysian public facilities could hardly have any underpass pedestrian walkway like this Railway Station.

I remember we almost missed a train to Singapore in 2001 as we did not know the Inter-cities trains Station had moved to the Modern KL Sentral. Anyway, we were lucky as the KTM was delay as usual so we managed to board the train. You can take a KTM Commuter Train here to KL Sentral.

Heritage Station Hotel is in this Building. I had stayed in this hotel twice back in 2000-2002. My first experience was okay, as I loved the old building, old lifts, old dining hall and cafe. My second experience was totally disappointing with the cleanliness, poor maintenance, and services. We moved to other hotel on our second night.

The main hall has a ticket counter, railway office, and a casual museum displaying items used by the KTM staffs in the pass. It is interesting, but nothing special.

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Oct 08, 2012

The Old Railway Station.

Built in Moorish style (the building is full of turrets and towers), it gives an glamorous impression, the white facades shining in the bright sun. It was opened in 1911 to meet the needs from travelers coming from Singapore in the south, or Butterworth/Penang in the north. Much of the station building was restored in 1980 but that couldn't help it from beeing replaced with the new KL Sentral in 2001. Nowadays the Old Railway Station is used for the comuter trains.

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Nov 18, 2012

A kind of non-identical Twins

Malay Railway Administration Building

This Moorish building sits at a hotspot of Kuala Lumpur. It is located next to the National Mosque and opposite the Main (Old) Railway Station. The railway station and the administration building are even connected by a subterranean link. Whereas the station went into service in 1911 the administration building was only finished in 1917. Both were designed by the English architect Arthur Benison Hubbock.

It is a blend of various architectural and cultural styles, and is dominated by five domes. The style is similar to the Railway Station, some features are even identical, but as the colours are much darker and duller, and the domes sit directly on the building and not held by thinnish columns, it looks much more massive, not as airy and lightweight as its fancy counterpart.

The Main Railway Station on the other side of the street is a picturesque blend of towers, domes, minarets and arches in Arabic style. The contrast of the exterior and interior could not be bigger, as the hall looks like many Victorian railway stations in England.

The railway station includes a post office, several restaurants and a hotel (Station Hotel). Service started in August 1910. Renovations in 1986 took the building back to its former glory. But the station is used less as KL Sentral has overtaken all major operations.

In a travel guide I read a funny story about the building process: The work was stopped because the roof did not apply to English standards. Those include that a roof has to be solid enough to stand the pressure of one metre of snow LOL

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Jun 11, 2008

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