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Day Tour of Hustai National Park
"At 9 o'clock in the morning your guide and driver will pick you up from your downtown Ulaanbaatar hotel and drive to Hustai National Park which is located approximately 95 kilometers (60 miles) west of Ulaanbaatar. You will travel on better conditioned asphalt roads for a couple of see nomadic tents sprawling on beautiful landscape outside of Ulaanbaatar and get a first glimpse of nomadic lifestyle.After arriving at Hustai National Park take your time to explore extraordinary scenic spots where Asian wild horses graze which is a result of the conservation program reintroduced by a group from the Netherlands in the framework of an international project. Later a simple lunch will be provided. After lunch at the park you will visit a local horseman family. There
From $149.00
Private Tour: Ulaanbaatar City Tour
"Ulaanbaatar the capital of Mongolia established 1639 is the country’s economic cultural and a political center and has a number of tourist attractions where modern life comfortably blends with Mongolian traditional lifestyle. Wide streets are flocked by modern cars while horsemen and cattle are still common scene and its population as of 2014 is over 1.3 million.It is the main hub from which foreign tourists start their adventure in this beautiful land. Ulaanbaatar has something for everyone to enjoy with a wid from the traditional throat singing and spectacular contortionist to the likes of concerts pianists ballerinas
From $145.00
Ulaanbaatar Private Day Tour
"Your private English-speaking tour guide will meet you at the location of your choice in Ulaanbaatar at 8:00am for a full day of exciting and fun yet unforgettable experiences. You could customize the itinerary based on the options provided by your tour you will not leave Ulaanbaatar without visiting iconic attractions such as National History Museum Bogd Khan Palace Museum National Art Gallery Gandantegchilen Monastery and Genghis Khan Square. In addition to showing you beautiful Ulaanbaatar your knowledgeable private guide could converse with you about anything from culture to culinary art and from politics to quantum physics. At the end of the tour
From $95.00

More Shopping in Mongolia

State Department Store 4th floor

The State Department Store is in a big building with a plaza in front right on the main street, the Peace Avenue. This is well-documented and described by other VT tippers, too.Other souvenir stores...
Saagar's Profile Photo
Apr 26, 2004

Mongolian goods

Dels, the Mongolian herdsman/woman clothing, can be bought fairly inexpensively. Actually you can buy the fabric, and have it made for you fairly quickly. A snuff bottle is another popular item, they...
archan4698's Profile Photo
Jan 15, 2004


This is a HUGE and very modern Department Store-cum-Supermarket.Considering the fact that you are in Mongolia, a very REMOTE country, this place is actually quite well-stocked.Everything, if you are...
swesn's Profile Photo
Dec 05, 2003

The State Department Store

The State Dept Store in UB has a great selection of souvenirs, including some wonderful Mongolian jackets, but the prices are a bit high. Save it for last, and instead do all the shopping you can at...
D_Shannon's Profile Photo
Oct 19, 2003

Souvenirs from the train

In the restaurant wagon, they have a little shop where they sell typical products. We bought some cachemire gloves and a camel wool pullover.Besides, in every station where the train stops you can see...
SirRichard's Profile Photo
Feb 28, 2003
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