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Entrance fees / Mandalay Ticket Tips (3)


The Mandalay multi- entry ticket costs 10,000 just ($8) and allows you entrance to many of the city and surrounding area attractions . You can purchase this at any of the attractions that the card is valid for, but i wbought ours at the entrance to Mandalay Fort/Palace. Obviously you cannot see all the attractions in one day, so it is valid for 5 days and each time you visit one of the attractions an official will stamp your card on entry, but you can only visit each attraction once. I did meet some tourists who did not have the but managed to sneak in free! BAD KARMA!!!
Among the attractions that it is valid for is---
1. Mandalay Palace
2 Mandalay Hill
3. Atumashi Kyaung
4. Shwenandaw Kyaung
5. Inwa
6. Kuthadow Pagoda
And possibly a few others !

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Mar 10, 2016

To buy or not to buy (the ticket, that is).

This isn't really a thing to do, but I couldn't think of where else to place it. It concerns the so-called "combo ticket" which currently costs 10USD, paid direct to the Government, and gives admittance to the following

Atumashi Kyaung / Cultural Museum, Mandalay / Kuthodaw Paya / Mahamuni Paya / Mandalay Palace / Palek Paya / Shwenandaw Kyaung

The question is, do you really need it? I wasn't interested in the Palace complex, as it's relatively modern, and all the best artefacts have been removed. The Cultural Museum isn't really worth visiting, and I wasn't asked for a ticket anyway. I went with a local guide to Mahamuni and wasn't asked for a ticket (see seperate tip). Instead of visiting Kuthodaw, you can visit Sandamani Paya nearby which some would say has an even better display of marble tablets. Atumashi has been recently rebuilt which detracts from it's appeal for me, and was allegedly built by forced labour which put me right off.

For the same 10USD I hired a jeep taxi for a full day, complete with guide, and this included transport to Amarapura and U Bein bridge. At least I knew where that money went. As in all these things, especially in Myanmar, the choice is yours, and I wouldn't tell you what to do.

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Jan 26, 2007

Entrance fees

Paying seperately for each sight in Mandalay as mentioned in LP guide has long gone.
Now a 10$ ticket covers all sights within Mandalay but as well Amarapura and Inwe. You can buy the ticket at any momument and you just have to show it every time you're asked to. You'll be also asked and written in a book your country of origin (I hope this is kept for statistics...)

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Jan 04, 2007
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