Kathmandu Local Customs

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  • Local Customs
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Most Viewed Local Customs in Kathmandu

  • 1. Festivals

    What a great time I had in Kathmandu with the Holi Festival. It is a public holiday and people are just enjoying themselves with water and coloured powders! You will be a mess if you join them on the...

  • 2. No worry, chicken curry

    Our trekking guide shared this little piece of advice with us that I found very useful - "No worry, chicken curry". It is very possible that things won't work...

  • 3. best views over the Himalayas

    For the best views over the Himalayas, as you fly into Kathmandu, choose a seat on the left of the plane, whereas when you leave the country book one on the...


    Nepalese Hindus and Buddhists revere and worship the Kumari, who lives in Kumari Ghar, her palace in the centre of Kathmandu. Kumari means virgin and the girl...

  • 5. Saddhus.

    When walking through Kathmandu and specially in religious places like Durbar, Patan or Pasupatinath is very common to find the Saddhus or holy men. A Saddhu or...

  • 6. Tuc Tucs.

    I know that tuc tucs are a cheap and very good way of transport, specially in crowded cities like Kathmandu, but the drivers are really annoying; sometimes...

  • 7. Cows.

    As everybody knows Hinduist have worshiped cows since the earliest times of their civilization. Cows are sacred for some specifically reasons: Because they give...

  • 8. Cremation

    Locals in Nepal Cremate the bodies of their dead. Along the river you will see this being done and the air will be filled with the smoke from the fires. Its...

  • 9. Spinning the Wheel

    All the Stupa's have the prayer wheel that are meant to be spun as you are walking the circle.If anyone has seen the movie The Golden Child, you know of this...

  • 10. Having someone coming over for Dal Bhat

    It’s a great honor when someone ask you to come over for Dal Bhat (lunch or dinner) at his/her house. You can expect to have a huge metal plate full of rice,...

  • 11. Wishing Buddha at Swyambhunath Temple.

    There is a wishing Buddha at the entrance of Swyambhunath Temple. This is the side from where you buy tickets, not the long stairs. The locals along with many...

  • 12. Cremation of Bodies at Pashupatinath, Kathmandu.

    In Hindu custom cremation of body is through burning only. It is considered holi and fortunate to be burned before the feet of Lord Shiva. In India or in Nepal...

  • 13. Offering Puja( Prayer) to God.

    Nepal predominantly a Hindu country. Here you will find people are god fearing and most of the people are very honest. They offer regular prayer to the God they...

  • 14. Cremation by the river

    There were piles of wood over the body of a deceased waiting to be cremated by the fire pyre and the ashes scattered into the river water.It was a bit shocking...

  • 15. Turning the wheels of life

    At some of the market square, there is a row of bronze wheels that can be rotated by running one hands over them. Observed that the locals will run over them as...

  • 16. Traditional Nepali Hat

    It looks similar to the Nehru hat. Nepali men often wear this cotton and colorful hat.It looks a bit like the Malay songkok that is worn to the mosque and...

  • 17. Nepalese currency - rupees

    Nepalese currency is pegged to Indian currency.1.6 Nepalese rupee = 1 Indian rupee.1 USD = 73.4 Nepalese rupee.Coins: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 paisa, Rs 1, 2, 5, 10...

  • 18. Nepalese monkeys

    Monkeys are found in temples and are tolerated although they do cause havoc in their hunt for food. Hanuman is the monkey god in Hindu religion. Also naughty...

  • 19. Thankas!

    Making thankas is very special thing which you have to learn for many, many years! I really dont know all the stuff about thankas, but they are made with...

  • 20. Close Physical Contact between Men

    No, everyone here is not gay. It's completely normal for men to have close contact with each other. What you might do with someone you're dating is normal...

  • 21. Holy animals

    There is a lot of respect for animals. Certainly in the Budhist tradition. But the Hindu's also beleive in holy animals. That's why a cow can go whereever she...

  • 22. Respect the cutlure

    Once you are visiting the Bodhanath, or other buddist temple, keep in mid to follow and respect their culture.First of all, remember to take your shoes off, and...

  • 23. Nevrotic queue!

    If you would need to caugh a bus, a train or a flight, then you will have the problem of the queue.In Nepal, as well as in a lot of places in Asia, there is no...

  • 24. Clearing one's throat in a morning.

    It seems that the most sociably acceptable form of clearing one's throat following a busy day's wandering the polluted streets of Kantmandu is to cough as...

  • 25. Streets of Kathmandu

    One thing you will notice about Kathmandu is that there are not many tall buildings, and the streets are generally crowded, dusty but lively. The city seems to...

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