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Private Nagarkot Changunarayan Hiking Tour from Kathmandu
"You will be picked up from your centrally located hotel in Kathmandu between 7am to 8:30am and will be transferred by a bus and drive from Kathmandu to Sankhu takes approximately one hour. Once you arrive to Sankhu you will have lunch at Salinadi then trek from Sankhu to Nagarkot which will take about three hours.Nagarkot is truly a tourist paradise: the spectacular snow-fed mountains seen from Nagarkot must be one of the finest panoramic views in the world they seem to be floating in the air.  The panorama offers a majestic undisturbed view of the Himalayan ranges stretching from Mount Annapurna in the far west to Mount Karolung in the far east. More than twenty Himalayan peaks can be seen in you can take some pictures of mountains and other beautiful spots in the village of Nagarkot.The Himalayan atmosphere and ecology will surprise anyone and will be an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.Then you will hike back from Nagarkot to Changunarayan for about 3 hours. This popular trail leads down from Nagarkot along a ridge to the temple of Changunarayan with views of the Sankhu village. Changunarayan is situated at the end of a long ridge which run you will visit Changunarayan temple which is richly decorated with sculptures and carvings. It is said to be the oldest temple in the valley. After excursion in and around Changunarayan you board the vehicle back to Kathmandu."""
From $85.00
Full Day Kathmandu City Tour
"Kathmandu Heritages day tour mainly proposed to cater the need of those visitors who are in Kathmandu for short time or for those who have spare day after their long trip in other parts of Nepal. The day trip combines cultural heritages site of Kathmandu hidden temples colorful bazaars and be rewarded with an insight into this unique city. Following are the places you will explore in Kathmandu valley.SwaymbhunathThe Swaybhunath situated approximately 4 kms. This Buddhist Stupa said to be 2000 years old forms the main st which is composed of a solid hemisphere of brick and earth supporting a lofty conical spire capped by a pinnacle of copper gilt. Painted on the four-sided base of the spire are the all seeing eyes of Lord Buddha.PatanThe Patan city is fiv enclosed within four Stupas builds in 3rd century AD by Emperor Ashoka. You will see the Durbar square; the Krishna Temple built by King Siddhi Narsingh Malla
From $90.00
Kathmandu Mountain Bike Day-Trip
"Here is the itinerary of this day of mountain-biking: Kathmandu - Nagarkot: Two-hour bike-ride (about 24km)After Kathmandu hotel pick-up you will be taken to Nagarkot from where you will experience a downhill bike ride descending more than 2800 feet starting from 7100 feet (2164 meters) with glorious mountain vistas from Nagarkot. Then you will have breakfast at one of the finest restaurants. Nagarkot to Telkot: 30-minute downhill bike ride (about 15km)Afterwards you will start riding towards the paved and less-busy Telkot hill and then ride uphill towards Changu Narayan on a dirt-road. Telkot to Changu Narayan: 20-minute bike-ride (about 7km).You will reach Changu Narayan. There you can admire the stone-carvings of lord Vishnu (dating back to the sixth century and attributed to the Newari artists). Changu Narayan is the oldest temple in the Kathmandu valley which was built in 4th century A.D. The main attraction of this temple i
From $120.00

Rum Doodle Tips (7)

The Rum Doodle: Climbing the ultimate hights

Rum Doodle is an institution, and the clientele are mountain high-fliers, post-trek trekking parties, guides, Everest climbers (they can eat here for free the rest of their lives!), local tourism business people, general visitors looking for a place with a name, and generally those going for good Thamelish food. Note that at the high season and peak hours it can get quite full, and loud. Not a place to take people for a talk.

It is a good party place, has a good bar, and is generally a great hangout. It is big, given it's odd extemnsions, and can accommodate big groups if neccessary.
Live music on Friday night. Dance floor. A good mix of visitors and locals.
They use iron stoves to warm up the place during the cold season. Can get real toasty and nice.

Rum Doodle got its name after the book The Ascent of Rum Doodle, the world's highest mountain, a hilarious description of mountaineers expeditioning and scaling steep mountains. Great book for climbing freinds, by the way! 200 Rs or so.

Favorite Dish BBQ chicken was good. It bugs me that they serve beef, not buff as their steaks.
Good drinks, a great selection of beers.

Saagar's Profile Photo
Mar 11, 2010

Rum Doodle: Have a footprint, leave your footprint

This place is where we had dinner in Kathmandu. It is said that it is a meeting point for mountaineers. After a short free time to know Thamel, we found where it is and joined the group. Here, we met a Turkish mountaineer, Tunc Findik. He is a friend of a member of our group. We were more than 30 people, a crowded and noisy group. I ordered a huge steak and some red wine. They were all delicious and in huge portions.
Rum Doodle is in Thamel and its walls and ceiling are all covered with Yeti foot shaped card boards. It is a tradition to leave your signature here. This is why this restaurant has a great collection of famous mountaineers. The tradition started with the famous first time sumiteer Sir Edmund Hillary.
At the end of the night, waiters brought us all small feet and a big foot. A talented friend from group has drawn pictures on big one and we left our mark in this restaurant. Then we all signed the small foot-prints and kept one as a memoir.

Rum Doodle has a wide menu of eclectic cuisine. I enjoyed my huge steak and red wine. I think nobody from the group was disappointed that night. Uh, also the restaurant sent us to our hotel (Yak and Yeti) with rikshaws. It was a complimentary of Rum Doodle and it was quite an experience for me.
I know this is a place I certainly recommend people going there and also I’d like to be there again.

Favorite Dish Steak and wine

Aug 19, 2009

Rum doodle's: Excellent pizza! Excellent ambience!

Excellent atmosphere!
Good prices and food we tried was all nice.
5 of us ate in there for about £20 including a couple of drinks.
Loved the decorated Yeti feet all over the walls, which are all signed by travellers who have visited the bar. It was really interesting reading what people had written on them about their climbs, treks and various adventures.
Can be very busy, so booking is maybe worth thinking about.
Served all kinds of food in there.
Excellent place for a drink too!

Favorite Dish I had a 'Tandoori chicken and onion pizza' and it was really good.
Another member of my group had a peppered steak and that was really nice too.

halfbeat's Profile Photo
Dec 09, 2008

Rum Doodle: essential but expensive

the restaurant is a nice place with a roof top terrace. the food is worth the price just to see hilarys john hancock. but the if you are looking for a good meal its not really the place for great food the prices are high the quality is low on the scale even for Nepal.

sherpa greg.

Favorite Dish pizzas are done in a clay oven.

Jun 06, 2006
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Thamel, GPO Box 1771, Kathmandu, 000000, Nepal
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Rum Doodle: Craziest tales of the Himalayas

All those who visit nepal enroute to leave their mark in the Himalayas visit this place to form a general opinion of the adventure they are likely to face in the days to come. This current resturant is a new establishment and somehow does not have the same ambience nor does it live upto the expectation of the older one. But inspite of my critism, it is probably one of the best resturants in Kathmandu. Newsweek had ranked it as one of the top resturants/pubs in the world some years back.

Favorite Dish I like the enchiladas and the cold platter. The cocktails are also good. Generally all the food is of excellent quality

pankaj271315's Profile Photo
Apr 12, 2006

Rum Doodle: Everest beer is the best

Good food. Great beer (Everest). We went as a group and sat on the roof. Lots of paper feet on the walls of past visitors. Food cheap but beer expensive (as in all Nepal). Apparently if you have climbed Everest you can eat for free.

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Oct 27, 2005

Rum Doodle: Limited Vegetarian Selection

Its a nice restaurant on the second floor with retro decor similar to a Hard Rock Cafe. There seems to be tonnes and tonnes of autographs of different Everest Treking Groups that have left their Autograph on the walls.

They also have a plaq that has been signed by a lot of Everest Sumiteers.

The Service is nice but the food selection is poor for vegatarians. Its mostly for Stake lovers, even though a lot of out fellow trekers ordered Pizza and said it was good.

Favorite Dish Its difficult to say what my favourite dish was because I was there just one night. The only vegatrian dish that I ordered was the Vegatable curry. They alsi had some Indian bread (Nan) which I did not bother to try.

But I should say that the Vegatable curry was fairly good even though it was not out of the world to rave about.

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Nov 18, 2003

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