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Walking Tour of Kathmandu to Ason Markets
"Depart on your walking tour to the Ason market a stones throw away from the tourist hub of Thamel in Kathmandu.In 2.5 hours you will get a chance to taste spices and herbs and also shop like a local. You will visit the clothes bazaar the vegetable market the spice shops the herb shops the utensils market
From $25.00
Kathmandu Mountain Bike Day-Trip
"Here is the itinerary of this day of mountain-biking: Kathmandu - Nagarkot: Two-hour bike-ride (about 24km)After Kathmandu hotel pick-up you will be taken to Nagarkot from where you will experience a downhill bike ride descending more than 2800 feet starting from 7100 feet (2164 meters) with glorious mountain vistas from Nagarkot. Then you will have breakfast at one of the finest restaurants. Nagarkot to Telkot: 30-minute downhill bike ride (about 15km)Afterwards you will start riding towards the paved and less-busy Telkot hill and then ride uphill towards Changu Narayan on a dirt-road. Telkot to Changu Narayan: 20-minute bike-ride (about 7km).You will reach Changu Narayan. There you can admire the stone-carvings of lord Vishnu (dating back to the sixth century and attributed to the Newari artists). Changu Narayan is the oldest temple in the Kathmandu valley which was built in 4th century A.D. The main attraction of this temple i
From $120.00
Full Day White Water Rafting Trip on the Trishuli River
"You will be picked up at the meeting spot and transferred to the tourist bus station at 7am. From there you will be driven 3 hours to Charaudi the put-in point where a crowd of friendly local people eagerly wait to watch the proceedings.Once at Charaudi the crew will prepare the rafts after which you will head towards the river for a safety talk and some lessons on how to use paddles. After that you will start your rafting trip during which a number of Class I to Class III rapids are encountered (ratings are all given on the international rating scale).Two hours down the river at 12pm
From $50.00

Thamel Area Tips (16)


Thamel area is full of gift shops (besides hotels and restaurants). Most of them carry pretty much similar things. Jewelry shops with silver and semi-precious stone ornaments (particularly turquoise)....
yumiyun's Profile Photo
Mar 19, 2003

I don't remember

There are many, many shops.... I bought so much things: Gifts,clothes, trek equipment, sweet, alcohol, chess - everything you can buy in Kathmandu.I bought woolen jacket with polar inside, first...
KasiaWin's Profile Photo
Apr 05, 2003

Thamel Area

You will most probably find everything you want to buy in Nepal in Thamel. There are many, many shops selling souvenirs, clothing, jewellery, carpets, books etc. There are also a fair amount of...
PierreZA's Profile Photo
Feb 21, 2009

Mandala's and Kalachacra's

In a lot of shops you can buy this kind of art. Try to look carefuly, some artists are good some are not. It's difficult to get good information from a guide or someone else... Go for some...
Peter_P's Profile Photo
Jan 21, 2003

Thamel Area

Thamel is a great place for some shopping. Most of the shops seemed to be open quite late, i wandered round at night and some were still open well after 8pm. Discussions on price are very much in...
halfbeat's Profile Photo
Mar 01, 2006

Thamel Area

The most common street to shop is Thamel, a.k.a. the tourist ghetto.Indeed all those streets are fullfilled of every kind of GH, hostel, low level hotel, restaurant, bars, shops, libreries and so...
schlumpf's Profile Photo
Feb 21, 2005

Khukuri house

Any visitor visiting Nepal/kathmandu/thamel ought to visit this cool store called "Khukuri House" in thamel area. Kukris/khukuris are the coolest gifts to take away from Nepal as they are unique and...
Feb 27, 2007

Thamel Area

I shopped from a number of shops in the Thamel area and bought different sovineer items.The prices they quote are nowhere near what you expect to pay. You can bargain them down. All prices have this...
XKuger's Profile Photo
Nov 18, 2003

Thamel Area

Thamel is a very good place to buy fake North Face or Columbia mountaneering gear, but it´s also a good place to buy handicrafts (Tibetan Paintings, wooden statues, puppets, etc), maybe you can get...
euzkadi's Profile Photo
Sep 30, 2009

Thamel Area, North Face

The North Face outlet on Tridevi marg is the only official dealer in Nepal. That means, most of the other North face stuff is either second hand or fake. In my opinion North Face isn't a particular...
Saagar's Profile Photo
Mar 11, 2010

Thamel Area

In Thamel, you can find travel gears, accessories, clothes, laundry shops, money changers, restaurants, book shops, gifts shops, cafes, travel agents, almost everything. Dont be surprised if someone...
kunntz's Profile Photo
Apr 01, 2010

Thamel Area

There are many shops in Thamel that sell plain and embroidered pashminas and jackets. Some embroidered jackets are made of wool or wool mixes and some are made of raw silk. This one caught my eye!...
AlettaCrofton's Profile Photo
Jul 04, 2010
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Hotels Near Kathmandu

PO Box 20498,Rajnikunj, Kathmandu, Nepal
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P.O. Box: 206, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
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Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
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Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
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Thamel - 29, Narsingh Chowk
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Tridevi Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal
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Top 5 Kathmandu Writers

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"Kathmandu The Ancient City - Dream Destination."
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"Kathmandu (Kantipur) - a royal capital.....still"
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"Mountain Air & Himalayan Culture"
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"Kathmandu, revisited"
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Things to Do Near Kathmandu

Things to Do

The Garden of Dreams

Located between Thamel and the former royal palace, this garden was designed by Keshar Shumshere Rana in the 1920s. It is laid out like a European style garden and contains a restaurant, cafe, ponds,...
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Things to Do

Walk Around Thamel Area

Thamel is the Touristy area of Kathmandu, and the place where most tourists land once they are here. The area has nice hotels of all price range and restaurants serving delicious food. The thamel...
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Things to Do

The Toothache Shrine

A small ugly lump of wood with metal hammered into it. If you get toothache during your stay in Kathmandu drive a nail into this wood to make it go away. Several more modern dentists are located...
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Things to Do


We booked transport through our guest house to go to Nagarkot and back plus spend two hours for NPR 2500. The drive through Kathmandu and the back of Bhaktapur was not particularly scenic. Once we...
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Things to Do

Rani Pokhari

The Rani Pokhari pool and temple were built by King Pratap Malla to console his wife over the death of their son. There is a fence around the pool to keep people out as there were several suicides...
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Things to Do

Freak Street

Freak street is the street where all the backpacker tourism to Nepal started in the 1960's. This was where all the hippies came to sit and smoke funny tobacco in exotic surroundings. The street used...
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Getting to Kathmandu


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