Nepal Nightlife

  • Cocktail Bar
    Cocktail Bar
    by leon.partsi
  • Club Amsterdam in Pokhara.
    Club Amsterdam in Pokhara.
    by cachaseiro
  • All that jazz in Pokhara.
    All that jazz in Pokhara.
    by cachaseiro

Nepal Nightlife

  • Rum Doodle

    Kathmandu Nightlife

    This has been a Kathmandu institution where trekkers from all over the world who have climbed or attempted to climb Mt Everest or Annapurna come over to celebrate their achievement. Yeti footprints cutouts are handed over to the revelers for their signatures as a token memento. The food is an average fare and quite expensive for a Nepali hangout....

  • Friendly Cocktails and Friends

    It's more of a bar than a club, so I've put it as an eating and drinking place rather than a dance hall.Th atmosphere is cosy and tropical (apart from the weather outside) and the drinks are sufficiently strong to make you forget about the pains from your latest trek. Closed toed shoes, pants and shirt. Denim is okay.

  • Night-out in Pokhara

    I highly recommend Amsterdam night club in Pokhara. Spacious club, big, strong and inexpensive drinks, tasty food and nice back garden if you need quiet conversation. And the most important thing - nice Nepali rock band singing well known European/American rock songs.Enjoy!

  • Nepal closes down between 22h30 & 23h00

    We experienced the nightlife of both Kathmandu and Pokhara. I prefered Pokhara, as there were less offers/ harassment to buy drugs or to visit certain clubs.A very nice bar in Kathmandu is the Buddha Bar in Thamel. It is a lovely place to relax, have a few drinks and meet some local people. They play good music, and gets very busy during week-ends....

  • Thamel

    Thamel is good for about 1 night but a word of caution! Do not make Thamel a daily activity.Tourist are raped, beaten, robbed and set up by the cops everyday. This area of town is a very dangerous place. I worked for the US Embassy for a couple of months and most of the debriefs about security in Thamel are very accurate. If your staying at a hotel...

  • Great Ambiance ;-)

    Brand New for 2008, This is a Very Popular bar, right in the heart of Thamel, Live music most nights, good band, just don’t expect to much Reggae Music – I think they just picked the name out of a hat ;-)Never-the-Less it is a great place to go, have a drink (or 6) and listen to some musicPrices are fair, a bit more than average but when you take...

  • Best of the Three

    If you are looking for a Good night out in Lake-Side, Pokhara then there are now three bars, Club Amsterdam, Bar Paradiso and Busy Bee, my personal recommendation would be the Busy Bee. It's the least expensive of the 3 bars in Pokhara and I think has the Best Atmosphere,Western Style Live Music is performed by a local band every night and can they...

  • Right in the heart of Thamel

    Yet another of may Old Favourites is “The Maya Pub”This is one of the older pubs in Thamel, I have been going there “Occasionally” since 1994 and it has always been popular !!Right in the heart of Thamel, Just a couple of doors down from The Kathmandu Guest House and on the same side of the road.Drinks are fairly priced and there is a large...

  • the sherpa dance

    Due to the amount of hiking we did each day, the fresh mountain air and the lack of heat in the lodges in general we did not have many late nights. One of the only big nights we had was on arrival at the Kongde Lodge where we ate excellent food prepared by one of Kathmandu’s best chefs and knocked back bottles of Everest beer with our sherpas and...

  • Great Music

    All in one @ this traveller's placeAt Via Via Cafe you can find low budget accommodation, a meeting point with other travelers, a platform for national and international artists (exhibitions, movies, dj`s), as well as a restaurant and bar with worldwide food and drinks. And if that is not enough ..Guests can avail of travelers information and...

  • Have you ever seen the film " Caravan "...

    Have you ever seen the film " Caravan " ( sometimes called Himalaya ) This Really is a Great film, About Tibetan Life but filmed in Nepal and well worth seeing -- Wonderful Story and Amazing scenery !! I know that at least one place in Pokhara shows it every evening and I would think it is possible to see it in Kathmandu too !! Also you can buy in...

  • The Last Night Out

    When the Last Night of the trip comes, What better thing to do than to have a meal and a few drinks with all those friends that you met "On The Road" -- That's Exactly what I did this last trip, pictured here from the left, Myself, Nirmal and his children then his wife (My Good Nepali Friend who look after me ever so well Every time that I go to...

  • Relax near the Lake...

    The upstairs terrace was a lovely way to spend the evening drinking cocktails! They also have a pool table and do a good range of snacks! Mind the winding iron stairs though, if you have had one too many drinks!

  • Dance the night away!

    If you have any energy left to dance after your trek then this is the place to come. There is a good mix of locals, ex-pats and tourists, and the music isn't half bad either. Mainly R&B and some dance.

  • Reggae in Kathmandu

    Even though Nepal is not renowned for its nightlife - thankfully! There are still some nice places to go out and have a drink and a dance, but remember most places are closed by 11pm at the latest and others a lot earlier.This place had a really relaxed feel about it and was a great place to meet other travellers as well as some locals. Even though...

  • Jazz in the city...

    This is a great place right in the center of Thamel that has both live jazz bands playing and Nepali bands. It is situated in a lovely courtyard and has a wonderful atmosphere. I am also putting this as a restaurant tip because the food is lovely too.

  • bars/pubs/clubs

    somewhere in thamel, dont know the exact location but if you ask people they will give u the direction +exact location. live band, OK-Food + cocktails & virgin drinks . Great atomospere and crowd , i had a great fun. Have fun :) anything goes lol big fat naked butt or breasts not allowed *get my drift? *winks*

  • Tom & Jerry Bar : Fantastic !

    It is a combination of a bar where you can also eat. The atmosphere is great, the drinks are good, the food even better. I go here to have a coffee in the afternoon and read the newspaper. And in the evening for a beer and to listen to the thousands of trevel stories going around by all the bagpackers who kick in. Really nice place to go and have...

  • Tungba beer

    Tungba is a drink, mildly alcoholic that is made from fermentation of millet. It is especially popular with the central and eastern mountain and hills people of Nepal.It is served in a large glass or wooden cup and with a wooden or metal straw with sieve in the end to keep the drags out. As you drink the drink is replenished by piping hot water...

  • Star Watch

    If you go to Chitwan on your trip to Nepal, the best possible night time activity you can do is just sit at a campfire and watch the lovely stars at night. If you are lucky like I was, you might be able to convince your hotel guides to serenade you with Nepalese music. The nights in Chitwan with no electricity are so peaceful and remote.

  • 8 o'clock closing in the hill towns of...

    Due to the security situation, local restaurants and businesses close at around 7:30 pm in order to observe an informal curfew at 8 pm in many hill towns and villages. Everybody wants to be home by 8 pm. After 8 the security forces may interrogate and hold people until certain of their identity and purpose of being out late. They will also have a...

  • Odds are, you're not here for the...

    And that's a good thing, because Kathmandu is not the place to go for exciting nightlife. Since you will be exhausted from wandering the city (per my recommendation), taking pictures, shopping, eating, and general sightseeing, you will fall into bed every evening not long after dinner. Besides, I don't know of anyone who looks forward to Kathmandu...

  • Looking At the Stars

    Since Nepal is relatively a quiet nation after the sun goes down, nightly outdoor activities are a great way to see a different part of Nepal. I always found looking up into the night sky with my Nepali host-family in the Nuwakot District to be pleasurable. Zillions of stars were visible, and the sky was just lit by them. I had never seen so many...

  • Kathmandu "Bars"

    For the most part, Nepal shuts down easily by 9 pm. And outside of Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur, and possibly Pokhara, no "night life" exists whatsoever. However, in the "cities" (more like overgrown towns) above some forms of "night life" may exist. In Kathmandu in specific, live music performances have become more popular, with the increase of...

  • Pokhara

    There are plenty of bars and restaurants in Pokhara. Many of the restaurants show films in the evenings for a little light entertainment, though the quality varies a good deal.Laylas was a favourite with the backpackers (on the main street in Lakeside) and has free pool.Watch out if you decide to take on any Nepali who challenges you at a game of...

  • Mountain Bar

    The bar at Namche Bazaar claims to be the highest in the world. True or not, just remember alcohol doesn’t help acclimatisation! Depending on the security situation the bar may close at 7pm when there is a curfew in place (most likely at present) so you will have to drop in early. Take a marker pen with you to immortalise yourself on the bar or...

  • Doodles

    Doodles (Forty And A Half Thousand Foot) Bar in Thamel, Kathmandu has walls covered in Everest summiteers signatures, including Sir Edmund Hillary's. They will sell you a book if you want to know the whole history of the bar. The summiteers are allowed to eat and drink here for free for life, so they claim. They also do food.

  • shopping

    You can spend your night time for shopping on the lively street in Thamel. If it is special festival, you will seethe street crowed with many people and hear singing or dancing by children. Sometimes, children also visit every store ,joke by singing and beg a little money. Most of the store holders always allow this happened and give them some...

  • Rice Beer Drinking Spot

    In Nepal,there are many nameless restaurant for nepali.At these place,you can eat and drink 'pure' nepali and newari food and drink.Food:Dhal Bhat,Momo,Suku-La,Suku-Ti,Chatanmari,Wo,etcDrink:Chan(Rice beer),Ella(Roxy),Tumba(Tibetan hot beer),Du Cha(Milk tea),etc.

  • Kathmandu

    PLEASE visit the Irish Bar when in Kathmandu. The staff are great and if you are lucky enough to visit when the resident band are playing you'll hear some great classic rock music.(No Guiness though! But hey, this IS Nepal!!)

  • A cultural dance show

    I am not usually a fan of cultural dancing - they tend to be a bit contrived and dull but this evening was a bit special because it was so pathetically funny. We booked tickets for the show at our hostel and caught a cycle rickshaw to Himachali Cultural Group in Durbar Marg. This was an event in itself - our driver cycled through the back streets...

  • Party over HERE! At the 7-Eleven????

    I guess I've seen everything now. The folks back home would never believe me if I told them about the bar scene at the neighborhood 7-Eleven.Twizzlers and Cola Slurpee Shots. I wonder if they have Lotto here? Anything goes at the 7-Eleven!

  • Partying Away .....

    Me and a group of friends had our new millenium bash at this place place tell you the truth i dont remember much except gettin drunk and dancing out in the streets on midnite ....... No dress code ....

  • The Coolest Bar in Thamel

    The Drugstore is a bar (they can order food for you) in Kathmandu's Thamel area,There's a back room with pillows and low tables (like many in Nepal) where all the fun seems to be. Dress code! Haha! Not here!

  • Pretty laid back nightlife in...

    Pretty laid back nightlife in Kathmandu and Pokhara. I enjoyed countless games of pool with locals and tourists. The clubs that we visited in Kathmandu had some dancing to DJ and prerecorded sets. Not exactly the London scene but then I could hang out in shorts and a tee shirt and not feel underdressed. My kind of place.

  • The Underground in Thamel is...

    The Underground in Thamel is good. Decent mix of music. Frequented by mostly tourists and some locals. Open until the last person gets off the dance floor.There's a very nice Irish pub in Thamel. Casual

  • In the touristpart of...

    In the touristpart of Kathmandu, Thamel, you will find lots of places to have a beer or a glass of Nepalese whisky. Just pick one! If you don't like it, go to the neighbour.

  • What nightlife? This is Nepal....

    What nightlife? This is Nepal. I suppose you could join a Maoist rebel group and go on ReCon excursions.

  • Kathmandu is a good place,...

    Kathmandu is a good place, with a fair selection of bars and restaurants - enjoy this last bit of 'western style' enjoyment, before heading out into the sticks.Picture: Everest on the way to Tibet. Dress code, what dress code??? This is Nepal.Beefy at

  • Nightlife?? forget it -...

    Nightlife?? forget it - there's shopping, shopping or shopping. An evening in Kathmandu usually begins at around 7pm with a spot of dinner in one of the many restaurants in town, following that, just keep walking around and around the hundreds of market stalls and curio shops - as a born again geordie girl, shopping comes way above dancing the...

  • There were others but, a...

    There were others but, a rickshaw race to Tom and Jerry's was generally how the night started.It would be a pretty sad person who said he came to Kathmandu for the nightlife. The bar had no other qualities other than 10 of us would go there and it had a pool table If you're not wearing hiking boots you'll look out of place.

  • On the higher parts of the...

    On the higher parts of the trek, the best thing was having to go outside for a pee in the middle of the night. I was drinking SO much water to fight off altitude sickness and half of us were on diamox (a medication to help fend off the same, but oddly a diuretic as well) so it was inevitable that I wound up out there at some point in the night. And...

  • During trekking there is not...

    During trekking there is not much of a nightlife.Just have a nice talk with your fellow trekkers who stay in the same lodge as you do.

  • Nightlife here is all but...

    Nightlife here is all but nonexistent in Nepal. Most people go to bed early and the only places open aren't discos by any measure but more like hang out places. Have a reef, sit down and listen to good tunes and be mellow. Mellow is probably the best summary of the evening scene in KTM.

  • Tongues and Tales was real...

    Tongues and Tales was real mellow. A little Doors, Marley and a bunch of acid jazz fill the air of this upstairs bar adorned also with low tables and floor cushions. It was a cushy little place to hang out.


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