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See all 962 Kathmandu Tips
  • Shree Pashupatinath Temple

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Kathmandu Things to Do

    Visited two weeks before the famous Pashupatinath Temple at Kathmandu. Still we can say devastated structures outside the main temple entrance but I believe no nature fury can cause the damage to the main structure. It is magnificently standing and as soon as we entered Evening Aarti was going on and first had glimpse of Shiva at the main...

  • Dwarika's Hotel Kathmandu

    Kathmandu Hotels

    Dwarika's is close to the airport, safe and very good, gives excellent service, has good food and a...

  • Rum Doodle

    4 out of 5 stars

    Kathmandu Restaurants

    Rum Doodle is an institution, and the clientele are mountain high-fliers, post-trek trekking parties, guides, Everest climbers (they can eat here for free the rest of their lives!), local tourism business people, general visitors looking for a place with a name, and generally those going for good Thamelish food. Note that at the high season and...



See all 380 Pokhara Tips
  • Fewa - Phewa Tal

    Pokhara Things to Do

    We stay lakeside of Pokhara the Phewa lake was walking distance from my guest house so whenever I got time we enjoy the boat ride in Phewa lake Its a good and beautiful scenery surrounded by mountains and a lovely and romantic lake with good views. On clear days you may see snow cladded mountain ranges from the boat.There are shared boats, paddle...

  • Fishtail Lodge

    Pokhara Hotels

    Fishtail Lodge is the most beautiful hotel we ever stayed. Even though it is small in size but its...

  • Street Food - Local Eateries

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    Pokhara Restaurants

    Most places on Lakeside do a mix of Nepali, Indian, Chinese and Western fare, and this is no exception. They do a very good Chow Mein, as well as beans on toast or cheese and tomato toasties (70NPR) for those feeling a bit homesick or under the weather!



See all 43 Mustang Tips
  • Mustang

    Mustang Things to Do

    The Jomsom Muktinath trek is one of the most popular trekking in Nepal. The different landscapes and culture to be found along this trekking route give a fascinating insight into the way of life of rural Nepali people. The physical beauty along the Jomsom - Muktinath trek is breathtaking. The panorama of the trail ranges from forests of red...


    Mustang Things to Do

    The Jomsom Muktinath trek is one of the most popular trekking in Nepal. The different landscapes and culture to be found along this trekking route give a fascinating insight into the way of life of rural Nepali people. The physical beauty along the Jomsom - Muktinath trek is breathtaking. The panorama of the trail ranges from forests of red...

  • Downloadable Trekking Map

    Mustang Off The Beaten Path

    Here is a link to a good quality downloadable Trekking Map It might well help in planning your trek to Upper MustangOnce you arrive in Nepal there will be plenty of reasonable quality maps available in both Kathmandu and Pokhara – Just be aware that they might not be as accurate as you are used to. Often heights and contours are wildly inaccurate –...


Royal Chitwan

See all 117 Royal Chitwan Tips
  • Watching Nepali dances

    Royal Chitwan Things to Do

    In the two days excursion that I bought, for about 50 euro, including hotel with meals, we saw dances during one or one and a half hour, in the evening.

  • Fair trade local products

    Royal Chitwan Shopping

    My friend Om and his wife Chunna run this shop. They're an amazing team and put so much effort into deciding what to put in their shops. Om has fluent English. I think their best products include crafts from a local woman's group, and the honey that they make themselves, and that you can try for free. There are different flavours depending on what...

  • Nepali home-cooked meal

    Royal Chitwan Restaurants

    This family run restaurant serves authentic Nepali food (vegetarian and non-vegetarian). I enjoyed the delicious home-cooked meals here during my 2 nights stay at Travellers jungle camp and not forgetting the Gorkha beer. A pleasant place and reasonably priced. Friendly and helpful restaurant owner. Nepali meal served with curd, curry chicken and...


Langtang National Park

  • AMS - high altitude

    Langtang National Park Warnings and Dangers

    Surprisingly many trekkers to Langtang report on catching AMS and related symptoms. In essence, the Langtang area is too easy for health... it is deceptively easy trekking getting you too high too fast. If in good shape you can actually reach Gosainkund and Laurebina La toward Helambu in one day's trek, but if not acclimatized beforehand that's...

  • Road conditions between Betrawati and...

    Langtang National Park Warnings and Dangers

    This stretch of road has never seen asphalt and might not see it in decades.... There is a huge landslide area that the road to cross, and negotiating this has led to many, many bus accidents. From spots along this road (also closer to Kathmandu) it is not infrequent that buses do not turn while roads to and the other way around. And it is a long...

  • Hiking distances from Dunche to Inner...

    Langtang National Park Transportation

    The approach hike to langtang starts out with downs and ups, then slowly uphill. That calls for alarmbells to ring; it is easy to come down to altitude sickness here. The altitude gain deceptive and you really do need to watch out and not push ahead, too much, but remain with short day hikes. The walking times stipulated here I obtained from a...



See all 84 Bhaktapur Tips
  • Eat Bhaktapur curd

    Bhaktapur Restaurants

    Outside of the Durbar Square, in direction to the Post Office, there were many stalls offering the famous Bhaktapur curd, that I tried and loved it. Curd! Once you eat it, the cup is thrown, or broken, they do not use it anymore.

  • Bhaktapur Guest House

    Bhaktapur Hotels

    Chundevisthan, Katunje Bhaktapur, Bagmati zone Nepal

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Beyond Kathmandu!

    Bhaktapur Off The Beaten Path

    Not so far from the Kathmandu City, lies a small Village called 'Sipadol'. Sipadol is situated towards the south eastern part of Bhaktapur District. Attracted by the village life in Nepal, I went for a day trip to Sipadol. The place is really nice to go to if anyone wants a short trip out of the city. It is a good picnic spot flanked by many...


Mount Everest

See all 88 Mount Everest Tips
  • Summit Rotation:

    Mount Everest General

    Be sure to write your name on all your gear and your stuff sacks that you place in the rice bags that will be carried by the Sherpa porters to Camp 1 and Camp 2... they sometimes get mixed up with other climbers' gear.Practice using your down suit from Camp 2 to Camp 3 and get an early start to beat the heat... learn how to take the top down of...

  • General:

    Mount Everest General

    Pace - don't worry, walk at your own pace.Preparation - be in the best shape of your life.Sickness - It is OK if you get sick, it happens, take care of yourself, see the doctors and rest.Personal Sherpa - a must.Extra bottle of oxygen on summit push is well worth cost.Stay at C1 on summit rotation.Purpose - have purpose for your climb and call upon...

  • Respect the weather.

    Mount Everest Warnings and Dangers

    Bad weather can turn an easy, sunny climb into a horrible, fatal inferno. The change is often fast and unforgiving.Suddenly, you are blind, the wind freeze the blood in your veins, you can’t think and you can’t find your way anywhere! Instantly, you feel a deadly fear whilst your mind keeps falling into a helpless dizziness. You cant feel your...



See all 13 Bandipur Tips
  • The “highway” to Bandipur

    Bandipur Transportation

    The mountain road between Kathmandu and Pokhara is called “highway”, although it would not qualify not even as a secondary road as per other standards – average speed 30 kms/h.To reach Bandipur from either Kathmandu or Pokhara, your first stop is Dumre, a town halfway in between. From Chitwan, take any bus heading for Kathmandu and get off at...

  • Dumre – Bandipur

    Bandipur Transportation

    From Dumre, jeeps to Bandipur leave from the main road. Just ask the locals, they will show you where. The 7km road up the mountain is done in 20 minutes, and a fare would be 20 rupees. From Bandipur, jeeps to Dumre leave from the main road or from the town square.In reality, the situation on the “20 rupees fare” is a little bit different – having...

  • Stroll as much as your feet can bear

    Bandipur Things to Do

    Strolling around the town, to hilltops and peaks, to objectives such as the largest cave in Nepal (Siddha Gufa), or the Martyrs Memorial, or the Patali Dwar (aka the Gateway to Heaven), etc. This is something you definitely won’t have enough. Just smell the flavours, and you’ll want to wander around to abandoned army camps or police stations, or to...



See all 64 Simikot Tips
  • Limi Valley

    Simikot Things to Do

    The Limi Valley is considered one of the most remote and remarkable valleys in the Nepal Himalaya. It is definitely a most beautiful valley if you appreciate Tibetan landscapes, dry and desert like surrounded by very high mountains. Limi is poulated by Tibetan people who speak a dialect of Tibetan. They live in 3 villages strung out in the Limi...

  • Malpracticing trekking agents on the...

    Simikot Warnings and Dangers

    Upon surfing the internet I came across the website (below) that ¨describes in detail how things can go horribly wrong on booking and paying for a trip via Nepalese and Tibetan travel and trekking agents. I cannot vouch for the truth of this story, but it is well worth reading it prior to booking a trip in Humla or anywhere in Nepal. I never...

  • Malpracticing trekking agencies

    Simikot Tourist Traps

    Apart from the absentee ticket agencies in Nepalgunj, instability of schedules and weather, maoist extortion, plus the general remoteness of Humla, I have not had any real travel problems in Humla. But while surfing internet for something totally different I came across a dire warning against certain trekking agents in Nepal and Tibet. Better check...



See all 26 Nepalganj Tips
  • Sekuwa

    Nepalganj Things to Do

    The street food in Nepalgunj is famous! Now, when you see that central part of Nepalgunj you really wonder about this, but nevertheless, when the sun sets and the heat of the day withdraws and it becomes a balmy tropical evening, the thing to do is to hang out on Surkhet road and side alleys and eat sekuwa. Sekuwa is simply grilled meats, mostly...

  • Papertaxi to Lucknow

    Nepalganj Transportation

    In the morning, taxis enter Nepalganj from india loaded with the day's Indian newspapers for distribution. On therir return to Lucknow these taxis will be very happy to have paying passengers. And you will get fast to Lucknow. Maybe 4-500 Rs - cannot do better by public transport!

  • Airport troubles at Nepalgunj

    Nepalganj Tourist Traps

    This could enter under "danger and annoyances" as well.... Frequently, travellers are stuck for days and days at Nepalgunj airport. The ordeal of getting through here if you are going especially to a mountain destination (Humla, Bjajura, Dolpo, Mugu) is tremendous. You sense it when you are alone as a tourist or a hapless local without connections...



See all 93 Patan Tips
  • Patan Museum

    Patan Things to Do

    Patan Museum is in a fantastic big house from the 15th century. It has a big and lovely courtyard.Its a well maintained museum Here you can see the detailed information about Hindu deities, Buddhism .The temples surrounding the museum area are mesmerizing.We went and the museum and the entire area of Patan is a must see on a visit to Kathmandu....

  • Machhindranath Jatra(Chariot festival)

    Patan Local Customs

    The most important event connected with the deity is the annual chariot procession known as Bunga Dyah Jatra or Rato Machhindranath Jatra. Each year, the locals of Patan, celebrate the festival in order to show respect to the rain god. This festival is one of the oldest and the longest festival celebrated in Patan and is celebrated in...

  • Golden Temple :Hiranya Varna Mahavihar

    Patan Things to Do

    The Golden Temple is situated in the heart of ancient Patan(Lalitpur) is full of art and architectural of Nepali pattern.The temple built by King Vaskar Varma in 12th century it's different than most other temples in Nepal and has its beauty from the golden roof to the interesting craving on the smaller windows that's housing the statues of...



See all 22 Ilam Tips


See all 34 Nagarkot Tips
  • Everest oh Everest...

    Nagarkot Things to Do

    The best thing to do at Nagargot would be to wake up real early and then watch the sunrise... afterwhich eat breakfast and then go up to the deck...sit on the lounges, sipping 'chai' and staring at the mountains....

  • Club Himalaya Resort

    Nagarkot Hotels

    It was the most memorable part of our stay during the Nepal Trip. Sadly we only spent one and a half...

  • Take a stroll

    Nagarkot Things to Do

    There is nothing much you can do in the hotel. You can use their library. The reception do provide map for trail walk. You can either do it on your own or engage their guide for a fee. Most guest will walk to the village.


Annapurna Himal

See all 218 Annapurna Himal Tips
  • Annapurna Base Camp Trek

    Annapurna Himal Things to Do

    This is a review for the trek of a lifetime and the guide that made it so! Our trekking group was composed of me (from NZ), an Italian traveler and our guide, Chandra. We began our trek on January 18, 2016, and our itinerary was as follows: Day 1: Nayapul to Ulleri Day 2: Ulleri to Ghorepani (Poon Hill) Day 3: Ghorepani to Tadapani Day 4:...

  • Yak Kharka to High Camp

    Annapurna Himal Things to Do

    Today was a real surprise, as we had some unseasonal (for April) snow and it was quite heavy, icing up fairly quickly which made the days trek fairly tough and dangerous in parts.The start of the trail from Yak Kharka itself, because of the lack of local commercial traffic, became a narrow hiking trail. It clung to the steep, dirt-bare valley...

  • Pokhara

    Annapurna Himal Things to Do

    Pokhara is the end of the Annapurna Circuit (AC) and is a great place to relax after doing the AC. It can also form a great base to head into the Annapurna Sanctuary, often called the highlights package to the larger AC.Pokhara ticks all the right boxes, with spectacular scenery, adventure activities, and accommodation and food/drink choices...



See all 12 Bardiya Tips
  • Happy Holi

    Bardiya Local Customs

    If you are around for Holi you are very lucky. It is by far my favourite of all Nepali festivals, it usually falls during the last week of March. In Bardia as a tourist you will find it hard to escape a showering of colours, just make sure you give as good as you get!!

  • Roof Ridin'

    Bardiya Transportation

    Bus journeys can be a little long and the seats are not made for six-plus footers. On a number of occasions I have been able to ride on the bus roof. This is not always possible but it can make the journey a million times better!

  • Kitchen Party

    Bardiya Nightlife

    Most nights there is little to do other than gather in the kitchen and dance!!! Someone upturns a bucket and drums the familiar tharu beat, people then take turns to dance whilst the rest clap along. Fantasticly simple! Why not put on a sari to make your Nepali dance moves that much better.


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Comments (7)

  • mamtap's Profile Photo
    May 1, 2015 at 11:32 PM

    People at Langtang village need help. We are trying to send a Nepalese army helicopter there. Please contact their satellite number +8821687701196 to find out details. No help has been received and many people are injured~Yanki Lama

    • mamtap's Profile Photo
      May 4, 2015 at 4:46 PM

      This is the latest news: KATHMANDU, Nepal — Nepali citizens frustrated and angered by their government's chaotic and bureaucratic response to aiding earthquake victims are doing it themselves. They've hired their own trucks and stuffed vehicles with plastic sheets for shelter and bags of rice and lentils for food.

      I am not adding any comments of mine, as it'll be scrutinised. Another post for help:
      हटलाईन अपडेट !!
      सिन्धुपाल्चोकको सेलांग गा. वि. स. मा कुनै पनि किसिमको राहत नपुगेको हुँदा र जीवितहरु पनि मरेको गाई वस्तुको दुर्गन्धले गर्दा अनि औषधी र उपचारको अभावमा इन्फेक्सनभइ मारिरहेको स्थीति छ । सहयोग गर्न चाहने महानुभावहरुले बिबेकशील नेपाली को हेल्पडेस्कमा सम्पर्क गर्नुहोला । सम्पर्क : ९८५११४९२१४, ९८४३७२३४५७
      Hotline Update !!
      Solang, Sindhupalchowk has not received any aid till now. People alive are dying of infection due to smell of dead animals and lack of medical treatment. We kindly request all the aid providers who would like to help to contact Bibeksheel Nepali helpdesk.
      Contact Number: 9851149214, 9843723457

      And this is the link of International Financial Aid Providers (Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers) Prime Minister's Disaster Fund and as per Nepalese Govt. only Bhutan, Colombo Council and Saudi Arabian Prince had donated financially

    • leics's Profile Photo
      May 4, 2015 at 11:01 PM

      It's not a matter of 'scrutiny', Mamta. It's just a matter of asking for, and being willing to give, clarification rather than simply re-posting from other sites.

      In the immediate aftermath it is normal for 'foreign aid' whether practical or financial, to be given to aid agencies in order to ensure that is it used as intended. Direct financial donations to governments are less commonly given, not least because people are more reluctant to donate directly to governments but also because bureaucracy often means funds are not swiftly utilised.

      You might like to read this article:

  • jacque_wanderlust's Profile Photo
    Apr 27, 2015 at 7:21 PM

    My Sincere Prayers to the people of Nepal.

  • leics's Profile Photo
    Apr 27, 2015 at 12:06 PM

    For people who are not members of Facebook, and for those who would prefer to use other sites:

    You can post details of missing friends and family members on google personfinder:

    and on the ICRC (Red Cross) tracing service page:

    The Nepali embassy in India has emergency phone numbers and email contacts under'Press Releases' on its website:

    There are more emergency phone numbers listed here:

    You should also contact the relevant embassy for the missing person's citizenship.

  • mamtap's Profile Photo
    Apr 27, 2015 at 9:25 AM

    No Idea where my last post posted here has gone, anyway just updating and helping those who are looking for their loved ones in Nepal or want to help others. This is a Facebook page, started for the Nepal Earthquake crisis.


  • into-thin-air's Profile Photo
    Oct 18, 2014 at 12:04 PM

    List of safe, missing and deceased trekkers from the aftermath of Cyclone Hudhud

    A friend of mine, another old Nepal hand has just made me aware of this list of safe, missing and deceased trekkers from the aftermath of Cyclone Hudhud.
    I am posting a link on here in the Hope that at least some of the missing people are partying in Pokhara and Kathmandu etc and were like me, unaware of the list !!

    Also – It looks like a lot of people are worrying unnecessarily as many of the trekkers on the list weren’t anywhere near the Annapurna’s – So anyone currently in Nepal, can you please spread the word about this and ask people to check that their names don’t appear on this list, therefore causing a lot of unnecessary worry for their friends and family


  • mamtap's Profile Photo
    Apr 22, 2014 at 12:34 PM

    Just saw an article about the 16 Sherpas killed in an avalanche last week in Everest (Nepal).


    • briantravelman's Profile Photo
      Apr 22, 2014 at 12:50 PM

      There were probably some climbers who were killed too. Yes, it's sad, but they were all aware of the dangers of climbing Everest. They all died doing what they loved.
      One of my teachers said once, he would never climb Everest, and I told him, "I would", but now I agree with him. It's not worth it. That mountain has taken more lives, than it's changed. Well, I guess it's chaned the lives of the families, who lost loved ones on it. It's not worth it.

      My regards as well.

  • into-thin-air's Profile Photo
    Nov 23, 2012 at 9:17 AM

    All Agni Air Flights Currently Grounded

    Yesterday I received an email from my friend and agent in Nepal informing me that Agni Air has had all its planes grounded and so is no longer flying and that no refunds are being issued on tickets. There is no mention of this in the Nepali press so I popped up a post on Lonely Planet Thorntrees to seek clarification and have now had this from a poster in Nepal

    So the upshot is that if you have a flight booked with Agni then you will have to make alternative arrangements.
    Luckily the main trekking season is drawing to an end, but trekkers currently trekking EBC holding a return flight from Lukla to Kathmandu might well run into problems securing a flight with an alternative airline on their return to Lukla, especially if the weather closes in causing the airport to temporarily shut as backlogs will take long to clear with fewer planes in the air

    Good Luck

    • lmkluque's Profile Photo
      Nov 24, 2012 at 9:23 AM

      This information is good to know! Thanks Rob!

    • into-thin-air's Profile Photo
      Oct 27, 2013 at 12:06 AM

      2013 update
      Agni Air went out of business and this caused some difficulties with flights too and from Lukla in the Spring season – However there are now new airlines operating the route, Air Kasthamandap have now started flights from Kathmandu to Lukla. Simrik Air has announced flights too – Hopefully this should now relive the situation


into-thin-air's Profile Photo

Visiting Nepal Post Earthquake

We are now approaching a year since the first of the two major earthquakes hit Nepal on 25 April 2015; this was followed by a second major earthquake on...

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