Asia Nightlife

  • Nightlife
    by Ewingjr98
  • Nightlife
    by Ewingjr98
  • Night Out in Roppongi
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Asia Nightlife

  • Patpong

    Bangkok Nightlife


  • Clarke Quay

    Singapore Nightlife

    Clarke Quay is a very famous area in Singapore , located on the side of the Singapore River. Accessible with every method of transportation, including the Clarke Quay MRT NE 5 , Buses , Taxis. Clarke Quay consists of 4 Blocks (A,B ,C,D) and The Cannery. Active at daytime ,crowded and lively during the night .Best view could be seen from the...

  • Beach Club Café

    Kuala Lumpur Nightlife

    Year 2011 February I had visited 2 Nights in Beach Club Cafe. My 1st. Night was Sunday. It was Crowded. Spent time with Beer & Dancing paying Rm 35. So many ladies came to me for Company but I refused to accept. Left the Cafe in Midnight. Next day also I had visited the same. It was a Entry free day. So I had not paid anything to enter the Cafe. At...


    Goa Nightlife

    This is the current bar to be seen in! Its got an external area with two bars, with lots of seating areas, plus an aircon internal area/come nightclub. Lots of fun people, prices are a bit steep, but thats what you pay for the fun! Smart casual


    Mumbai Nightlife

    hi guys actually i have been living in mumbai since 5 years but have never been to a club or a disco,can someone answer these question? 1.what is a stag entry 2.what are cover charges exactly 3.if some club or disc has free entry,does it mean couple entry is free or for all/ 4.when the netry is free ,obvioulsy the club mangemnt would expect patrons...

  • Western Bars and Hofs (Korean Bars)

    Seoul Nightlife

    A must Go in Itaewon, just to taste the milk cocktails, but also to fell that the atmosphere is different from the other bars, it look like you are not in Seoul anymore but in a strange parallel world inspired by Stanley Kubrick, mannequin are everywere in the bar and staff is costumed ! After travelling a lot i just open this place for making...

  • Apocalypse Now

    Ho Chi Minh City Nightlife

    Ok,... I live in HCM and I can give you some advice about Apocalypse Now Club. First of all, this is not a Disco Club, is it clear? This place is a bar, with ugly music, very expensive drinks and 99% of the girls there are Hookers. This is the place where you go, knowing that you will pay alot of money for stupid drinks and you will be surrounded...

  • Night Out in Roppongi

    Tokyo Nightlife

    this bar, the funniest name " John Lemon", is just a few mins walk from the big intersection in Roppongi. looks old, the owner said he owns more than 18years. the owner is former professional guitarist. all staff, except the owner, are pretty girls, and they are also musicians. it costs 15,000JPY for each person so kinda expensive. this charge...

  • Wangfujing Street

    Beijing Nightlife

    The place is nice and a walk with a good friend to the nearby tian'an men square is nice. The people and store keepers where nice yet the below mentioned threats still exist. We encountered them twice last night probably. They tried to be kind of friends out of now where and suggesting good places but showing them interest in looking around and...

  • Makati

    Manila Nightlife

    One of the very first night spots I visited when I came to Manila was Havanas. It is a very popular location in the Greenbelt complex, at Greenbelt 3 to be exact. The majority of the bar is located outside. This can be very pleasant as you can soak in the night time air and watch people pass by. It can also be extremely humid, as Greenbelt can act...

  • Pub/night club

    Penang Nightlife

    Batu Ferringhi was a good choice to stay at in Penang as this place comes alive at night and our hotel was close to the action. The night markets were fun to wander around. But after a big of walking, we built up a thirst ;o) So we found ourselves at the pub right next to my favourite restaurant Magic 1. The Wooden Pub is well known for it's...

  • Water Puppet Theater

    Hanoi Nightlife

    While it may seem a tourist thing, water puppet theatre shows are a traditional Vietnamese art. During the rainy seasons, when the rice paddies were flooded and every afternoon brought a tropical rain shower, people created this kind of theatre which is actually played in the water. The puppets are moved with long wooden sticks and show typical...

  • Clubs, bars, go go

    Phuket Nightlife

    After spotting this place and seeing the sofas we had to stop for a drink! The atmosphere and the tunes are amazing while the staff is very attentive and friendly. A great place to finish off the night with a few drinks Not sure about flip flops

  • The Basement - Disco

    Islamabad Nightlife

    Pakistan is officialy dry but still few clubs are there, most of them private but few operated by leading hotels. Most of their clients are foreginers and elite class. In big cities like Karachi and Lahore there are many clubs. But few also exist in Islamabad. One of them is "The Bassment" at Marriott Islamabad. Elites and girls n guys of higher...

  • Djinn's

    Delhi Nightlife

    Djinn's at the Hyatt Regency.A Live Band and a rocking Dj!Drinks are slightly on the expensive side,and the place shuts by 1:30am(it gets rocking only by 12!).Visit on the weekends.I think you need to be over 21,but,hehe:) i got in! Dress up!

  • Clifton and Sea View

    Karachi Nightlife

    Karachi Port Trust has build the world's second larges Fountain in the sea in front of Clifton Beach. This fountain shoots up sea water over 600 feet. The whole fountain is lit with mega white lights. It is visible throughout the sea shore on Clifton Beach and Sea View. Fountain gives a magnificent view in night.

  • On the street

    Jaipur Nightlife

    Hooray for Bollywood No visit to India would be complete without seeing a Bollywood movie and one of the best places in all Asia is the Raj Mandir cinema in Jaipur. Famous for its grand entrance foyer and theatre like a giant meringue, the Raj Mandir captures the splendour of a bygone age of cinema, long before multiplexes in shopping malls....

  • Walking Street

    Pattaya Nightlife

    The Walking street has dance bars and brothels on either sides playing music in high volume. They all are decorated with various colored dancing lights. In front of every bar, girls and lady-boys can be seen. Some of them were doing make-up, some of them were adjusting their dress just to get the attraction of the people passing by, and some of...

  • Rum Doodle

    Kathmandu Nightlife

    This has been a Kathmandu institution where trekkers from all over the world who have climbed or attempted to climb Mt Everest or Annapurna come over to celebrate their achievement. Yeti footprints cutouts are handed over to the revelers for their signatures as a token memento. The food is an average fare and quite expensive for a Nepali hangout....

  • Post Laser Disc

    Hat Yai Nightlife

    Have tried this place a couple of times now, and although a jug of Chang draft is 120 baht in happy hour, the food needs a lot of attention. I ordered the chicken kiev, and asked for it to be hot (it was cold last time) sure enough the kiev & fries were hot, but the veg was stone bonk cold. Portions also very small.

  • FCC (Foreign Correspondent Club)

    Phnom Penh Nightlife

    The FCC is extremely popular with tourists and ex-pats alike, and although it has a great location with a fantastic rooftop bar offering great views, it wasn’t the place for us. The drinks were overpriced. The food was inauthentic. Although it wasn’t our kind of place I can see how it is a popular spot with a lot of tourists. Because that’s exactly...

  • Gion and Pontocho

    Kyoto Nightlife

    At night when the temples are closed, in Kyoto, one activity to do is to watch the Cultural Show of geishas and maikos, short displays of introduction Kabuki, Noh, Bunraku, puppet show, comedy, story telling and the tea ceremony. It is a all-in-one introduction of Japanese high culture which is worth seeing at least once. You can also take a lot of...

  • Pubs and Bars

    Chiang Mai Nightlife

    Nimmanheiman Road or Nimman Road as it is commonly referred to is a road full of bars, clubs, coffee shops and restaurants that is always buzzing every night of the week. It is about 2km to the west of the Old City and is the trendiest area in town. The sois (lanes) off Nimman Road are worth exploring as they have so many different types of bars...

  • Hyderabad by night

    Hyderabad Nightlife

    In spite of its growing industry and ever growing professionals, the nightlife in Hyderabad is not like Mumbai or Bangalore. You will not come across very many college going people as part of the Nightlife in Hyderabad . Most of the crowds you will come across is that of professionals. Pubs and Lounges are in-things in Hyderabad. However most of...

  • El Gecko

    Cebu City Nightlife

    dont know is this updated. this is bad place to go. got ripped off by a girl with facebook named koch nicole. not so sure if last name has an e or just nicol. she a professional duper. will not recommend this to my fellow aussies. will never go back. anything

  • Kemang Area

    Jakarta Nightlife

    i absolutely love kemang area. that's one of the best place to be while you're in jakarta. loads of cafes, lounge, restaurants, etc. the nightlife there are often lurked by teenagers. and it's also a great place to just chill out and hang out with some friends. it's a fun place. if you're looking for some clubs you'd rather go to bedroom or bros...

  • Green Mango

    Ko Samui Nightlife

    Just a tip for those who want to go to this etablissement: Beware of waitresses shortchanging at the Green Mango. Yesterday I gave a waitress a 500 THB bill for a beer (which costs 100 THB) and when she did'nt show up with the change within 15 minutes, I complained to her and then the manager. She blandly denied having gotten 500 (said it was 100...

  • A Walk in the Main Bazaar.

    Naran Nightlife

    There is as such no special night life or activity in Naran. You can just enjoy and move around in main bazar. Or you can just watch tourists making deals with jeep guys for next day trips. You can also watch people busy in dinning at restaurants or shopping at huts. Dress properly as the local culture is conservative. No shorts and sleeve less...

  • Dotombori

    Osaka Nightlife

    Osaka generally is known for its nightlife, and in Osaka one of the best places to spend an evening is Dōtonbori. This single street draws both locals and tourists in their thousands to eat, drink and play, and has done so for centuries. First built in 1612 as part of a development programme in this part of the city that also saw the...

  • The Tang Dynasty

    Xi'an Nightlife

    Put this simple thing in mind: If you go to Xi'an and miss this superb show, I will not talk to you anymore! Kidding? Of course! but the show is really something not to be missed if you want to have contact with chinese music and culture.

  • Minato Mirai 21

    Yokohama Nightlife

    Minato Mirai 21 is the modern and architecurally appealing waterfront district of Yokohama. Wander around here in the evening for some of the most stunning urban landscape viewing opportunities in Japan.

  • Bali Moon Cafe

    Nagoya Nightlife

    If you find yourself in Akaike, about 20 minutes southeast of Nagoya, check out the Bali Moon. It's not quite an izakaya (Japanese style bar) or anything else. It has a Bali theme. The people here speak a little English and you'll always feel welcome. The staff are mostly University English students. The place is kind of an outpost of gaijin. Wear...

  • Horizon Gentlemen's VIP Lounge

    Makati Nightlife

    Best Club at Burgos Makati. Nice place and will definitely going back here. Very Nice Staff on board and Lovely Girls! Food is great! Horizon Gentlemen's VIP Lounge features Stunning, Sexy and Talented Pole Dancers from Europe and the Philippines

  • Susukino

    Sapporo Nightlife

    A real experience - kind of expensive but if you go to one of the "parties" its ok pricing. Party night I have been to there cost 500 Yen with a drink coupon. Normal admission is about 3500yen (I'm not sure if that has drink included?) The building is amazing outside shaped like a big face and it is quite big inside too. Has two levels with a...

  • Katamachi

    Kanazawa Nightlife

    The Katamachi district in Kanazawa is the place to go for fun. The district is filled with scores of bars, hostess clubs, pachinko, karaoke and places to eat. It’s about a 20 minute walk from the train station, near the Sai-gawa river. Its pretty easy to get to. There is even a loop bus from the station that will take you there for 200yen. As...

  • Song Huong Floating Restaurant

    Hue Nightlife

    This circular "floating restaurant" is installed on the southern bank of the Perfume River near Le Loi ave. It looks gaudy on the outside, somewhat shaped like a lotus flower at bloom and it glows in transitional neon colours at night. It's a hit with the well-heeled locals as tables on the rooftop are already full by 7pm. There is a circular...

  • Asahi-machi

    Takayama Nightlife

    Takayama’s biggest nightlife district, called Asahi-machi, is centered on Asahi-cho. Most of the establishments in this area are hostess clubs or snack/girls bars, along with a few izakayas. The most unique thing in the nightlife area is a tiny archery range, called Hankyudojo, where you can shoot Japanese half bows at small targets. Four people...

  • Okubo/Shin-Okubo

    Shinjuku Nightlife

    When most people think of maid cafes the east side of Tokyo, specifically Akihabara, comes to mind. What this little gem is doing all the way out in Shinjuku in the middle of Kabukicho (Korean town) is anyone’s guess. Certainly this place is better than the average maid café one would find on the east side of town, with its beautiful laid back...

  • Flamenco Show

    Hong Kong Island Nightlife

    I did not go to this show because I have seen it in Spain, but I liked the fact that even in China flamenco is known. The best flamenco shows are in Granada (Albaicin area) and also in Madrid. I guess that in Hong Kong the entry ticket to the show was more expensive than in Granada.

  • Happy Cafe

    Senggigi Nightlife

    Happy cafe was my favorite spot when going out in Senggigi. The place is a combined, cafe, restaurant, bar and live music venue and I came there mainly for the music and the beer of course. All the nights i went there they had live music on and it was usually quite decent live music. The bads were your usual asian cover bands playing mostly western...

  • No night life ?

    Pakistan Nightlife

    Nightlife in Islamabad does not kick in until past midnight. Down at the marriot underground you can enjoy music, dancing and a great crowd. However unlike in other night clubs you can get thrown out of the place for no reason at all. I get this Paki block that walks to me on the dance floor and says "I can get you trown out of this place" and the...

  • Lan Kwai Fong

    Hong Kong Nightlife

    Lan Kwai Fong: Artsy Touristy area near D'aguilar Street! Lan Kwai Fong is Hong Kong's most popular and well known area for a night life and party place, specially for western and european tourists. Lan Kwai Fong has numerous bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants (comparable to SOHO in Manhattan and london or SOMA in San Francisco), it is a popular...

  • Taki , West Bengal Nightlife

    Taki Nightlife

    The spot in front of the Taki Municipal Guest house gets crowded with local teens and youths loitering around. Still we didn't find any concern for safety since there are enough lights and shops around. A BSF tower stands bang in front of Suhasini Guest house, next to the TAki Municipality guest House. The Park is well managed and one can buy some...

  • Nana Plaza

    Bangkok Nightlife

    Patpong is the most touristy of the nightlife areas of bangkok but recently, the area is somewhat covered by the nightmarkets located at the middle of the street of patpong that you hardly see the seedy bars located at the rightside of the street. However, Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy along the busy Sukhumvit road remain the hardcore nightlife areas...

  • Zouk Club

    Singapore Nightlife

    We visited the Zouk Club on 22 Feb 2014, Saturday night . This club is located behind the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel , 17 Jiak Kim Street. Arrived here by taxi ,on 10 pm, because our Singaporean friend told us that on weekends , Zouk will packed up with people ,and yes, crowds already gathered on the outside of Zouk ,Q ing in 2 lines , for...


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