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North Korea General


    The KITC have all visits to the DPRK sewn up. Irrespective of who you book your tour though (and you can only go to the DPRK on a tour), you will be going at the invitation of the KITC.There are numerous companies offering tours to the DPRK. As they are via the KITC all itineraries will be similar and are subject to change the moment you arrive...

  • North Korea best country to travel in...

    The DPRK (North Korea) is the single greatest hidden gem in travel, and Juche Travel Services is the only way to see it, hands down. For what is probably the most fascinating place one could ever have the opportunity to visit, the DPRK sure gets a bum wrap. Hard to really put the experience into words, but I’ll give you a bit of an idea about what...

  • Budget

    That really depends on what you search out by matter of tour company.If you do a self guided tour, costs will be outrageous.But most people tour DPRK with a group, and are escorted at all times. While in DPRK, you may only spend between $0 ~ $100 USD. That is a factor of how many snacks you buy, souvenirs (options are limited) and alcohol you...

  • Tips about visiting as an American

    The following was taken from a forum question reply in regards to visiting as an American.1. Cost - your trip will be a prepaid package. Americans are in the highest price bracket and it will be ~$1500 (from Beijing). That includes airfare, hotels, meals, everything. The only spending money you'll need is for the souvenir (if you find anything...

  • Travel Company to use

    Not long back from the DPRK and went with Korea Konsult as previously mentioned.No matter which company you go with, its pretty much the same schedule (if you check the days etc as ones from Dandong for example can have roughly the same days but remember their is a lot of travelling taken off that)Korea Konsult were good although it would have been...

  • Adaptor plugs in N Korea

    N Korea uses 220V, 60HzTypical outlet will be the 2-pin outlet with side grounding: will universally accept the European 2-pin plug:

  • Phone, email and internet

    When I was there, the hotels would send emails for you. You could compose the emails, but they would be sent from their address and no doubt be read for content before sending. There was no access to internet as I know of.Phone calls were possible from the hotels, but not from within the rooms (you had to go to the concierge desk). Phone call rates...

  • Guides at attractions

    At a few places that we visited we were met by female tour guides who showed us around. We basically turned up at the doorstep in our bus at each attraction and were shown around by these guides. Some spoke English and some just Korean which was then translated into English for us by either one of our government appointed tour guides.

  • Kim's are always watching

    One thing you'll notice everywhere you go in North Korea is that there'll always be at least one Kim looking down on you whether it be Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il or both. I first noticed this whilst walking around a Children's palace shortly after we had arrived from Beijing as their portraits were in all of the classrooms. They're even in every...

  • The 'Great' & 'Dear' leaders

    You will hear and read about these two terms given to each of the Kim’s. The 'Great Leader' refers to Kim Il Sung (1912-94). He was Prime Minster of the DPRK from 1948 to 1972 and then President from 1972 until his death in 1994. Following his, he was not replaced but instead received the designation of "Eternal President". This means that no other...

  • Video of your trip

    This was our tour cameraman whose name I've forgotten but who I nicknamed Mr Spielberg, during the tour. He came along with us wherever we went during our week in North Korea and filmed us visiting attractions and eating in restaurants. I was warned about this sort of thing before I left Beijing. When we arrived in Pyongyang, we were introduced to...

  • Tour itinerary

    Your tour itinerary will have been created, and therefore approved, by the state owned tourism organisation called "Ryohaengsa". This will then be posted on whichever travel agents website you choose to go with. There are only a handful of travel agents around the world that are allowed to offer trips into North Korea. I choose a Swedish company...

  • Currency/exchange rates

    The North Korean currency is called the won and it is possible to obtain it when in North Korea but you can't spend it. Think of it as a souvenir. When I first arrived at the Yanggakdo Hotel, I noticed a small sign beside the reception counter saying "Exchange". My guide book (Lonely Planet) had said that it wasn't possible to exchange money for...

  • Visa and travel arrangements

    When you sign up for a tour via your travel agents website, you will have to complete and sign a visa application form for the DPRK. The details on this may be checked by your travel agent and then probably checked by the officials in Pyongyang. Your travel agent will also need a photocopied photo of you and your passport. After everything was sent...

  • Money Exchange

    FYI, obtaining North Korean Won is illegal for foreigners. If you want some, you will have to sweet talk one of your guides, or tip them very well (but discretely).For money collectors, currency bills can be found in Dandong China tourist shops.Any place that you can purchase goods in DPRK will do the exchange calculation on the spot. They accept...

  • Arirang Festival

    Every year North Korea hosts the Arirang Festival in P'yongyang during the months of August and September. It is a huge feat to coordinate thousands of participants to perform the intricate acts. There is music, dance, "flash card" displays through the stadium and much more.Being a Meegok Nam (tenderly named “American Bastard” by the North...

  • China - the unacknowledged

    In my tours of China and more specifically Dandong, it was expressed by several Chinese people that the Chinese sided with North Korea in the Korean War because they were Communist brothers and they were geographical neighbors. However, all the people I spoke to stated that even though they fought with the North, Chinese opinion and general belief...

  • North Korean Military Personnel

    During the briefing, we were told the different uniforms so that we could distinguished the military personnel from the North vs the South. The North wears "brown or olive drab North Korean uniforms with red arm bands for guards with weapons and yellow arm bands ...."You may have guessed perhaps the more well built South vs smaller built North....

  • Anybody want to share a Koryo Short Trip...

    Anybody want to share a Koryo Short Trip to N Korea Looking for anybody (male(s) or female(s)) that would like to share a trip to North Korea from Beijing with the Koryo Travel company. I will be arriving in Beijing 20 May 2005 and departing 2 June 2005.Ideally I would like to travel to North Korea on Sat 21 May 2005 by plane and return to Beijing...

  • How to get in

    You need to be invited in order to be allowed to enter the country. This can be arranged via several groups, one being the Korean Friendship Association (KFA): Having been invited by a North Korean woman to lunch in her own house.

  • How to dress

    The North Koreans usually wear suits or jackets and are not used to jeans and other western clothes.For site-seeing in Pyongyang it is certainly more appropriate that you adapt and wear a suit. A tie is not a necessity.That way you will also show some respect at locations that are of high importance for the North Koreans, such as memorial palace,...

  • Local currency Won

    Despite rumours saying the opposite: tourists can change Euros into local Wons.This is certainly not necessary, because everything you need can be paid in Euros, but they certainly make a great souvenir.

  • Euro is preferred currency

    Mostly you will have to pay in Euros, it is a good idea to take lots of small bills with you (5 EUR), also coins are accepted. In practice we also saw Chinese Yuan and Japanese Yen being accepted (or returned as change).US Dollars are officially deprecated, but still widely accepted in practice. Still, Euro is the safest bet.

  • ... do as you're told. If you...

    ... do as you're told. If you can cope with that, you'll be OK. In terms of must-see or must-do activities, you have precious little choice at all when you are there as to where you go, or what you see. The BIG celebrations are held on May Day and October 9th. This is the time to go and on no account miss the celebrations in the May Day stadium,...

  • What a bizarre country!! ...

    What a bizarre country!! Well, it could have been the 'fly-by-night-and-nothing-else' tour that I took but, wow, what a country!! I can't say much more -- they may be watching! Arrving at the DMZ town - Panmunjom - at about 6 AM and waiting for, well, nothing to happen. It was cold and nerve-racking but, well, it was incredibly peaceful and...

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    Our journey to the Mt Myohyang area was not particularly pleasant. Leaving Pyongyang on a late...

  • Ryonggang Hot Spring House

    We had been up since around 6am so when we arrived at our hotel, the Ryonggang Hot Spring House, at...

  • Koryo Hotel

    Pyongyang, North Korea

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Youth Hotel

    Chilgol-dong, Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang, North Korea

    Satisfaction: Poor

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    Chongchun Street, Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang, North Korea

    Satisfaction: Terrible

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