North Korea Transportation

  • A koala on the bus!
    A koala on the bus!
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  • Air Koryo Cabin Service
    Air Koryo Cabin Service
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  • Air Koryo - Getting a Photograph on Arrival
    Air Koryo - Getting a Photograph on...
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North Korea Transportation

  • Getting out of the DPRK by Air

    If eligible to do so, I actually recommend leaving the DPRK by train. See by separate review “Getting out of the DPRK by train”.If you do leave by air, repeat, in reverse, the process for getting in – outlined in my review “Getting into the DPRK by Air”. Yes, you will have a rerun of the hamburger experience.As with everything else in the DPRK...

  • Getting out of the DPRK by Train

    If you are an American you will leave North Korea by air. Americans, naturally, cannot be trusted to behave for five hours without a guide. All other nationals have the option to leave North Korea by train, as we did. Those leaving by train now have the option to do a stopover at Sinuiju right on the border with China. If you don’t take this...

  • Getting around and on-board...

    While in Pyongyang you will invariably have the opportunity to take a ride on the metro and you might even get to experience a short ride on a trolley bus. Such trips are very much provided as ‘things to do’ as opposed to being a way to get to somewhere. I have prepared separate reviews (on my Pyongyang page) on both as things to do. That said, my...

  • Getting into the DPRK – By Air

    Two airlines fly into North Korea, the DPRK national airline, Air Koryo and Air China. Invariably you will fly in from Beijing to Pyongyang though I read that a few tourists enter from Vladivostok. The airline also has a small number of other international routes (not currently used by tourists). Citizens of all countries with the exception of...

  • Getting into DPRK

    As many of the other tips have commented on, there are a few weekly flights to P'yongyang via Beijing, Shenyang, Russia and Macau. All flights are operated by Air Kyoro.There is also a train that comes from China, passing through Dandong boarder over the Yalu River.But you will need an invitation Visa to enter into DPRK. Processing time can be ~1...

  • Pyongyang to Beijing train

    We left Pyongyang on a train bound for Beijing at shortly after 10am in the morning. The last two carriages on this train where going all the way while the rest of the train would terminate at the Chinese border at Dandong. There were 12 people in my tour party, so we had three 4-berth compartments. Just before we departed, we said our goodbyes to...

  • Pyongyang Metro

    This was one of the main things I was looking forward to in Pyongyang - a ride on the city's metro. Firstly, we entered down some steps off a street into Yonggwang station which is located just to the north of the main overland railway station. We hung around by some ticket barriers waiting for our guides to get coin tokens which cost 5 won each...

  • Trolleybuses & trams

    Both the trolleybuses and trams are just like the ones I saw in St Petersburg. The tram system runs for 53km (33 miles) whilst the trolleybus system runs for 150km (93 miles). One thing that I noticed is that waiting passengers seem to face in the opposite direction to where the tram or trolleybus was coming from, which I didn't understand and...

  • Our tour bus

    This was our rather inconspicuous tour bus throughout our tour around North Korea. It stands out like a sore thumb doesn't it?! We were allowed to open the windows in order to take photos from it which I thought wouldn't be possible to do and as a consequence, I took some 600 photos of Pyongyang alone. Funny thing is, given that the Japanese...

  • Flight from Beijing

    Apart from Air China, the only other way in to North Korea by air is with their national carrier - Air Koryo - infamous for being the only airline to be rated 1 star currently by Skytrax. As part of my trip itinerary, I flew in from Beijing with Air Koryo on an old looking Russian plane called an Ilyushin II-62M that, I think, was built in the...

  • Train to Beijing

    We took the train leaving the DPRK from Pyongyang to Beijing. The train leaves at 10:00 AM and takes about 22-23 hrs. The cabins were quite comfortable and there is a dining car. The train stops in Sinuiju (DPRK side) for immigration around 3PM. We were able to get off the train here for an hour and had a beer at a microbrewery in the station. The...

  • You can't take local transport

    Buses are usually overcrowded. Trams often stand in one place due to electricity shortage. People just sit outside and wait. Or sitting inside and wait. Or walk. You'll see so many people walking.Local transport is just for your camera, not for you.

  • Empty streets

    When you are touring through the cities or the country side, you will no doubt notice a sever lack of vehicles on the road.Reasons are simple mostly... economics. Only a select few can afford cars, and even fewer can afford fuel. Fuel is the most common concession during negotiations with foreign countries.However, if you thought there were few...

  • Your guides will take you everywhere

    Regardless of what DPRK government publications say, or the tourist maps say, there is no way that you will use any public transportation.Your tours in P'yongyang will likely include a visit to the city Metro, where you will ride only one section and see the stations on both ends.Buses for locals are common and relatively cheap (less than $0.05),...

  • One stop only

    As a sight seeing attraction you might be allowed to ride one stop with the Pyongyang Metro. The stations are very deep in the ground and have mostly very beautiful stations with propaganda mosaics and nice lighting. You will not have the chance to talk to people as your guides will watch you. Also ask your guides first, if you want to take...

  • Wanna drive a car?

    Just forget if you want to drive a car in North Korea as a tourist. You will have a driver and some guides watching you. They will show you around in North Korea. Annoying: Roads (even highways) are in very bad shape. Expect a lot of road holes!

  • It's a long way....

    After France put Air Koryo on its "Black List" I decided to enter North Korea rather by train than plane. Another advantage in my opinion is that you have the chance to see some more of North Korea without beeing watched too much. But still a lot of North Korean more-or-less-officials are on the train. Please watch your language and do not take too...

  • K27 Beijing to Pyongyang

    As already described, the train is the best way to enter the country, it is even a fantastic experience to ride the K27 international train from Beijing to Pyongyang. Another interesting option would be to enter the country from russia, but may be very difficult to obtain the ticket...

  • Consider to enter NK by train

    There are flights from Beijing to Pyongyang, but taking the overnight train is an interesting alternative. Probably a bit safer, it also allows one to get interesting views from the country side and the farmers´ life in the north.It leaves at 17h25 in Beijing Central Station and arrives at 19h30 the following day in Pyongyang.Train tickets can be...

  • The only way to move around...

    The only way to move around from A to B in the country is with you car (provided with guides and driver only) to you.There are some exeptions, domestic flights are provided most on charter basis, there are some trains you could take, as example from Pyongyang to Myohyang. We used also to take a one station trip with the Subway in Pyongyang, the...

  • There are not many flights...

    There are not many flights into Northkorea and the only Int'l Airport there is Pyongyang there are no other airlines flying into Northkorea with exeption of the Northkorean National Carrier. Most tourist are taking Air Koryo in Beijing and there are two weekly flights out/in on Thusday and Saturday. The flight is done with a Ilyushin Il-62 (russian...

  • AIR - Pyongyang airport at...

    AIR - Pyongyang airport at Sunan, 22 km west of the city, is the only airport use for international passenger traffic (or at the moment at all). The airport has two runways and following flights (as per August 2000): Pyongyang-Beijing (2 flights per week), Pyongyang- Moscow-Berlin (1 flight per week), Pyongyang-Bangkok (1 flight per week),...

  • You generally get your visa...

    You generally get your visa from Bejing - and you'd be well advised to have this aranged in advance with a reputable compnay (I have details if you need them. Showing up at the DPRK embassy and asking for a visa is unlikely to be very productive. You then take the train to Pyongyang on the overnight from Bejing. You can fly, but the train is an...

  • I traveled to North Korea by...

    I traveled to North Korea by bus from Seoul via Panjunmon in 1996. At that time, it was possible for tourists to pay (or rather be bled dry!) for a tour that started in Seoul and, after reaching Panjunmon and getting off the bus, visas were checked, customs was very thorough, and then we boarded a North Korean bus on the other side...Not much to...


North Korea Hotels

  • Yanggakdo Hotel

    I believe that most foreign tourists are accommodated in this hotel, and we were no exception. It's...

  • Hyangsan Hotel

    Our journey to the Mt Myohyang area was not particularly pleasant. Leaving Pyongyang on a late...

  • Ryonggang Hot Spring House

    We had been up since around 6am so when we arrived at our hotel, the Ryonggang Hot Spring House, at...

  • Koryo Hotel

    Pyongyang, North Korea

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Youth Hotel

    Chilgol-dong, Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang, North Korea

    Satisfaction: Poor

    Good for: Solo

  • Ryanggang Hotel

    Chongchun Street, Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang, North Korea

    Satisfaction: Terrible

    Good for: Solo

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