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Full-Day Old Srinagar Private Walking Tour
"On this full day walking tour you will see part of the old city on the banks of Jehlum River. Like most ancient cities Srinagar intially developed on the banks of a river (Jhelum) and its old buildings have stood the test of time and hold a great historical and cultural significance today.Next you will see Khanqah of Shah-i-Hamadan a mosque built in 14th century in honor of Mir Syed Ali Hamdani who came to Kashmir with 700 Sayyids in 1372 AD. Continue on to Pather Masjid the mosque built by Noor Jahan in 1623 AD
From $50.00
Private Karakul Lake Day trip from Kashgar
"At 9:30 am Beijing time you guide will meet you in your hotel in Kashgar and take a private vehicle from Kashar to Karakul Lake that is 190 km away. While driving on the Friend ship Highway from Kashgar to Islamabad you will view the Uyghur villages Kirghiz yurts impressive mountains on the Pamir Plateau. Moreover this is part of the ancient Silk Road. Upon arrival Karakul Lake which covers an area of 6.2 square miles (10 square kilometers) with altitude of 11
From $99.00
Private Day Trip in Kashgar
"At 10 o'clock in the morning your private guide will pick you up from the lobby of your downtown Kashgar hotel to start the trip. Your first stop of the day will be Apa Hoja Tomb which was built in 1640 by local Imam. The mausoleum is in impressive Uyghur architectural style. Next you will move on to Kashgar old town to immerse yourself in local lifestyle. Wander around local streets and browse through shops. From Kashgar old town you will walk to the Handicraft Street to see local workshops producing music instruments tools bronze vessels for food...etc. At the end of the walk is Id Ghar Mosque which is the biggest mosque in Xinjiang. Enter the mosque at non-praying time to appreciate its architecture and decor. Lunch is arranged at a local Uyghur’s house for you to samle authentic and traditional Uyghur food including nang bread
From $69.00

More Things to Do in Chitral

Rock Climbing and River Rafting

Rock ClimbingChitral is blessed with natural assets likewise Lofty snow covered peaks, Rocks, Lakes, rivers etc.For decades, Chitral has been a famous climbing spot (Mountaineering, Rock), therefore...
imranthetrekker's Profile Photo
Mar 10, 2012

Day Walks in Chitral

Joghoor Spires From the Chitral gol bridge, a right turn will lead you to Jhang Bazar, on Officer’s mess road, and then it would lead you to Mustajapandeh (a nearby village), wherefrom one can have a...
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Mar 09, 2012
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