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Full-Day Old Srinagar Private Walking Tour
"On this full day walking tour you will see part of the old city on the banks of Jehlum River. Like most ancient cities Srinagar intially developed on the banks of a river (Jhelum) and its old buildings have stood the test of time and hold a great historical and cultural significance today.Next you will see Khanqah of Shah-i-Hamadan a mosque built in 14th century in honor of Mir Syed Ali Hamdani who came to Kashmir with 700 Sayyids in 1372 AD. Continue on to Pather Masjid the mosque built by Noor Jahan in 1623 AD
From $50.00
Private Karakul Lake Day trip from Kashgar
"At 9:30 am Beijing time you guide will meet you in your hotel in Kashgar and take a private vehicle from Kashar to Karakul Lake that is 190 km away. While driving on the Friend ship Highway from Kashgar to Islamabad you will view the Uyghur villages Kirghiz yurts impressive mountains on the Pamir Plateau. Moreover this is part of the ancient Silk Road. Upon arrival Karakul Lake which covers an area of 6.2 square miles (10 square kilometers) with altitude of 11
From $99.00
The Golden City of Amritsar Walking Tour
"The crazy streets of Amritsar are where the history of this iconic city was born. There is a story behind every alley and by-lane we cross and a legend to every monument we visit. Amritsar played a vital role in the freedom movement of India and you’l a monument erected to commemorate the Battle of Saragarhi an iconic battle in Sikh and British military history and considered one of the world’s most significant battles by war historians. You’ll then proceed to Qila Ahluwalia and Jalebiwala Chowk the latter home to some of the most famed jalebi (sweets) shops and other eateries in Amritsar — a must for fuelling you up as we keep moving! You’ll wander through the bazaars bustling with locals and selling a mix of Fulkari textiles colourful turbans
From $70.00

More Nightlife in Naran

Non-Alchoholic wine and ...

Its not easy to get daily use items in Naran and Shogran. But you can easily get imported non-alchoholic wine and condoms in almost every second shop. I was really surprised and asked the shop...
fashionapple's Profile Photo
Mar 15, 2006

Night time Camping....

The onething that you shouldn't miss at Naran is a trip to the riverside camps at evening time. In the camps stay most of the students who are on their School or College trip to the Nothern Areas. At...
Apr 22, 2004
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Things to Do

Lake Saif-ul-Maluk

Situated at the height of 10,578 feet (3,224 meters) above sea level, Saiful Muluk is the most beautiful lake in Kaghan Valley. Offering excellent view of the Peak of Malika Parbat Mountain this lake...
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Things to Do


Shogran is one of the most beautiful Plateaus in the valley. It is situated at a distance of 34 km from Balakot. On the way from Balakot to Naran, there is a place called KEWAI. Take a side road on...
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Things to Do


At the height of 10,500 feet (3,200 meters), Lalazar is a green meadow situated 21 km from Naran. The Lalazar is surrounded by Fir and Pine Forest, the snow covered mountains and the River Kunhar...
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Things to Do

Siri Payee

A wonderful excursion from Shogran is a visit to Sari Paya. From Shogran a road climbs through thick pine forest to the top of Paya ridge, a lush green meadow with spectacular view of Malika Parbat....
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Things to Do

River Kunhar

River Kunhar flows in the center of Kaghan Valley. Kaghan, Naran & several other beautiful towns & villages are situated on the banks of River Kunhar. While staying in Naran you can enjoy...
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Things to Do

Dudipatsar Lake

Most of the people coming to Kaghan Valley stick to Naran & Lake Saiful Maluk. They don't go further. There are several beautiful Lakes in this valley, which should not be missed. Dudipatsar Lake...
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"An Unforgettable Vacation In Kaghan (Kagan) Valley"
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"The valley of lovely lakes and amaizing landscapes"
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"Kaghan Valley"
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"From South End to North End of Pakistan"
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"The Paradise on earth"
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