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Private Karakul Lake Day trip from Kashgar
"At 9:30 am Beijing time you guide will meet you in your hotel in Kashgar and take a private vehicle from Kashar to Karakul Lake that is 190 km away. While driving on the Friend ship Highway from Kashgar to Islamabad you will view the Uyghur villages Kirghiz yurts impressive mountains on the Pamir Plateau. Moreover this is part of the ancient Silk Road. Upon arrival Karakul Lake which covers an area of 6.2 square miles (10 square kilometers) with altitude of 11
From $99.00
The Golden City of Amritsar Walking Tour
"The crazy streets of Amritsar are where the history of this iconic city was born. There is a story behind every alley and by-lane we cross and a legend to every monument we visit. Amritsar played a vital role in the freedom movement of India and you’l a monument erected to commemorate the Battle of Saragarhi an iconic battle in Sikh and British military history and considered one of the world’s most significant battles by war historians. You’ll then proceed to Qila Ahluwalia and Jalebiwala Chowk the latter home to some of the most famed jalebi (sweets) shops and other eateries in Amritsar — a must for fuelling you up as we keep moving! You’ll wander through the bazaars bustling with locals and selling a mix of Fulkari textiles colourful turbans
From $69.00
Private Tour: Golden Temple and Wagah Border with Punjabi Lunch
"Get picked up from the hotel in Amritsar at 9:30am meet your expert guide and leave for an exceptional day of exploring the 400-year-old heritage of Amritsar. The streets of this iconic city portray the heroic character of the Punjab and vibrancy of its culture.In the company of your guide drive famously known as the Golden Temple. Revered as the most sacred place for Sikhs in the world Golden Temple is considered Amritsar’s soul around which the whole city flourishes. Visit the Golden Temple Museum and understand the rich history of Sikhism and its establishment in India. Let your local guide narrate you the legend behind the rise of t feeding over 100000 people in a day. Visit the mega kitchen and learn from your guide how volunteers have to wait for their turn to work in the temples kitchen for months and sometimes years.Proceed for lunch in a local restaurant and devour the flavors of Amrits drive to the Wagah border at 3:00pm to prepare to witness the flag down ceremony performed at the only active border between India and Pakistan. Also referred to as the Beating Retreat
From $53.00

Lake Saif-ul-Maluk Tips (11)

Wondrous Lake and Mountain View

Situated at the height of 10,578 feet (3,224 meters) above sea level, Saiful Muluk is the most beautiful lake in Kaghan Valley. Offering excellent view of the Peak of Malika Parbat Mountain this lake is a water source for River Kunhar, the river that is travelling along with us from the Mansehra district.

We visited the Saiful Muluk lake on 16 September 2015, this is the part of our trip starting from Karachi and going to Khunjerab. On the 2nd day of our trip, we were in Naran and after having such a delicious breakfast of parathas, omelets and tea we ride in the jeep and started our journey toward Lake Saiful Muluk, on the main highway. At the end of the town, there is a road going on the right side surrounded by pine trees and that road leads to the lake Saiful Muluk. The road started climbing up on the mountain with the beautiful scenic views in front.

Because of frequent rains and running water from the mountains, the road to Saiful Muluk get destroyed every year but now the government is constructing a concrete road till Saiful Muluk so that it can last longer. As we started travelling on the road, the road is concrete but after crossing halfway, the rough road started (The second half is under construction). It was a bumpy and rough ride but it is part of the adventure. On one side of the road is High Mountain range and the other side is the deep valley below with the flowing river. We stopped at different locations to capture the scenic beauty of the area in our camera.
After travelling nearly 8 KM up on the mountain and for nearly one and half hours, our jeep stopped at a place where there are hotels and some small tuck shops. And below the hill, we can see the beautiful lake. Our driver told us that from here we have to trek down till the lake as jeeps are not allowed to go near the lake. It was a 10 minutes trek and we have reached the most popular lake of Pakistan, the Saiful Muluk.

Just a little up the lake there is a grassy land so we decided to spread the sheet that we have brought with us on the grass and sit there. The children started running and playing with the ball and we were enjoying the breathtaking view of the lake and the mountains and discussing the beauty of this place. The pleasant smell and the pollution free environment making us feel that we are in some other world. The weather is sort of undefinable as the wind is cold and where there are clouds and shade if feels very cold but at the area where the sun is shining it feels hot. The place where we were sitting it was shaded in the beginning but after an hour the sun started shining on us and the weather was getting hot, so after having some snacks and tea we decided to move and site at the side of the lake. As we move to the lake the children immediately remove their shoes and jump into the water. The water was cold but we all were enjoying it very much. The water is too clear and reflection of the nearby mountain is seen in the lake is amazing, it feels like a huge mirror lying on the ground.

nawabtanweer's Profile Photo
Feb 23, 2016

Lake Saiful Maluk

A trip to Kaghan Valley is incomplete without a visit to legendary Lake Saiful Maluk. The lake is named after prince Saif-ul-Maluk who fell in love here with a fairy from the mountains.

It is 9 km away from Naran. Situated at a height of 10,500 feet from sea level. Take a Jeep from Naran. It takes almost an hour from Naran to Saif-ul-Maluk. Do bargain with the Jeep driver. Also you can share Jeeps with other fellow travelers to cut the cost.

Lake is surrounded by impressive snow clad mountains and crowned by the summit / peak of the Malika Parbat (Queen of the Mountains). On a clear day its pointed peak is mirrored in the deep blue waters of the lake. Words can not describe the beauty of the scenery. The crystalline water of Saiful Maluk reflecting the surrounding snow covered mountains is an image that must be seen in person.

Bokhari76's Profile Photo
Mar 06, 2012

Kaghan Naran General Info.

Kaghan Valley is really a place worth to visit. These places are like small pieces of heaven on this planet. It is quite safe for a husband and a wife travel alone there, people of Kaghan Valley are really nice, but tourist are the only source of their income is these few months, so they don’t spare any moment to get money, infect you can get all facilities as usual by money. For accommodation There are some cheap places too.

Bala Kot is the starting place of the Kaghan valley, while travelling from Mansehra to Naran. People can stay there too, it is more like a big city, every kind of facility is there, and then come small towns like Kewai,, Shino Paras, and then come Kaghan,, but you will be surprised to see it, and all the images you made in you mind will be scattered away, as it kind of some houses on the slope on both sides of road nothing else obviously you would not like to stay there, so after taking a short rest and tea just get ready for Naran, the real places in Kaghan valley.

Naran : Actually it is the middle point in valley,, there you will see it is like a valley there is bazaar and nice hotels some are expansive some are cheap, just take a little wandering in hotel to hotel you soon will find one according to your wish and the pocket, Naran is the place where you can stay and make little trips daily, trips like:

• one to LAKE SAIFUL MALOOK, and further LAKE ANSOO, but if you can walk and climb up hiking for about 8 hours, then think of trying to hike up to Ansoo lake , other wise just stay at saiful malook enjoy walking around the lake, take lunch there and if you like stay to watch sun set, you will have to hire a jeep to take you to lake saifulmalook, when hiring a jeep do bargain a little, local people don’t mind bargaining, but of course you know it too should have limit, this trip will take all your day.

• And next day you can go to LALAZAR, this will too take one day,

• in evening you can enjoy the walk in naran bazar, sit on the side of river kunhar

• it would be an adventure too specially journey to Ansoo Lake, Normally women don't go there but if you're accompanying someone and want to take her there then I have some advices for you,, like take a guide from Lake Saiful-Malook, and yes do have umbrellas,, because in Naran weather is never predicted, it changes in hours

Read more:

I think if you buy a map from local shop at kaghan or in Naran, it will b great.

• On the way from BALAKOT to NARAN, There is a place called Kewai, from where you can go to SHOGRAN it is really worth to see, there are lot of hotels so you can stay there, and from there you can goto SRI, and PAYE, it is must see place, you will love this but it will again consume full day of your.

Well to visit this whole valley might take one full month.

P.S. This is a forum reply. Also this is an email of a friend in reply to my querries who has been to Naran.

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Mar 04, 2012

Naran, Kaghan

Bomjour from Peshawar,

This region, famous for the local tourism, far from militancy, so I don't see any troubles there for family travel.

I'be been to Shogran and trekked a few times to Siri paye but never to Saif-ul-Maluk.

There are fellow VTers like Besal, who would come up with better reviews.

Bon voyage et happy travels.,

Imran Schah

Pakistan, through camera eye

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Jun 23, 2010
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A traditional Alpine Lake

Lake Saiful Muluk is situated at 3000+m, about 40 minutes jeep ride from Naran. Best time to visit is early in the morning when the air is cool, resulting in a picture perfect reflection on the lake. Horses are also available for one to take a tour around the lake. Camping facilities are also avaialbe, but you will have to check with the hotel that you will stay at.

If you are lugging heavy back packs, or accompanies by children, porters are also available to assist you in carrying your extra stuff.

Nice view of Malaka Parbat.

The sad fact is that the tourisim has really destroyed the natural surrounding. With one shak tea/cold drink houses cropping up, along with no eco-tourism sense, the lake is fast loosing its charm. Best is to visit early in the morning when everyone else is having their breakfast.

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Oct 25, 2008

Lake Saif-ul-Maluk

Saiful-Maluk is one of the most beautiful lakes I have ever seen. Its five mile away from Naran at height of 10,500 feet (3200.40 meters) above sea level. This lake is easily accessible by jeep or by trekking. In case you wanna trekk, one needs around two hours. I also opted for trekking and it was fun. There is a huge glacier on the way , crossing its also fun.

Talking about the lake, its almost impossible to describe the beauty. I can never forget those moments that I spent at lake Saiful-Maluk. I never wanted to come back from this beautiful lake but thunderstorm with heavy rain forced me to go back early. I would suggest you to take meals along with you and go to lake in morning. You should spend good time there and have meals along the lake.

The Queen of the Mountains "Malka Purbat" peak at height of 17,360 feet (5291.33 meters) is standing in the east and looking at her image in the mirror of Lake Saiful Maluk. Saiful Maluk is blue water lake in shape of bowl. Water from surrounding glaciers, lakes, and peaks fallsin this lovely lake.Boating facility is available but not recommended at all because this lake is so deep that so far its depth could not be measured. There is no emergency equipment availale so don't take the risk!

There are few camping sites available and I would strongly recommend you to camp here beacuse Saiful-Maluk really deserves it. There are small huts and shops near lake selling items you may need.

Elders of the area would tell you the story of Prince Saiful-Maluk from Eygpt who fell in love with a fairy. Although there might not be enough snow, few glaciers and size of lake shrinking BUT its still very blue and beautiful.

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Mar 15, 2006

Magistic Lake

Saiful-Maluk. It is five mile away from Naran at height of 10,500 feet (3200.40 meters) above sea level. This lake is easily accessible by jeep or by trekking. For trekking you need around two hours and you would be at your destination. I also opted for trekking and it was fun. On your way to this lake, you need to cross one huge glacier. Crossing this glacier is also fun. It is simply impossible to describe beauty of this lake in words. I can never forget those moments that I spent at lake Saiful-Maluk. Its like some thing out of this world. And my feeling was like if I can stay for more time at this beautiful lake. The Queen of the Mountains "Malka Purbat" peak at height of 17,360 feet (5291.33 meters) is standing in the east and looking her image in the mirror of Lake Saiful Maluk. Saiful Maluk is blue water lake in shape of bowl. Water from surrounding glaciers, lakes, and peaks come to this lovely lake.Boating facility is available but not recommended at all. On your trip to lake saiful-maluk, you can also hear the local stories about Prince Saiful-Maluk of Eygpt who fell in love with a fairy. There are few camping sites available and I would strongly recommend you to camp here beacuse Saiful-Maluk really deserves it. There are small huts and shops near lake selling items you may need. These stories are wrong that lake has become very diry and it is useless to go there. Although there is less snow, few glaciers and size of lake has shrinked too BUT its still blue and very beautiful. If you have not been to lake Saif-ul-Maluk then you are really missing some thing. I strongly recommend you to visit it and feel the charm and attraction yourself!!

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Aug 02, 2005

A Lake from fairy world

Lake Saif ul Muluk is the must see activity in naran. It takes around about 3 hours on foot to travel to the lake. You can also hire jeeps or horses if you dont feel like walking to it. you have to cross a glacier on the way to the lake.The whole path is very beautiful and its recommended that you walk to it. In this way you will get to appreciate the captivating beauty on the way

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Jul 08, 2005
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"An Unforgettable Vacation In Kaghan (Kagan) Valley"
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"The valley of lovely lakes and amaizing landscapes"
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"Kaghan Valley"
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"From South End to North End of Pakistan"
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"The Paradise on earth"
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The Land of Fairies " Five mile away another 3000 feet above the Naran is Fairy Tale Lake.Local legend relates that Prince Saif-ul-Muluk fell in love with a fairy from the mountains. One day, he saw her bathing in the stream and crept up and stole her clothes. To preserve her modesty the not-so-reluctant fairy promised to be his wife. The fairy's demon lover appeared in time to see the happy pair together, and in a fit of jealous rage flooded the entire valley.
Saiful Maluk the lake is accessible by jeep or by tracking because there is a mere trek to reach the lake. It is almost impossible to describe the beauty of this lake, which is like mirror at the altitude of 3200 meters. The Queen of the Mountains is standing in the east and looking her image in the mirror of Lake Saiful Maluk. You can spend few days here to monitor the guards of lake, which are towering peaks and spread all around the lake.

Apr 21, 2004

Saiful Malook Lake

The most beautiful lake of this area is Saiful Malook. In a real sunny day, it would give you superb views and you would feel sitting in heaven. Camping on full moon gives you feeling of sitting in fairyland.

Oct 09, 2003

Saif al Malook lake

It is really beautiful lake. you must go there to sit and relax. it has blue colour and it looks really beautiful. if you can camp there then it would be real treat for you.

take jeep from naran and go to these beautiful lake. you need to cross a big glacier before you reach saif al malook lake. its fun and at least i really liked this lake.

Sep 14, 2003

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Shogran is one of the most beautiful Plateaus in the valley. It is situated at a distance of 34 km from Balakot. On the way from Balakot to Naran, there is a place called KEWAI. Take a side road on...
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At the height of 10,500 feet (3,200 meters), Lalazar is a green meadow situated 21 km from Naran. The Lalazar is surrounded by Fir and Pine Forest, the snow covered mountains and the River Kunhar...
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Siri Payee

A wonderful excursion from Shogran is a visit to Sari Paya. From Shogran a road climbs through thick pine forest to the top of Paya ridge, a lush green meadow with spectacular view of Malika Parbat....
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Dudipatsar Lake

Most of the people coming to Kaghan Valley stick to Naran & Lake Saiful Maluk. They don't go further. There are several beautiful Lakes in this valley, which should not be missed. Dudipatsar Lake is...
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River Kunhar

River Kunhar flows in the center of Kaghan Valley. Kaghan, Naran & several other beautiful towns & villages are situated on the banks of River Kunhar. While staying in Naran you can enjoy sitting by...
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Lulusar Lake

Lulusar is a group of mountain peaks and a lake in the Kaghan Valley. At 11,190 ft. it is the primary headwaters of Kunhar River, and is some 48 kilometers from Naran, on the road ascending toward...
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Getting to Naran


Lake Saiful Muluk, Saiful Maluk National Park, Pakistan


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