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  • Shop for glass bangles and artifical jewelleries
    Shop for glass bangles and artifical...
    by sarwarghouri
  • Hyderabad
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  • Play land at Rani Bagh fun land
    Play land at Rani Bagh fun land
    by sarwarghouri

Hyderabad Things to Do


    by sarwarghouri Written Jul 24, 2006

    Rani bagh hyderabad is the most popular place to visit for hyderabad locals. Nice place for kids and families and lot of fun and entertainments on very cheap rates.
    I think it is the cheapest fun land all over the Pakistan i had still yet visited.

    Play land at Rani Bagh fun land Play land at Rani Bagh fun Entertainments at play land
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Hyderabad Transportation

  • nishat's Profile Photo

    Getting there: You can...

    by nishat Updated Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Getting there:

    You can reach Umerkot by a private car or Coach or can also take a steam train from Mirpurkhas leaving for Chor Daily at 1500 Hrs. From Chor one can continue the tour in desert or can drive to Umerkot (35 Kms.)

    Hotels In Thar : There are no hotels of good standard in Thar you can either camp or travel & Culture services an organize for you a small House / Room in the villages in the desert

    Hyderabad is second largest city of Sindh Province. It has over 6 Millions population. The city has one of the most interesting bazaar of the country, which is known to be the longest bazaar in Asia. There are two very well arranged ethnological museums in the city One The Sind Museum and other the Institute of Sindhology Museum. Both museums present an excellent portrait of cultural and tribal life of Sindh. The city is transit point for the tours from Karachi to the interior of Sind A visit to Kalhora Monuments close to the city gate is worth a visit , Mausoleums are beautifully decorated with glazed tiles and frescos. There are also two forts from 18th & 19th century to see here.
    Thar Desert Tours & Excursions Transfers

    Hotel Indus 3*
    Hotel City Gate 2*


    City Tour: ( 3 Hours)

    Visit the Kalhora Monuments , Shahi bazaar the longest Bazaar of Asia , Pacca Fort and Sind or Sindhology museum.

    Boating in the river Indus. 2 - 3 Hours
    Drive to Hussainabad a native fishermen village take a ride on a simple boat in the Legendary Indus.

    Full day Excursion to Mirpurkhas & Umerkot.

    This is little hop in the Thar desert. You drive early in the morning to Mirpurkhas via a very green & Fertile land. At Mirpurkhas you visit the Locomotive Shed where Old steam engines are repaired and used for Mirpurkhas - Chor Service. We then drive via small villages to Umerkot (80 Kms. )At Umerkot you will visit the famous Umerkot fort the Museum and a typical Desert bazaar You will see several different faces and typical colorful dresses of men & women in the bazaar. Lunch at a local restaurant. Late Afternoon return to Hyderabad.

    Above a Sweat Shop in Hyderabad. Below a decorated bus.

    Hyderabad Airport to Hotel: Though not very much used the Hyderabad airport is about 20 minutes from the central down town. Since best way to get to Hyderabad is from Karachi it is rather recommended to drive instead of flying.

    Hyderabad to Karachi
    160 Kilometer super highway is the fastest way to go to Karachi from Hyderabad or vice versa. Condition of the road is very good but there is a lot of traffic of trucks and public transport. You can leave at any time it takes about 3 Hours.

    Second option is 200 Kilometer National Highway Via Thatta There are quite a few archeological sites to see on the way. You will leave in the morning on the way to Thatta stop at Sonda a cemetery of 15th century, Keenjher lake one of the largest man made lakes in Asia in winter you can spot many Siberian birds in this lake continue to Thatta in Thatta visit Shahjehan Mosque an excellent master piece of Moghul architecture, completely decorated with blue glazed tiles, Makli is the largest Muslim cemetery in the world with over half a million graves. Visit some mausoleums in the cemetery. On the way to Karachi you can also stop at Banbhore archeological site of Daibal excavated in 1962, is the site where Alexander established a town in 325BC and then the first Muslim conqueror in South East Asia came in 711AD. Beautiful site with a small museum Also visit Chaukundi. 15 - 18th century tombs scattered on a large area. Each tomb is unique in it design and motifs. Rich carved sandstone depicting the relation of the local tribes with the neighboring Iran, central Asia and Turkey. reach Karachi in about 8 Hours.

    Hyderabad to Sehwan Sharief.

    200 Kms. you will need to cross the river Indus and tak right Turn before Sindh University on the Indus Highway Usually Direct drive take 3 - 4 Hrs but it is recommended to take an excursion to the Rani Kot fort largest Fort in the world.

    Hyderabad to Sukkur

    330 Kms. The road is wide and there re many villages and towns on the way. The main stops on the way are the Shrine of Sufi Saint & poet Shah Abdul Latif Hala and Kot DG fort.

    Hyderabad to Mithi

    Drive to Mirpurkhas 160 KMs via beautiful green Mango farms and villages at Mirpurkhas you will have a short stop to see a typical oriental Bazaar . Later drive further 80 KMs to Umerkot and continue to Mithi another 70 Kms.


    Beyond Mirpurkhas land has been badly hit by the salinity and rise of water table hence the desert starts right after Mirpurkhas after 45 minute you start seeing the straw / Cone hoses of the desert dwellers. Until you reach Umerkot which is the largest town in Thar desert. The Bazaar of the town is most interesting as people come here from different villages & towns of the desert to do the purchasing. You can see many colorful dresses of different Hindu & Muslim tribes of the Thar desert. The sandy desert actually starts after Umerkot. There are several villages and town in east of Umerkot But there are no hotels etc. The only accommodation is to live in the villages with locals or get the tents. Camp site should also be close to the villages near temples or Mosques.

    Mean of transport is Big trucks with open Decks or Camels. One can do mix of both these and can get most of their travel.

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Hyderabad Shopping

  • Cheap shopping place

    by sarwarghouri Updated Jul 24, 2006

    There are many shopping centers in Hydeabad but i prefered to shop from Latifabad number 8 bazar. Every type of things are available on chear rates.

    What to buy: I usually visit on shops with my family so i found that there are good class ladies hand rings, artifical jewellries, shoes for all gender and ages, kids toys and all types of good garments,clothes available on cheap rates.

    One shop of Artifical jewellery Shop for cosmetics View of covered market at latifabad number 8
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Hyderabad Local Customs

  • nishat's Profile Photo

    'If I die, longing for my...

    by nishat Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    'If I die, longing for my native land,
    Free my body from these chains,
    Keep no more this stranger away from her love,
    Over my dead body, spread Malir's cool earth,
    When I die, send my body to Malir, my native land.'
    ......... Shah Bhitai,
    Hyderabad, 164 km north of Karachi the second largest city in Sind and one of the largest in Pakistan. Hyderabad is five km from the eastern bank of the Indus changed its course away from Khudabad, at that time the capital of the region, the new capital was shifted to Hyderabad. In 1766 the Kalhora ruler constructed a fort half a square km in area and it still stands today. In 1843 the British arrived and defeated the Talpurs, completing their conquest of Sind.

    In the old city, buildings are topped by badgirs that look like chimneys on roof tops. They catch the cool breezes which blow steadily in a south-west direction for 40 days from late April each year. Hyderabad is hot for most of the year, although in autumn and winter the temperature dips down to around 24 C . In the old sections of the town, cows still roam the streets giving it a distinctly mediaeval atmosphere.

    On the northern side of the hill on which Hyderabad is sited there are tombs from the Talpur and Kalhora periods. The tomb of Ghulam Shah Kalhora is one of the finest, although its dome collapsed and has now been replaced by a flat roof.

    Also worth a visit is the Institute of Sindhology's museum at the University of Sind. It has displays on all aspects of Sindhi history, music and culture depicting the lifestyles of the desert tribes. Infrequent GTS buses go to the campus, otherwise take a miniwagon to Jumshero, across the river from Hyderabad, and walk the 1-1/2 km to the university.

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Hyderabad General

  • Nizamani's Profile Photo

    Hyderabad is the best for tourists

    by Nizamani Updated Jun 23, 2007

    Favorite thing: The most intresting enjoyment in Hyderabad is in Rainy season it is in july to august but in july it is very hot unless rain in the rain there is very enjoyable time poeple enjoy rain by going outside on roads and in the restorants and some goes to the river indus near hyderabad in jamshoro where is a restorant in which they eat fish and enjoy the showers of rain falling in the river and when its cloudy and rain stops for sometime or in showers the some peoples and childrens enjoy in ferreys or ships in the river indus. some peoples goes to their villages outside the hyderabad at some distance there they enjoy the rain on the jeeps and they enjoy the rain on roads by watching the showers of rain on the road and alot of the water on the roads and watching the poeples and motorcyclists Damped by the rain and much more !

    Fondest memory: Hyderabad is the centre of the Sindh province of pakistan and in hyderabad there is traffic but not jam as karachi in hyderabad there is less smoked air there is clean atmosphare and Defense Housing society is the best it is situated in kent area and hyderabad city for shoping is the saddar which is in kent area and the other at second number in hyderabad is the Qasimabad housing and shoping area . There is a Zoo and Funland in hyderabad which is the most tourable the Zoo time is 4pm to 6pm and the Funland time is 7pm to 12pm . there is a shoping centre at saddar road which is of pak army in which they build a sindbad which is for the childrens and they have shoping centre in it somany things are available in it like cakes chicken products to eat and every thing even motorcycles are available . in hyderabad there are CNG stations situated for the fuel of vehicles because patrol is expansive in pakistan

    picture in rain picture in rain picture in rain picture in rain a ground after rain
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    Agriculture still traditional....

    by AliJoe Written Aug 24, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Agriculture still traditional. Believe when time pass by, this farmer are utilise modern
    Tractor and Heavy Duty Harvestor Machine to replace CAMEL and human energy.

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  • AliJoe's Profile Photo

    KHOJAK PASS leads directly to...

    by AliJoe Written Aug 24, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: KHOJAK PASS leads directly to the border of Afghanistan which is +- 150 kilometers.
    The scenery is a breath taking. The journey to the border town of CHAMAN, passes through a 4 kilometer tunnel and +- 2000 meters above sea level.

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