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Private Half-Day Tour of Old Manila
"Manila’s city tour starts with a visit to Rizal Park named in honor of the country’s national hero Dr. Jose Rizal. After a brief picture stop proceed to the Walled City of Intramuros to visit the remnants of Spain’s conquistadores. Stop at Fort Santiago an old Spanish fortress located at the mouth of Pasig River where great moments in Philippine history occurred. Travel through the cobbled streets to San Agustin Church the country’s oldest stone church
From $68.00
Private Half-Day Manila Tour by Jeepney
"Travel through the financial district of Makati passing down Ayala Avenue where gleaming skyscrapers stand cheek by jowl with less than distinguished-looking structures. As we approach the bustling metropolis of Manila drive past the cultural Center of the Philippines and on to Roxas Boulevard. Stop at Rizal Park named after the country’s nationalist hero Dr. Jose Rizal. Then proceed to the Walled City of Intramuros which was the nucleus of the old Spanish town. Venture into Fort Santiago in its strategic location overlooking the Pasig River and Manila Bay and stroll along its ramparts where once stood th Rajah Sulayman. Continue on to San Agustin Church the only church built within Intramuros that has survived the collective onslaught of numerous calamities including fire and war. Beside the church is a museum that houses a collection of manuscripts
From $87.00
Private Half-Day Manila City Tour
"Commence the tour from the financial district of Makati including Fort Bonifacio and the American Cemetery then move on to the city of Manila the country’s capital. Arrive at Rizal Park named in honour of the country’s national hero Dr. Jose Rizal. After a brief picture stop proceed to the historic Walled City of Intramuros. Travel through the cobbled streets of San Agustin Church the country’s oldest stone church and view its wide collection of ecclesiastical icons
From $52.00

Shopping and Malling Tips (9)

Shop till you drop paradise

Favorite thing God, I have never met a race who enjoyed shopping so much. Men & women; young & old. Bring on the word "Sale!" and see the many gigantic malls flood with an avalanche of people, jostling and being jostled for an item of desire. And the malls - they bring new meaning to big and plenty. Manila is simply a city of shopping malls!

May 14, 2005


Favorite thing Most shopping malls are helping save water in Manila by installing water free urinals. This saves millions of liters of water each week. Just imagine, every time you sneak off for a leak there are usually several other people in the toilets, so consider how many use the facilities each day and it is not hard to imagine the the amount of water being saved.

davidjo's Profile Photo
Apr 05, 2014


Favorite thing While wandering around Manila you will find many stalls selling delicious yellow corn, either boiled or heated over charcoal. This makes for a tasty snack and will cost around 10-20 pesos during the season.

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Jul 30, 2013

go to the malls. This is the...

Favorite thing go to the malls. This is the best place to do some people-watching. You can also escape the heat and dust in the mall because of the airconditioning. Some of the Manilenos even take their jackets with them when going to mall!! An artificial world, but at least you're comfortable. The best malls are the Shangrila Mall, Rockwell Power Plant Mall and the brand new Greenbelt Mall. These ones are definitely world class.

Fondest memory The numerous pubs and restaurants.

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Aug 26, 2002
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Hotels Near Manila

1632 Adriatico, Manila, Luzon, 1004, Philippines
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1690 M. H. Del Pilar Malate, Manila, 1004, Philippines
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1032-34 Belen Street, Paco, Manila, 1007, Philippines
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1419 San Marcelino St, Ermita, Manila, 1000, Philippines
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Kisad Road thru Abanao Ext. Cor. G. del Pilar St., 2600
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50 North Drive, Baguio, Luzon, Philippines
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See something outside Manila -...

Favorite thing See something outside Manila - then at least you will get a taste of what the Philippines is really like. It's not all skyscrapers and jeepneys. (ok it is all jeepneys but not the skyscrapers bit).

Fondest memory All that cheap shopping - legit cd's for half the price back home and countless other stuff that never makes it to Finlands rocky shores. Crikey they even have marks and spencer in manila !

Aug 26, 2002

I guess Manila/Quezon City is...

Favorite thing I guess Manila/Quezon City is a place where every corner you turn to now, is a mall. I will even dare and call it the 'city of malls'.
As far as food is concerned, I would probably try the eateries in the malls then venture out eventually. I think even though 1/3 of my life was spent in this city, after half a decade of being away, I will need someone to guide me and take me around. It seems the city is much more crowded both with people and cars than 10 years ago. Anyone who has not been in the city for a while will surely get lost, confused and frustrated. Gone are the spacious areas and old landmarks along EDSA.

Fondest memory I have been away from the Philippines for almost 12 years now. But I really miss the turo-turo places in Chinatown. I did not get a chance to visit it last time I was there and for all I know it may not exist anymore.
UP Diliman is also very close to my heart. I would suggest for anyone visiting for the first time to give this place a peek. I guess since the city has been turned into a concrete urban jungle, UP Diliman seemed untouched. There are still trees and lots of greeneries in the campus.

Aug 25, 2002

International ATM's In Manila

Favorite thing Most ATM's in Metro Manila Area allow withrawals of International ATM consortiums like Cirrus, Maestro, Discover and Plus. Just look at the symbols at the ATM booths to see if they accept International ATMs since all ATMs have English Signs.

ATM's are available everywhere but be sure to only withdraw in well lit and crowded areas to fend off holduppers or snatchers.

Fondest memory just remember that there is a withdrawal fee of 150 pesos with international ATM withdrawals, whatever the amount you would withdraw (whether 500 pesos or 5,000 pesos) plus your local bank in your country will also charge you a finance charge per International ATM withdrawal. so If you would need to get money from the ATM, be sure to withdraw a large amount.

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Aug 23, 2014

And the Shopping is great,so...

Favorite thing And the Shopping is great,so come and enjoy the, shop, shop..until you drop;-)

Sep 08, 2002
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"Mabuhay, Welcome to Manila!"
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"Manila, love or hate"
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"Capital of the Philippines"
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"Aliwan Fiesta 2011: Ilonggo's Pride and Victory"
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"Love It Or Leave It..."
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Favorite thing It's a mall somewhere in the city which has a fun entertaining room on the third and forth floor where you can play latest video games.

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Feb 13, 2004

Things to Do Near Manila

Things to Do

Luneta - Rizal Park

Japanese Gardens in Luneta Park. Entrance Fee is only PhP 10 or $ 0.23 (2014). Small but nice view. The place is peaceful. Good ambiance. Lots of amazing views. Good for picture-taking. Children can...
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Things to Do


This building stands out like a sore thumb in the Spanish historic walled city of Intramuros and the developer should be shot. It is called BF Condominium and is situated next to the ruins of the...
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Things to Do

Pasig River

the ferry service is now closed as of 2011 Tired of the traffic and the gridlock? Take the river. It’s faster, cheaper and yes, cooler. The ferry service, a revival of the Starcraft ferry which had...
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Things to Do


Just near the Goodwill Gate you will come across this Feng Shui Store which is a popular place for the local Chinese to buy their Feng Shui items and Yin Yang Charms. The store is packed to the...
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Things to Do


Malate District, together with the Ermita District, is the main tourist districts of the City of Manila and both districts have their seedier and sleazy areas as this are the main tourists areas and...
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Things to Do

Museo Pambata

An enjoyable place for the young ones, as well as the young once, Museo Pambata at the north end of Roxas Blvd. is an enjoyable place that excites and stirs my kids' inquisitive minds. Combiming...
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