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Private Half-Day Tour of Old Manila
"Manila’s city tour starts with a visit to Rizal Park named in honor of the country’s national hero Dr. Jose Rizal. After a brief picture stop proceed to the Walled City of Intramuros to visit the remnants of Spain’s conquistadores. Stop at Fort Santiago an old Spanish fortress located at the mouth of Pasig River where great moments in Philippine history occurred. Travel through the cobbled streets to San Agustin Church the country’s oldest stone church
From $68.00
Private Half-Day Manila Tour by Jeepney
"Travel through the financial district of Makati passing down Ayala Avenue where gleaming skyscrapers stand cheek by jowl with less than distinguished-looking structures. As we approach the bustling metropolis of Manila drive past the cultural Center of the Philippines and on to Roxas Boulevard. Stop at Rizal Park named after the country’s nationalist hero Dr. Jose Rizal. Then proceed to the Walled City of Intramuros which was the nucleus of the old Spanish town. Venture into Fort Santiago in its strategic location overlooking the Pasig River and Manila Bay and stroll along its ramparts where once stood th Rajah Sulayman. Continue on to San Agustin Church the only church built within Intramuros that has survived the collective onslaught of numerous calamities including fire and war. Beside the church is a museum that houses a collection of manuscripts
From $87.00
Private Half-Day Manila City Tour
"Commence the tour from the financial district of Makati including Fort Bonifacio and the American Cemetery then move on to the city of Manila the country’s capital. Arrive at Rizal Park named in honour of the country’s national hero Dr. Jose Rizal. After a brief picture stop proceed to the historic Walled City of Intramuros. Travel through the cobbled streets of San Agustin Church the country’s oldest stone church and view its wide collection of ecclesiastical icons
From $52.00

Tagaytay and Taal Tips (9)

Taal Lake

Taal Lake lies in the crater of an extinct volcano on Luzon Island, about 56 km (about 35 miles) south of Manila. The lake is the 3rd largest lake in the Philippines covering an area of 240 sq km (94 sq miles).

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Aug 27, 2006

Taal Volcano

Getting to Taal Volcano can be an easy day trip from Manila, but many hours will be spend on buses which will stop for dropping and picking up customer like every alternate minute.

The picturesque volcanic Taal is a small but deadly volcano in the middle of the lake. You can view the Taal Volcano from the town of Tagaytay and Taal Hotel has a quite impressive viewing area where non-hotel guests can access to viewing area at a fee.

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Aug 02, 2006

Too hot in Manila? Go to Tagaytay

Its common knowledge that Manila is hot... sometimes it feels hotter because of the high pollution, car exhaust, garbage and immense population. When you reach that boiling point, and Baguio is just too far of a drive, go to Tagaytay. Because its higher up it's much cooler, there's plenty of hiking trails, lots of fruit markets, and of course, the volcano.

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Apr 18, 2005

A couple of hours drive out of the city

An easy way to get rid of the city, is to go to Tagaytay... this is about 2hours drive to enjoy this beautiful landscape...
From what I understood, this is indeed an old volcano filled with water that formed the Taal lake. Later on, a smaller volcano erupted to form the island in the middle of the lake.

There is not too much to do in the area except eating and drinking in one of the numerous restaurant! You could eventually rent a boat to trek across the island...

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Sep 30, 2003
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Small lake with an even smaller volcano

Lake Taal is drained by the Pansipit River. Lying in Lake Taal is Volcano Island which itself contains a crater lake. You can swim inside the Crater Lake but it is advised that you don't stay long as the lakes water is a very diluted form of sulphuric acid with high concentration of boron, magnesium, aluminium and sodium in salt form.

The first recorded scuba dive inside the crater was made by a team led by Thomas Hargrove in 1986 to a depth of about 20 metres or 60 feet. There is even a tiny island in the Crater Lake which Hargrove's team also explored.

Thirty three eruptions have been recorded since 1572 at Taal, mostly on Volcano Island.

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Aug 16, 2003


Tagatay is just a 90-minute countryside drive south of Manila takes you to one of the worlds natural wonders, the Taal Volcano, which has been called the smallest active volcano in the world. It sits inside a lake called Taal Lake. What makes Taal Volcano more unique is the fact that the volcano itself has a lake of its own inside its crater which is called the 'Crater Lake.'

There was a report in February 1999 that the Volcano was getting restless again, spewing 6 metre high geysers of mud and boiling water.

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Aug 16, 2003

Lunch & Cultural Performance

Taal Hotel - over lunch we were presented with a performance by Fire Walkers. It was amazing because two of the four performers were elderly and obviously had been performing this for most of their lives..

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Sep 12, 2002

Not really off the beaten...

Not really off the beaten path, but just outside Manila is 'Lake Taal'.
It's a lake with a small vulcano in the middle of it and it makes for a stunning view! If you visit in the weekends you'll meet many Filipino families who take huge coolers with them, filled with food and drinks. Grandparents, parents and children spend all day outdoors, playing, talking, eating. Love it!

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Aug 25, 2002
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"Mabuhay, Welcome to Manila!"
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"Manila, love or hate"
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"Capital of the Philippines"
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"Aliwan Fiesta 2011: Ilonggo's Pride and Victory"
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"Love It Or Leave It..."
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Drive to Tagaytay City, a...

Drive to Tagaytay City, a favorite weekend getaway for many Manilenos. Cooler climate with a magnificent view of Taal Volcano and Taal Lake. Just a little over an hour's drive from Makati City, Metro Manila.

Aug 24, 2002

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Luneta - Rizal Park

Japanese Gardens in Luneta Park. Entrance Fee is only PhP 10 or $ 0.23 (2014). Small but nice view. The place is peaceful. Good ambiance. Lots of amazing views. Good for picture-taking. Children can...
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This building stands out like a sore thumb in the Spanish historic walled city of Intramuros and the developer should be shot. It is called BF Condominium and is situated next to the ruins of the...
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Pasig River

the ferry service is now closed as of 2011 Tired of the traffic and the gridlock? Take the river. It’s faster, cheaper and yes, cooler. The ferry service, a revival of the Starcraft ferry which had...
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Just near the Goodwill Gate you will come across this Feng Shui Store which is a popular place for the local Chinese to buy their Feng Shui items and Yin Yang Charms. The store is packed to the...
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Malate District, together with the Ermita District, is the main tourist districts of the City of Manila and both districts have their seedier and sleazy areas as this are the main tourists areas and...
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Museo Pambata

An enjoyable place for the young ones, as well as the young once, Museo Pambata at the north end of Roxas Blvd. is an enjoyable place that excites and stirs my kids' inquisitive minds. Combiming...
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