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Private Half-Day Tour of Old Manila
"Manila’s city tour starts with a visit to Rizal Park named in honor of the country’s national hero Dr. Jose Rizal. After a brief picture stop proceed to the Walled City of Intramuros to visit the remnants of Spain’s conquistadores. Stop at Fort Santiago an old Spanish fortress located at the mouth of Pasig River where great moments in Philippine history occurred. Travel through the cobbled streets to San Agustin Church the country’s oldest stone church
From $68.00
Private Half-Day Manila Tour by Jeepney
"Travel through the financial district of Makati passing down Ayala Avenue where gleaming skyscrapers stand cheek by jowl with less than distinguished-looking structures. As we approach the bustling metropolis of Manila drive past the cultural Center of the Philippines and on to Roxas Boulevard. Stop at Rizal Park named after the country’s nationalist hero Dr. Jose Rizal. Then proceed to the Walled City of Intramuros which was the nucleus of the old Spanish town. Venture into Fort Santiago in its strategic location overlooking the Pasig River and Manila Bay and stroll along its ramparts where once stood th Rajah Sulayman. Continue on to San Agustin Church the only church built within Intramuros that has survived the collective onslaught of numerous calamities including fire and war. Beside the church is a museum that houses a collection of manuscripts
From $87.00
Private Half-Day Manila City Tour
"Commence the tour from the financial district of Makati including Fort Bonifacio and the American Cemetery then move on to the city of Manila the country’s capital. Arrive at Rizal Park named in honour of the country’s national hero Dr. Jose Rizal. After a brief picture stop proceed to the historic Walled City of Intramuros. Travel through the cobbled streets of San Agustin Church the country’s oldest stone church and view its wide collection of ecclesiastical icons
From $52.00

Rockwell Tips (7)

Rockwell's "CIBU" Italian restaurant: Sick of Filipino food? Add some Italian to it!

This restaurant is located at the Rockwell mall.
They mostly served Italian food, so if you want to add some Italian on your journey,
simply go here. But I tell you, its not cheap! Infact, this should be considered as a
one time treat!

The menu ussually hit a wooping 5-15$ a meal! (does not include drinks) And the servings are
kinda a small, but Its delicious!
My dad and brother didn't like this place very much because they don't really like Italian food.

SO if you like Italian food, and you want to have a once in awhile treat, Cibu is the place for you!

Favorite Dish The meal I got was the Pasta Penne, It was good! It has fresh tomatoes, basil, parsely and olives. The taste was just right, but the only problem was, it was too small for me. (I have a big appetite I tell you!)

michaelxxx's Profile Photo
Oct 14, 2007

Banana Leaf Asian Cafe: A Mish Mash of South East Asian Cuisine

Originally, the Banana Leaf Curry House, It was reformatted and rebranded into the Banana Leaf Asian Cafe'. It is the place to go for moderate priced but authentic Pan Asian cuisine – a mix of Indian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Vetnamese, Singaporean, Thai and Chinese. It is a franchise of Banana Leaf Curry House Limited in Hongkong.

As you enter this place, you'll be wondering to see square-shaped banana leaves on the tables. Now the question is..are we going to eat our food on these leaves or are they used as placemats? I thought that the leaves are used as place mats but my guess was wrong. But then, you may still opt to use a plate. Just request it though.

Checking out the menu is a feast to the senses as almost all of the dishes are visually represented. A dizzying selection if I may add. This gives you a dilemma on what to order..but then, you may want to order any of their specialties or best-sellers.

Favorite Dish roti canai (P68) with curry sauce (P30). It is a flat bread similar to Naan Bread of India, It originated in Singapore and Malaysia. Aside from the Roti Canai, they also have other toasts and breads, and even sandwiches such as the Thai Burger (PhP 108), really spicy!. Also on the menu are various Asian salads, appetizers and snacks like the Indian Vegetable Samosas (PhP 108) which is a deep-fried triangular pastry filled with vegetables and yoghurt.

Especially good are the soups with a meat or seafood and where you are given a choice of making it a savory-hot laksa or a plain old soup. And you get a choice too of the noodles - thickly sliced rice noodles or the equally filling egg noodles. And their serving was huge (just P128 for beef satay soup), good enough for two hungry people!, Malayan Curry (PhP 168) which is served with the meat of your choice and Hainanese Chicken. You may also choose from their selection of steamed rice, baked rice and fried rice dishes but my favorite is their Version of the Quintissensial Thai Noodle, the Pad Thai (168 Pesos) whic was not that spicy!

they also have various south east asian drinks like Tarik Iced tea (pulled milk tea) of Malaysia and Singapore, Thai Iced Tea or Cha Yen (Black tea with condensed milk), Hong kong Pearl Milk Tea, Pandan tea, Lemongrass Tea, etc at 50 pesos plus a selection of Asian Beers Beside San Miguel like the Tsingtao Beer of China, Chang Beer of Thailand, Tiger Beer of Singapore at 98 pesos each!

machomikemd's Profile Photo
Sep 09, 2007

Rockwell: Pho 24 Vietnam & Philippines Comparison

Pho 24 here in the Philippines has no Vietnamese Leche Flan and Yogurt, Jasmine Tea, ice cream and there is small servings of vegetables for the pho noodles. Pho 24 in Vietnam has no rice toppings, vietnamese maja blanca and dumplings.

machomikemd's Profile Photo
Sep 08, 2007

DULCINEA Restaurant: Classic Spanish-Filipino Fusion Food!

Dulcinea was established in the Philippines in 1963. The first shop was set in Ermita, Manila. In the late 1980's, Dulcinea moved to Makati, taking a spot beside the legendary Rizal Theater. Then it moved to Greenbelt Mall in July 1989, making Dulcinea's popularity soar. Suddenly it became the yuppie hangout; a meeting place for Churros con Chocolate and a site for foodfests for those with leisure at their fingertips. The menu expanded to include more Spanish specialties for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Presently, Dulcinea has 10 branches in Metro Manila. Outlets are located in Greenbelt 1, Robinsons Galleria, SM Megamall, Ayala Alabang, Tomas Morato, Glorietta 4, Robinsons Place Manila, SM City Manila, The Powerplant Mall and Greenhills Theater Mall. Dulcinea continues to create its known Spanish sweets and pastries and also offers hot meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and a delicatessen stocked with Spanish Sausages.

Favorite Dish Chorizo Bilbao, Chorizo Pamplona, Jamon Serrano, and Sobrasada. Famous Spanish Sylte Churros Con Chocolate at 80 Pesos, Spaghetti Lasagna at 125 Pesos, Original Spanish Mallorca Ensaimada (not the local philippine kind) at 150 pesos, Calamares Fritos at 125 Pesos, Bacalao Ala Vizcaina (Cod Fish) at 555 Pesos, Lengua Financiera at 280 pesos and a Lot More!

machomikemd's Profile Photo
Sep 07, 2007
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Pho 24 Restaurant: Pho 24, Popular in Vietnam, Now in Manila!

One of the quintessential Vietnamese dishes, pho (noodle soup), contains all the kinds of ingredients a health-conscious person requires – fresh, natural, well-balanced and delicious. Even though the restaurant's style is consistent with traditional Vietnamese pho shops, everything at Pho 24 appears luxurious and delicate. The colourful ceramic patterns on the bowls match the complex dish they contain, and the smell instantly makes you hungry.

Pho noodles began >100 years ago when ingenious cooks in Nam Dinh City near Hanoi, satisfied the gastronomic desires of Vietnamese and French residents by inventing the dish using local ingredients (e.g., rice noodles) and adding du boeuf for a bit of foreign extravagance. (Before the French occupation, cows in Vietnam were farm help) At its birth, pho was basically just boiled beef, noodles and broth. Inventive cooks then developed the raw beef version (pho bo tai) and chicken pho (pho ga), and during wartime when beef was scarce, they made pork pho (pho lon), plus There are other variations that exist,

In 1954, Vietnam was split in two. To avoid communism, many northerners migrated southward, bringing their pho culture with them. In democratic South Vietnam, pho made a brash turn away from its conservative northern traditions. It was embellished with more of everything -- meat, noodles and broth. The practice of garnishing pho with bean sprouts, ngo gai (thorny cilantro), hung que (Thai/Asian basil) and lime was introduced. Diners also started adding tuong (bean sauce/hoisin sauce) directly to their bowls. This freewheeling, adulterated incarnation reflected the southern Vietnamese penchant for eating wildly complicated food and lots of it.

Then, as now, northern pho purists reacted with horror, decrying the loss of authenticity. Though philosophically liberating, tinkering with the sacred broth was an affront to strict northern cooks, whose pride and reputation rested in crafting a well-balanced bowl. (Pho Bac-North Vietnamese Style, Pho Hua- South Vietnamese Style)

Favorite Dish Pho 24 boasts 24 ingredients and choice beef, which has simmered for 24 hours to enhance its full and rich flavour. The 24 spices of Pho 24 include water, meat, marrowbone, salt, pepper, sugar, fish sauce, onions, shallots, spring onions, cinnamon, anise, ginger, cloves, coriander, radishes, lemons, chilli, saw tooth coriander, coriander, sweet basil, bean sprouts, chilli sauce and black soya sauce.Pho 24 boasts 24 ingredients and choice beef, which has simmered for 24 hours to enhance its full and rich flavour. It was founded in Sai Gon in 2003 by Dr. Ly Qui Trung, a Viet Kheiu (Overseas Vietnamese).

The restaurant offers nine kinds of beef pho: regular beef noodle soup, and then the soup with muscle, with well-done brisket, with well-done flank, with fat brisket, with tripe, with soft tendon, with well-done flank and fat brisket, and with well-done flank and tripe. Two special versions are PHỞ BÒ TÁI. NẠM, GẦU, GÂN, SÁCH, CHÍNH (beef noodle soup with well-done flank, fat brisket, soft tendon and tri) at 138 Pesos or PHỞ GÀ TRỨNG NON (chicken noodle soup with baby eggs) at 13 pesos., Pho Ga (Chicken) is at 99 pesos and the extra large bowls start at 158 pesos.

Drinks like softdrinks start at 40 pesos, Cafe Sua Dua at 45 pesos, Iced tea at 45 pesos. Rice Toppings starts at 158 pesos.

Pho 24 here in the Philippines has no Vietnamese Leche Flan and Yogurt, Jasmine Tea and there is small servings of vegetables. Pho 24 in Vietnam has no rice toppings, vietnamese maja blanca, dumplings.

machomikemd's Profile Photo
Sep 07, 2007

Via Mare, Rockwell Makati: VIA MARE: spanish food ala Pinoy style...!

Food : spanish pinoy
Ambience : relaxing quiet spanish feel
Environment / : clean and fresh

Favorite Dish 1) Spicy Tuyo Flakes : TO DIE FOR!!!!

- Tuyo is a salted fish with olive oil..
- served with one cup of garlic rice and scramble egg plus big slices of tomatoes
on the side

2) Bagnet Salad : the angels from heaven must have cooked it!
- Bagnet is pork meat marinated to taste and crispy fried
- served in a bed of green salad and tomatoes with bagoong dressing

3) Rockefella Oysters
- Fresh oysters cooked very lightly (almost just dipped into boiling water)
and garnished w/ a little arlic sauce...

4) Bibingka
local rice cake with butter, salted egg and kesong puti... LOVE IT!


1) Spanish Hot Chocolalte : rich choco and creamy hot drink...
-made from tablet chocolates ; authentic chocolate tablets

2) Sago Gulaman - sago and gulaman ..sweet drink that would ok for desert as well..

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Mar 15, 2007

Just like anywhere in Asian,...

Just like anywhere in Asian, Manila has tons of restaurants. From the thousands of restaurants, a few come to mind:

The Dish-7 cuisines to choose from, Japanese to Italian to Vietnamese to Filipino. Good place if you don't know what you want.

Dulcinea- Bakery and restaurant. Good breakfast and pastries. The garlic soup is fantastic.

Kolinaria- Good salads and soups.

Taste of L.A.- good pizzas

Aug 24, 2002
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"Mabuhay, Welcome to Manila!"
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"Manila, love or hate"
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"Capital of the Philippines"
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"Aliwan Fiesta 2011: Ilonggo's Pride and Victory"
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"Love It Or Leave It..."
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