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Private Half-Day Tour of Old Manila
"Manila’s city tour starts with a visit to Rizal Park named in honor of the country’s national hero Dr. Jose Rizal. After a brief picture stop proceed to the Walled City of Intramuros to visit the remnants of Spain’s conquistadores. Stop at Fort Santiago an old Spanish fortress located at the mouth of Pasig River where great moments in Philippine history occurred. Travel through the cobbled streets to San Agustin Church the country’s oldest stone church
From $68.00
Private Half-Day Manila Tour by Jeepney
"Travel through the financial district of Makati passing down Ayala Avenue where gleaming skyscrapers stand cheek by jowl with less than distinguished-looking structures. As we approach the bustling metropolis of Manila drive past the cultural Center of the Philippines and on to Roxas Boulevard. Stop at Rizal Park named after the country’s nationalist hero Dr. Jose Rizal. Then proceed to the Walled City of Intramuros which was the nucleus of the old Spanish town. Venture into Fort Santiago in its strategic location overlooking the Pasig River and Manila Bay and stroll along its ramparts where once stood th Rajah Sulayman. Continue on to San Agustin Church the only church built within Intramuros that has survived the collective onslaught of numerous calamities including fire and war. Beside the church is a museum that houses a collection of manuscripts
From $87.00
Private Half-Day Manila City Tour
"Commence the tour from the financial district of Makati including Fort Bonifacio and the American Cemetery then move on to the city of Manila the country’s capital. Arrive at Rizal Park named in honour of the country’s national hero Dr. Jose Rizal. After a brief picture stop proceed to the historic Walled City of Intramuros. Travel through the cobbled streets of San Agustin Church the country’s oldest stone church and view its wide collection of ecclesiastical icons
From $52.00

General Safety Tips (57)

watch for your belongings

Pick pockets and boy they're good at it too! do not flash your jewelry , if possible dont wear them unless your in a secure area such as hotels. walking around the place can be dangerous too, especially if your are an american.. They tend to think white people has lots of money! try to arrange your visit with the travel agents for safety purposes..always put your wallet in your front pocket.

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Oct 28, 2004

Beware Of Snatchers

When driving in an open vehicle (ie. jeepneys, tricycles, pedicabs etc), make sure your valuables are out of sight from potential snatchers. Problem areas are in an around Tondo, Divisoria, etc. Trust your instincts. If something doesn't feel right, get out of there, and make sure you have everything in your pockets.

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Feb 03, 2004

5. Changing Money

Do not attempt to change dollars on the black market (e.g. Santa Cruz) unless you are with another person, preferably someone who speaks Tagalog. It is dangerous because people know you are carrying large amounts of cash. The Shoe Mart department stores offer the best rate of exchange that is legal and safe.

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Dec 07, 2003

Never and Never.....

When you are in Manila or anywhere in the Philippines, better to remember these NEVER & NEVER TIPS!

1. NEVER leave your things/valuables unattended, otherwise you will NEVER see it again!

2. NEVER wear gold/diamond accessories in public places because you will be definitely the main target of snatcher and hold-uppers, otherwise you will NEVER get a chance to wear it with glamour!

3. NEVER change your dollars or yen or any other acceptable foreign currencies to the black market, otherwise you will NEVER get a correct number of bills.

4. NEVER go to a crowded or dark places because this is usually the target of global terrorist group; otherwise you will NEVER see again your homeland!

5. NEVER drink water direct from the faucet; otherwise you will NEVER enjoy eating other tropical fruits since your stomach is aching day and night.

6. NEVER ride in a taxi without checking whether the taxi meter is on its flag-down-rate; otherwise you can NEVER pay the taxi driver cheaper since he will charge you higher!

7. NEVER eat street food; otherwise you can NEVER have a good appetite because you might suffer from a severe diarrhea.

8. NEVER let your taxi/car windows & doors open because nowadays, hold-uppers are targeting those who are inside the car/taxi during Stop Signal, otherwise you can NEVER say NO giving your wallet or even your valuables (such as laptop, watches, rings, etc.) to them for they have guns/knife to scare you!

9. NEVER use cell phone outside; otherwise you will NEVER have a chance to text your last message to your friend because cell phone snatchers are everywhere.

10. NEVER visit Philippines without proper guidance or without a Filipino buddy/friend with you on your first week of stay, otherwise you may NEVER enjoy staying here because of bad experiences and most probably you will NEVER visit Philippines again!!!

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Dec 10, 2003
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Bring Less Valuables and Loads of Common Sense

A lot of the warnings here are from people who really don't know a thing about what to visit and what not to do in Manila. As a native Manilan who's long since moved out, I would recommend you do your research with Filipino friends, naturally those who you're confident won't rip you off.

You reap what you sow. If you're in Manila to slum it for easy, sleazy entertainment, it's no different from going into a strip club in the ghetto of any major city. And like a ghetto, if you're clueless about it, expect to be robbed or worse.

Stick to the well-illuminated malls and shopping centers if you don't want the added risk. Do not trust strangers who approach you for conversation - even if Filipinos are friendly -once you know them- it is NOT customary in our culture to approach total strangers out of nowhere to talk to them. That is an American habit and not commonly observed in the Philippines, so be instantly on your guard when someone does; they're likely up to no good. Do not use backpacks in the city (most clueless kind of bag to wear and a sure target for pickpockets). I'd also avoid putting your wallet in your pocket and keep most valuables at home. Make sure you have a reputable Filipino guide/friend (preferably someone whose family you've met, have shared a home-cooked meal with). Visit Filipino forums and blogs for tips on where to go ( for example, avoid any with mentions of girly bars and sleazy entertainment because those are hotspots for trouble) and hire someone like this to tour you (reputable Filipino personality and tour guide). Be smart and remember Manila itself is miles from the beaches that fit the Western concept of an island paradise, it's a city bigger than Los Angeles and with just as much teeth.

(Also, if you don't want to stick out like a sore thumb as much - even if you're Caucasian - ditch the beach slippers and beach gear for sensible jeans, walking shoes or khaki shorts and a shirt you'd wear to a city. People forget that even if they're visiting the tropics, yes, again, this is the big city. Smog, dirt, canals, it's all there, so expect it).

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Jul 29, 2012

Unscupulous Airport Taxi Drivers

Beware of the taxis lining up at the 'Waiting Area' just outside the domestic airport. They're cunningly evil. Imagine, I already asked the driver if he's cab is metered and he answered yes. My fault was I didn't bother to check if there really was a meter inside. After awhile, the driver handed over to me a laminated card showing the apparently fixed metered rate of each point within Metro Manila. Too late, I ended up paying P350 for a normally P150 fare (domestic airport to Pasay LRT).

Taxi drivers in Manila are a real pain in the ass! One of the reasons why you will hate travelling to Manila -- whether you're a local or a foreigner.

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Jul 30, 2007

4. Hiring Taxis

When entering a taxi, tell the driver where you want to go and insist that he turn on the meter. If he says it is broken or for some other reason he won't turn it on, tell him to stop and get out of the cab. However, cabs hired at major hotels have a set fee schedule by zone, which they should show you upon demand. It is always more expensive to hire a cab from a hotel than a metered cab on the street.

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Dec 07, 2003

Do not take candy (or anything) from strangers!

Remember those warnings you give your kids about taking candy from strangers? Tourists in Manila, please heed them. There have been countless cases of Western and Asian tourists waking up somehwere divested of all their possessions with their last memory being of a "friendly" person or group of people offering him/her a piece of candy or a juice box. I guess people come here really expecting Filipino hospitality and expect that someone smiling and bearing food can't be all that bad. Well, they are and it's happened too many times. Please beware of these friendly people who want to get close to you and feed you - chances are they just want your money.

Nov 29, 2004
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"Mabuhay, Welcome to Manila!"
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"Manila, love or hate"
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"Capital of the Philippines"
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"Aliwan Fiesta 2011: Ilonggo's Pride and Victory"
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"Love It Or Leave It..."
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manila robbery

Attivan scam In Manila.

In Manilla beware of gangs that put something in your drink to pass you out.
They do it even in a bar, and then tell the bar tender that you got drunk, if he cares at all.
And then they drag you in a waiting backup car and strip you and drop you wherever you wake up 10 hours later.

I was befriended by a harmless looking group of 6 middle age women that met me at a shopping mall south west Manilla. They said they were on holliday from baguio.
They took me to a karaoke bar and made me drink.
Next day they took me to Taal volcano and tried to make me rent a room to stay over night, when I did not rent and told them I had to be back in Manila. They rented it anyway, then they made me and my friend drink just one beer. I saw the can’s being opened in front of us, but half-way they beer they poored it into a glass that was prepared with sleeping pills. I dropped unconcious in no-time. And we got robbed by them or by their back-up team that they allways have.

the warning sighns:
- I met three women, suddenly they were six.
- when they are texting they can be planning something.
- They changed plans, all the time.
- Thought I got one of their cell numbers.They made sure not to be photographed.
- They looked well off and know how to make conversations, and know the traffic situation very well.

- In Manilla Everybody is a potential robber, even westerners.
- get people’s pictures, and adress before you plan on spending time with someone.
Don’t drink from anyone. Only what you get yourself and watch it.
By the time you decide to leave for the crooks is the time to pull the noose.

I know it spoils the fun, but that is just how wicked it is.

Key words: robbery , theft , Scam , manila , philippines , sleepingpills , drugs , attivan .

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Jun 18, 2008


When in Manila, it is advisable that you ditch your carrier's SIM card and buy a local one for your duration in the Philippines. Since most US and European providers overcharge on international roaming, you will be better off using a Philippine-based carrier when making calls or texting. Two big cell phone companies here are GLOBE and SMART. Since most, if not all, of the population here have cell phones, you can buy SIM cards almost anywhere. The amount of minutes or texts remaining in your phone is reffered to here as "load." So when you run out of "load", you can "reload" almost anywhere by buying a card with a bunch of numbers on it and inputting it in your phone for a fresh set of minutes and texts. Loads come in denominations of P100, P300 and P500. and can be bought at even convenience stores (called "sari-sari" stores) all throughout the city.

Filipinos love text messaging and, in fact, is their main form of communication rather than talking on the phone. It's cheaper. So if you do befriend a local and want to communicate with him or her during your trip... better learn how to text!

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Sep 24, 2004

don't stand too close to the street!

when you're walking and/or crossing the street make sure to stand a few meters away from the edge of the sidewalk and keep your bags close to your body. and don't ever use your cellphone! manila is abound with motorists on motorcyles and some aren't just using them for transportation but also for stealing! because its easier for these guys to weave through traffic and make a faster getaway, these a-holes target unsuspecting pedestrians who use their cellphones or have their bags out for all the world to see and are standing too close to the street, or walking as if he/she doesn't have a care in the world. if you're not careful, before you know it, they've snatched that phone right out of your hands or that bag right out of your shoulder. so guys, better safe than sorry!

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Jun 11, 2007

philippine Manila travel tips

Most flight into Manila are usally delayed if your going to meet some one there at the airport be aware the getting through customs is a hassle and or luggage area is over crowded. causing even longer long delays. Two of the major concern in Mainila is traffic and street venders. regardless what is said Manila is very safe as long as you use common sense. people tend to forget just how large this place really is. It's one of the Largest cities in the world. I rather walk the streets of Manila than New York. Yes their are many tourist traps but even if you pay double what the going rate is your only talk about a few dollars. Most filipinos are very helpful and good people. The ones you worry about the most is the ones in fancy suit that tell you hey I got a deal for you be afraid very afraid. best thing to do in manila is shop for cloths bring an empty bag with you cause you'll need it. My wife loves to shop for cloth in the hug mall around town. O' yes almost forgot if your going to need a hotel use a hotel that is well known or is in a good part of town. if you do that you have great trip Manila fun and exciting. It worth stay for a few dollars more for safety. Remember try to blend not over take an that filipino people will embrace you.

Mar 30, 2007

Things to Do Near Manila

Things to Do

Luneta - Rizal Park

Japanese Gardens in Luneta Park. Entrance Fee is only PhP 10 or $ 0.23 (2014). Small but nice view. The place is peaceful. Good ambiance. Lots of amazing views. Good for picture-taking. Children can...
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This building stands out like a sore thumb in the Spanish historic walled city of Intramuros and the developer should be shot. It is called BF Condominium and is situated next to the ruins of the...
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Pasig River

the ferry service is now closed as of 2011 Tired of the traffic and the gridlock? Take the river. It’s faster, cheaper and yes, cooler. The ferry service, a revival of the Starcraft ferry which had...
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Just near the Goodwill Gate you will come across this Feng Shui Store which is a popular place for the local Chinese to buy their Feng Shui items and Yin Yang Charms. The store is packed to the...
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Malate District, together with the Ermita District, is the main tourist districts of the City of Manila and both districts have their seedier and sleazy areas as this are the main tourists areas and...
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Museo Pambata

An enjoyable place for the young ones, as well as the young once, Museo Pambata at the north end of Roxas Blvd. is an enjoyable place that excites and stirs my kids' inquisitive minds. Combiming...
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