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Philippines Off The Beaten Path

  • Markets and Street Scenes

    Manila Off The Beaten Path

    always buzzing with patrons! Excellente Ham is an institution in Quiapo District of Manila as it is known as one of the Pioneers of The Chinese Style of Cured and Smoked Salty and Sweet Ham in the Philippines. They were making chinese style ham since the 1930's and this only branch still rakes in the crowds, specially during the christmas season...

  • Casa de Burgos

    Daram Off The Beaten Path

    We wanted something different, away from tourist areas, where we could enjoy our own company, go exploring, meet local people and relax. We were met at Tacloban airport by the owners brother and taken by van to Babatngon, a small port. They then took us in their boat to Burgos, about an hours trip. The scenery was amazing. The roof garden at the...

  • Tagaytay and Taal

    Manila Off The Beaten Path

    Taal Lake lies in the crater of an extinct volcano on Luzon Island, about 56 km (about 35 miles) south of Manila. The lake is the 3rd largest lake in the Philippines covering an area of 240 sq km (94 sq miles).

  • Corregidor

    Manila Off The Beaten Path

    If you have a day where you want to explore something different, ride a ferry to to Corregidor! This is just a short 2-3 hour ferry ride that leaves daily at 0730 from the wharf which is close to the Cultural Center of the Philippines. What will you see? Cannons! This place has a rich history, very important in how the shipping was controlled in...

  • In the Visayas

    Manila Off The Beaten Path

    Sumilon Island off Dumaguete in Negros Oriental used to be a marine sanctuary managed by Silliman University. When we took this trip in 1994, it was no longer a marine sanctuary but a resort being leased by a Japanese company. The marine life was spectacular and the island was beautiful. The cottages were on top of the cliff overlooking clear blue...

  • Biliran - peaceful and romantic

    This small undiscovered paradise is blessed with natural resources. Scenic landscape with rivers, natural springs, rice terraces, an active volcano and white sandy beaches on the nearby islands with crystal clear water and majestic marine life, excellent for snorkeling. In one of them, Higatangan, there is a lovely white sand bar which is shifting...

  • Sibuyan...the "Galapagos of Asia"

    Sibuyan, a small pristine island of undisturbed beauty, is next to Romblon. Although it occupies only 445 square kilometers its main peak, Guiting-Guiting, reaches a height of more than 2000 meters. Because of its remoteness and the lack of touristic development its natural beauty has remained untouched. Scientists have decided to protect it from...

  • Romblon,Romblon..!

    Romblon is still a paradise island. Its pristine sandy beaches, excellent coral reefs,rich flora and fauna,untouched forests,waterfalls,caves and wonderful beach hotels make it a perfect destination for quiet and cheap vacations without the crowds of the more popular islands. If you mention Romblon to locals they would think of the whole complex of...

  • Mapipipi island

    Maripipi is a tiny island at the north tip of Biliran. Folk stories say that the name comes from a young couple who were found walking on the island. When they were asked their names they answered “Maria “ and “Pepe”. So "Maripipi" is the result of these two names pronounced together. The locals are very proud, polite and friendly mostly engaged in...

  • Maripipi island-wonderful people!!

    My curiosity brought me to Maripipi island and it didn't..kill me as it does to cats...! On the contrary it left me with the sweetest memories. On nearing the tiny island I could see palm trees covered the whole island . Unfortunately many of them were lying uprooted, unfortunate victims of an uneven war with nature. A hurricane had just passed...


    In the West when one says that they are moving house it means that they are relocating to a different home, but here it can mean that they are actually MOVING THE HOUSE !!! You are unlikely to see this in the city but on the outskirts or in the countryside you will see houses being moved. My first experience of this was on my first visit to the...

  • Naic, Cavite (Not your average tourist...

    If you go to Naic, Cavite there are a lot of cool cheap and yes, run down but rustic and charming beach hut hotels. This area has very few, if any Western or non Filipinos there, I was the only Westerner in the whole area of thousands of people which made it quite an eye opener to true Filipino life there in the Philippines. I had a lot of fun. Was...

  • Cuyo Island.

    Cuyo island is a tiny island located inbetween Palawan and Iloilo and the reason why i made it to there myself was because i stopped there while taking the ferry from Iloilo to Purto Princesa on Palawan.The island is really pretty and still very pristine and you have next to no tourists there.During my half day visit to the island i did not see a...


    Sometimes you will end up in a remote place where there are no roads and no transport. We often go by car to a remote beach in Palawan but we reach a point where it is impossible to continue the last few hundred meters so we have to hire the services of a local and his water buffalo who will transport our ice chests across a river and 500 meters...

  • Ferry ride from Cebu port to Mactan...

    A ferry ride from Cebu port (pier3) to Mactan island allows us to understand the role of Cebu port as the premier domestic port in the Philippines.Its central location withinPhilippine has made Cebu Port the undisputed centre of local shipping.

  • island paradise...

    the philippines is an archipelago of 7,107 islands ...believe it or not but we have the longest coast line in the world ...if you are looking for a perfect beach to relax sure theres one paradise for you

  • Laoag City Ilocos Norte

    Laoag was first occupied by the Spaniards in 1592 and is now the largest city in northern Luzon. Ilocos Norte is best known as the home province of former president Ferdinand Marcos. The province has many Old Spanish Churches, the best known being St. William's Cathedral in the capital city, Laoag. see my LAOAG travel pages for more...information

  • Mt Samat, Pilar Bataan

    This is the famous MT. SAMAT in Pilar, Bataan. You can see the highest Cross-in the Philippines. It is 360 feet high and stand in the mountain.

  • Travel with locals the local way

    Went to Banaue rice terraces the back way... via Bontoc city across the side of Sierra Madre Mountains...The scenery via Bontoc city is spectacular although the travel is a bit rough.There are bus companies and private drivers who do the trip from Baguio city to Bontoc city, then buses and jeepneys travel from Bontoc city to Banaue rice terraces...

  • Surfing Destination up North.

    If you're looking for some fun beach experience, try heading to La Union. It is a coastal city, just six-hour drive from Manila. There are a lot of beach resorts offering a variety of fun activities and a great relaxing ambiance for you and your family (and friends) to enjoy.

  • Sablayan, Mindoro

    A completely non-descript town but gateway to my favourite places in the country. Firstly: Pandan island. Lots of other tourists but a stunning tropical island. Snorkeling here I saw sharks, giant turtles and a multitude of beautiful tropical fish. There are lots of beach huts of varying degrees of comfort to rent, or you can bring your own tent...

  • Kalinga

    I can't quite work out what I feel about Kalinga. I found the people among the most hospitable in the country but at the same time they are willing to kill each other at the drop of a hat! Tribal war is an accepted part of life and there were several revenge killings while I was there. These are unlikely to involve tourists but anyone worried about...

  • South Palawan

    In the virgin jungles of South Palawan live many groups of Palawan people. Many of them still live very traditionally, alternating between living in caves in the rock during the rainy season and traditional houses at other times. They hunt bats and other animals using traditional methods and some groups still have little contact with the outside...

  • Bulalacao, Mindoro

    This truly was one of my favourite places in the Philippines. Eating in a cafe just after our arrival a young man walked in and asked, "may I sing for you?" We said yes and he went ahead and did it for several minutes! Other than that there are some STUNNING beaches and islands nearby that are COMPLETELY deserted. Very few other tourists come...

  • Romblon province: Tablas island

    The only real reason I can think of to come here is to get the pump boat from here to Roxas, Mindoro. My experience doing just that was so bad (days of delays, two break downs while at sea, cramped conditions and rough seas) that I would not recommend it to anyone. That said, locals are friendly, there are one or two nice beaches, indigenous people...

  • Romblon province: Sibuyan island

    Isolated and little visited, Sibuyan is nevertheless well worthy of a visit by those with enough time on their hands not to be bothered by the very irregular boat connections to the outside world! It has a jungley, mountainous interior that is home to several species of animal found nowhere else in the world. Without a lot of time, however, your...

  • Lake Sebu, Mindanao

    Lake Sebu high in the mountains is home to the friendly and hospitable Tboli people. Traditional weaving and jewelry making is still widespread and at events such as festivals and weddings you can see people dressed up in their colourful red and black costumes and hats. Their annual festival in November includes horse fighting.There are several...


    San Juan La Union is a great surfing beach in the northern part of the Philippines. Its a 6 hour bus ride from Manila .if you want a quite beach and want to learn to surf this is a nice place to spend a few days. Surfing Lessons body surfing surfing.

  • Spend time on that Palwan with the...

    The people of the Palawan Island are the most genuin people you will EVER meet. Everyone looks out for eachother and they love tourists. I spent 3 weeks traveling this amazing island and not once did I feel unsafe or unsure if I could trust someone. All thay want is a glimse into your life. Most of them have next to nothing but will invite you into...


    Nawawalang PARAISO ( Hidden PAradise) is a popular tourist spot for locals. My sister has constantly brought her guests and her company's staff for seminars/workshops here so we got to know about this awesome scenic place!It is is literally hidden among the expansive greenery that surrounds the legendary Mount Banahaw in Tayabas, Quezon, a few...

  • World-class Filipino artists

    The Philippines is home to a number of world-class artists. Occasionally, the Cultural Center of the Philippines show performances by the Ballet Philippines, the Philippine Madrigal Singers, and the Bayanihan Dance Troupe. World-renowned artists Lea Salonga and Cecile Licad, from time to time, give performances in big concert halls in Manila. The...

  • Sta. Cruz Sunset

    At the very northern portion of Zambales is a city known as Sta Cruz. It's a fairly big city, and fishing is the main means of living there. It's right next to the ocean, and many people even ride their bangka boats to the palengke or market. I learned that the bangka boats are made from kawayan, bayog, and plywood. Many of the families who live by...

  • Twin Waterfalls

    Relatively unknown to outsiders, there exists a wonder of nature hidden deep within the outskirts of Iba, Zambales. In fact, even most of the inhabitants of Iba are oblivious of the beautiful Twin Waterfalls of Sta. Barbara.

  • Motorcycles in the Philippines

    Not sure what you mean by, "off road?" Do you mean dirt biking as in moto X or do you mean just travelling around PI on motorcycles? I do know that there are some moto tracks around Manila, but I think it is pretty limited. Also, not sure where you would be able to get abike for rent. The other problem with renting, especially if you are talking...

  • Beyond Banaue & Batad

    Banaue may get all the fame, and Batad all the backpacker traffic, but in fact the rice terraces of three more areas in Ifugao are also World Heritage Sites. These are near Kiangan, Hapao and Mayoyao. They are no less beautiful than the more famous and accessible Banaue terraces, yet receive very few visitors. This means that if you do go, you will...

  • Colonial Bicol

    On the way to Mount Mayon from Legazpi, it is well worth stopping at this small town to see this old Spanish church, one of my personal favourites in the country.It stands on a hilltop providing great views of the surrounding countryside.

  • Climate

    The Philippines has a tropical marine climate characterized by two distinct seasons: the wet season (southwest monsoon) from May to October and the dry season (northeast monsoon) from November to April. The southwest monsoon is known as the "habagat" and the dry winds of the northeast monsoon as the "amihan". The first typhoon can hit as early as...

  • Touring on two wheels

    Touring the various areas on our motorbikes, "Enduros" there is so many places to go and see.from the jungles tracks to mountains, rivers and lagoons they are all available here and not to mention the various small stores that can serve up a cold coke or two.From a day trip to a 3 week tour the choice is yours

  • go diving in busuanga

    if you want to go diving in one of the best areas of the world go to Busuanga. It is a small relatively unknown island not too far north of Palawan. There is a sunken fleet of WW2 Japanese ships you can go diving in. It is cheap and worth the short flight from Manila

  • Try our local chocolate

    This chocolate peanut candy may proudly nvented in the Philippines. You cannot found anywhere else in the world. It is our own version of a homegrown, Pinoy chocolate candy.The taste of peanut chocolates years ago is still the same until now my favorite CHOCNUT. You can bought this chococnut even in a small sari-sari store in the philippines

  • Enough supply of Oral Medicine

    If you visit Philippines make it sure you have enough supply of your regular medicine because oral medicine here is so expensive.

  • Don't Forget The Sweetest Fruit In The...

    If you visit the Philippines never forget to taste the world's sweetest mango it is produced in the island province of Guimaras. While other countries have different varieties of the tropical mango, none of them tastes like the superbly delicious Guimaras mango, which is a variety of the popular Carabao Mango (Manginera indica). In 1995, the...

  • Take a trip to a local farm

    I have relatives in the Philippines, so it was easy for us to see the parts of the Philippines which may not be on any top 10 travel lists. We traveled to a farm in Maragondon (about 54km southeast of Manila). We were taken aback from the beauty of the landscape. We were also interested in the different types of fruit being grown along with the...

  • Tagaytay, A Cool Escape

    Not so much as off the beaten path but more just on the edge of it is Tagaytay. An hour or so drive south of Manila in Cavite province Tagaytay has long been a summer retreat to escape the heat of Manila.Standing 600 metres above sea level the climate is certainly agreeable. There are great views, particularly on a clear day of Taal Lake and...

  • Romblon - takes 2 days to get there but...

    We visited Romblon Island and it takes 2 dayt to get there going by boat. we had to catch one boat to Tablas island then go to San Augustine to catch the boat to Romblon the next day.It is worth the effort going there. Marble is in vast supply there so the street lamps are all made of marble and people have marble chips in front of their houses and...


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