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Boracay Island Hopping
"We will pick you up from your requested hotel and take you to the boats departure point. You will have plenty of time in the day to lie back and relax on deserted beaches or go snorkeling and experience our amazing array of tropical fish. Whatever you do this will no doubt be one of your highlights from your trip to the Philippines. Depending on tides and weather conditions we will visit the following spots; Crystal Cove Crocodile Island West Cove Puka Beach Balinghai Beach and Magic island.   A buffet lunch is included and refreshing drinks are also available and snorkeling equipment is free of charge. Crystal Cove is a private Island and there is a small charge not included which will need to ""
From $26.00
WWII Historical Landmarks Day Tour of Bataan from Manila
"After pickup from your metro Manila hotel we will travel 2.5 hours by car to Bataan to visit the following historically significant WWII landmarks before returning to Manila.First Line of Defense Marker at Dinalupihan Bataan Tourism Center and Museum Fall of Bataan Bataan Battle of Trail 2 Capot Hill and Final Battle Site at Pilar Mt. Samat and Shrine of Valor at Pilar Dambana ng Kagitingan Museum at Pilar KM 0 Death March Marker in Bagac Philippine-Japanese Friendship M"""The mention of Bataan rings a memorable chord in the heart of every Filipino. It is today a symbol of democracy and freedom having been the last fortress of Filipino-American soldiers against the Japanese forces until it fell captive on April 9 1942. Bataan has had more than its share of significant historical events. In 1647 the Dutch naval forces perpetrated the Abucay Massacre
From $175.00
Mantayupan and Kawasan Falls Day Tour from Cebu
"A 2 hour drive from the city will bring you to Mantayupan Falls passing thru old Spanish houses rice fields and the green countryside. Breathe in fresh air and enjoy a brief walk to the falls. Mantayupan has two water levels (14 and 98 meters) where a mini-hydro electric system has been installed to service the needs of the small town.The water is saying hello to the locals going about chores such as doing laundry seeing children splashing and experiencing the coolness and freshness of this secret paradise makes this area a very popular getaway by the locals on weekends and holidays. A picnic lunch in a native hut by the falls will be served. Don on a life vest hop on a wooden raft and go under the falls for a hydro massage and enjoy a refreshing dip in aquamarine waters.""""Take an early morning drive southwest of Cebu along picturesque coastlines
From $156.00

Island Hopping Tips (31)

virtual tourist OK ALAN TOUR a eviter

je considere que ALAN FUN TOUR se moque de leur client ...LIMITE HAUTE DE L'ARNAQUE
aout 2014 je prend un package complet hotel et transport pour Boracay ...
dans ce package il est prevu une visite !!!!!!!
mais personne a l'hotel ou un representant de ALAN TOUR , nous informent du jour exact ....
deux jours apres a 8h du matin , nous sommes prevenues que nous allons faire l'excursion ..
ont ne sait pas ou et comment ......heureusement j'ai pris un sac a dos avec de l'eau ......
un peit camion nous emmenent , mais il s fait le tour des hotels de l'ile et nous nous retrouvons a 9 personnes pour 6 places .......
nous embarquont sur un bateau avec 10 autres personnes .....
nous arrivons a une ile ou il faut payer200 p par personnes pour aller visiter une grotte ouverte sur le haut et ouverte sue la mer .......( si des personnes trouvent cela fabuleux .....allez a palawan sur la riviere souteraine vous verrez la difference .......°)
apres la visite de l'ile de de la grotte """"merdique """ le bateau nous amenent sur une autre ile ou ont nous imposent un restaurant de plage pas trancendant , .... la nourriture est bonne ...
apres le repas nouveau depart sur une autre ile pour 2 h de baignade ,,, plage propre et mer agreable .......retour a baoracay .....ET LA SURPRISE pas de transport du staff ALAN TOUR pour revenir a l'hotel ........on vient vous chercher sans vous prevenir et on doit prendre un taxi pour le retour ............MERCI ALAN TOUR y a longtemps que je voulais faire ce post.........
je ne suis pasun francais raleur de plus ,,, apres 3 voyages aux phills ,,,jamais j'ai ete decu comme cela revient en octobre 2015 mais j'eviterai ALAN TOUR al'avenir .............

Aug 12, 2015

The Most Affordable Island Hopping

I consider Allan Fun Tours as the most affordable Island Hopping tour in Boracay. We went there last July 2013 and for only P700 plus P20 for the snorkelling gears, we had an amazing tour with drink/eat-all-you-can lunch buffet. We want to try the Crystal Cove Cave so we paid an extra of P200 per person. I love the cave and the view outside the resort!

Kellydhotbabe's Profile Photo
Nov 04, 2013

Island Hopping

This is a must-do activity while in Boracay. I experienced this on our first visit to Boracay, so I didn't put it in my priority list for my recent visit anymore...but seeing so much changes in Boracay, I'll probably go for it with my grandson on our next trip.

The itinerary usually includes Crocodile Island, Crystal Cove, Puka Shell Beach and Panoly Beach (some don't go to Panoly anymore). Price would depend on the number of persons and the size of the boat. Boatmen will usually give you this pricing: "For 3 hours of hopping, a small boat (with a capacity of 1-8 persons) costs PhP 2,000-2,500.00; a medium boat (with a capacity of 6-12 persons) costs PhP 3,500-4,000.00; and a big boat (with a capacity of 17-25 persons) costs PhP 6,000.00. There is an additional of PhP 500.00 per hour in excess of the 3 hours." BUT based on what I have canvassed, you can get it for a much lower price: For 3 hours of island hopping, you can get have the activity for P1,200 for a group of 3 to 4 or P1,500 for a group of 5 to 6. You can even request the boatman to accompany you to the market, buy some seafoods, and let him grill the food for your lunch. For that, I have no doubt you'll find it in your good heart to give him a tip and of course, share in the food.


In our recent trip, I learned that boat owners/boatmen are now prohibited from dealing directly with guests and sailing without passing through "lamesa". Literally, "lamesa" means table, but passing through "lamesa" means the guests have to pass through the registration table before sailing. They will have to log in the registration book so they will be insured (insurance costs are already included in the boat rate), and the name of the boat and boatmen will also be registered. The "lamesa" system (registration and insurance of tourists also apply to other watersports like jetski, helmet reef walk, parasailing,etc.

cyndymc's Profile Photo
May 06, 2011

Island Hopping

Island hopping is one of the popular activities in Boracay. You can arrange the tour through your hotel or directly transact with the many "agents" along white beach. A tour ranges between 3 to 6 hours with 2-3 island stops. Further, you have the option to join a group or rent a private boat, and include lunch in the package or not.

We chose a 6-hour group tour with lunch arranged through our hotel. However a miscommunication between our guide and the boatman, compounded with very strong waves, resulted to delays, change in itinerary, and lost of valuable swimming/snorkeling time. In the end, we were able to visit only Crystal Cove though the views were worth the trip.

The island has an entrance fee of P200/head that includes free use of cottages. The cottages also serve as "watch towers" as they were located on the highest points of the island. From here, one has a breath taking view of the sea and, on clear days, the islands of Masbate, Romblon, & Mindoro. The island has 2 caves that open to the sea and ideal for snorkeling (but due to the strong waves on the day of our trip, we had to content ourselves with picture-taking).

asianbelle's Profile Photo
Dec 14, 2010
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Island hopping

You can hire a banca to take a circle around the island. On the way one can experience beautiful beaches and islands. Crystal cove is worth mentioning here. Stunning views of surrounding islands from the hill. There are also a couple of caves. Over all a nice place for an extended stop over during island hopping.

lahoree's Profile Photo
Sep 02, 2008

Boracay Island Hopping

Just returned from Bora this week, spent a week there. Most hotels can arrange the above for you, and or you will be approached by the vendors along the beach. Everyones rates are pretty much the same PHP500 per person. It is cheaper if there is a group of usually 5 or more. The island hopping is more beach and cove hopping and you need a few more Piso for hire of snorkel and enviroment fees approx PHP120 for both.
The one we went on took us to a beach hut come restaurant (at your expense) which we weren't aware of until we got there. Lucky we were hungry we brought lunch for ourselves and the guys on our boat. A good afternoon out - lasted 3.5 hrs

cheerssweetie's Profile Photo
Aug 16, 2008

Go island hopping!

Just walk around, i'm sure you'll find someone holding a big board with pictures offering to tour you around the islands for a few thousand bucks.

You can go snorkeling or even buy coconuts along the way. It was my first time to see men in their little bancas selling coconuts in the middle of the ocean!

screamcheese's Profile Photo
Feb 21, 2008

island hopping boat tour

while in the island make sure you do an island hopping boat tour.

we did a private tour and cost is around $40.00 for a 3 to 4 hour tour of small islets around boracay, this private boat will entertain up to 5 people. we like this better than the packaged ones that have up to 40 people mainly because you can ask the guides to take you on islets that are not usually on the set tour and also spend as much or as little time on each island that you visit.

around the beach, in my opinion it has gone very commercial, but when eating out i'd say go for the seafood on any of the restaurants and just have them grill it and order garlic rice, it is delicious. I had grilled squid stuffed with onions and tomato and my mouth is watering just wrting about this.

you can also get scuba diving tours from the beach as well.

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Jan 10, 2008

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Visit Puka Beach

Part of the island hop tour is to visit Puka beach which is a very famous beach up in the northern part of the island. The beach is made up of puka shells bleached white in the sun. This part of the island was not developed, that is why the absence of a crowd. But still you will enjoy the 800 meter beach area it has to offer. You may dine in several eateries in the island and buy a few souvenirs made from the island.

dcmanicad's Profile Photo
Dec 19, 2007

Island hopping tour

Island hopping is one of the major activities to be done in Boracay. It is not to be missed!

We left at around 8:00 am and we went to Bulabog beach at the east side of the island, where a motorboat is waiting. Our first stop is the snorkeling area near Crocodile island. After, we went to the famous Puka Island where we had our lunch and did some souvenir shopping. Along the way, we passed by a couple of beautiful islets. Also, if you pay attention to the water while cruising along, you will occasionally see school of little fishes jumping in and out of the water.

Our island trip cost P1000 only but it didn’t include one of the usual spots which is the Crystal Cove Island. It is unfortunate we weren’t able to visit but we didn’t know any better then (no VT yet huhu). Anyway we still had so much fun.

dcmanicad's Profile Photo
Dec 19, 2007

Island Hopping (Boat Tour)

This tour usually lasts 3-5 hrs which takes you to a few beaches around the island for swimming, snorkeling, Crystal Cove (PHP75 entrance fee) which has 2 caves to explore and lunch (included). The price range for this tour is around PHP2000-3500 (depends on your haggling abilty).

BMer's Profile Photo
May 27, 2007

island hopping/snorkling

you can arrange to have aboat take you island hopping.. there are several locals who are willing to take you around the island...
they will take you to crystal cove and to snorkle where you can feed the fish..

zoe_girl18's Profile Photo
Feb 16, 2007

Things to Do Near Boracay Island

Things to Do

Crocodile Islands

A trip to Boracay should include a skindiving trip to Crocodile Island.The marine life near crocodile island is quite diverse. There are corals and colorful fish. The fish were small though compared...
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