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Boracay Island Hopping
"We will pick you up from your requested hotel and take you to the boats departure point. You will have plenty of time in the day to lie back and relax on deserted beaches or go snorkeling and experience our amazing array of tropical fish. Whatever you do this will no doubt be one of your highlights from your trip to the Philippines. Depending on tides and weather conditions we will visit the following spots; Crystal Cove Crocodile Island West Cove Puka Beach Balinghai Beach and Magic island.   A buffet lunch is included and refreshing drinks are also available and snorkeling equipment is free of charge. Crystal Cove is a private Island and there is a small charge not included which will need to ""
From $26.00
WWII Historical Landmarks Day Tour of Bataan from Manila
"After pickup from your metro Manila hotel we will travel 2.5 hours by car to Bataan to visit the following historically significant WWII landmarks before returning to Manila.First Line of Defense Marker at Dinalupihan Bataan Tourism Center and Museum Fall of Bataan Bataan Battle of Trail 2 Capot Hill and Final Battle Site at Pilar Mt. Samat and Shrine of Valor at Pilar Dambana ng Kagitingan Museum at Pilar KM 0 Death March Marker in Bagac Philippine-Japanese Friendship M"""The mention of Bataan rings a memorable chord in the heart of every Filipino. It is today a symbol of democracy and freedom having been the last fortress of Filipino-American soldiers against the Japanese forces until it fell captive on April 9 1942. Bataan has had more than its share of significant historical events. In 1647 the Dutch naval forces perpetrated the Abucay Massacre
From $175.00
Mantayupan and Kawasan Falls Day Tour from Cebu
"A 2 hour drive from the city will bring you to Mantayupan Falls passing thru old Spanish houses rice fields and the green countryside. Breathe in fresh air and enjoy a brief walk to the falls. Mantayupan has two water levels (14 and 98 meters) where a mini-hydro electric system has been installed to service the needs of the small town.The water is saying hello to the locals going about chores such as doing laundry seeing children splashing and experiencing the coolness and freshness of this secret paradise makes this area a very popular getaway by the locals on weekends and holidays. A picnic lunch in a native hut by the falls will be served. Don on a life vest hop on a wooden raft and go under the falls for a hydro massage and enjoy a refreshing dip in aquamarine waters.""""Take an early morning drive southwest of Cebu along picturesque coastlines
From $156.00

Island Hopping Tips (31)

island hopping

you get almost everything on boracay's island hopping tour; spelunking, snorkeling, sumptuous buffet lunch, all for the price of $15 or Php 600. you get to see the view of the ocean from puka beach and laurel island. plus, you'll see ice-cream-vendors-on-sea....

jascastro0327's Profile Photo
Jan 22, 2007

Island Hopping

An unhurried trip around the island by outrigger boat can be arranged for about P500. A day trip, including the nearby Carabao Island with its equally beautiful white sand beaches - still unspoiled by tourism - would cost a bit more. There are skillful artisans on Carabao who not only build snazzy paraw, but also have mastered the art of sailing them well.
Now and then, boat trips to several interesting snorkelling areas are available, for example with the MB Blue Dolphin, which cost P150 per person for four hrs. It's not a good idea to arrange snorkel trips with boatsmen who are not from Boracay and who know neither the water current conditions nor the good places for coral.

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Nov 20, 2006

Island Hopping

This should be on the top of your list. Boracay is not all about the White Beach. There's more to explore. Basically, the operators have the same rate, P600/head, but we haggled Allan B for only P500/head, 10 am-5pm, including buffet lunch. Always ask the operator about the size of the boat because smaller boat (6-8 pax) may not be able to tour the entire island due to strong current on some area, better to go with at least a 20-seater boat with a group for better navigation.

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Nov 19, 2006

Island Hop

Many operators offer tours around Boracay. You may opt to rent a whole boat if you're a large enough group, or you may opt to join group tours. Most group tours last the whole day. They include snorkeling gear and lunch.

Usual places include 3 snorkeling areas, including Crododile Island, and Puka Beach. If you wish to visit Crystal Cove, you will have to shell out an additional PhP100 (USD2) for the island's entrance fee. I must warn you, though, that it is not advisable to do so during the monsoon months because it'll be difficult to snorkle on the island's crystal caves.

And do watch out for the "floating market" on the waters off Crocodile Island! It's a fun sight. Entrepreneurial natives will approach your boat with either coconut or ice cream. It's a nice treat during a hot day.

Group tours average PhP500-600/person (about USD10 to 12).

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Oct 29, 2006
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Hotels Near Boracay Island

Barangay Balabag, Malay, Aklan (Newcoast), 5608, Philippines
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White Beach, Boracay, 5608, Philippines
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5608, Philippines
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P. O. Box 11, Kalibo Post Office, 5600, Philippines
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Sitio Hagdan, Brgy. Yapak, Philippines
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North Beach, Balabag, 5608
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Island hopping, snorkelling, diving

Island hopping tours are being offered from P600-P750 per person, inclusive of lunch, snorkelling gears and boat rental. This is a must do if it's your first time in Boracay. Your Boracay experience is not complete without doing this.

Stalls offering packages can be found along the dirt road across the beach. Scout for the package offering the best menu for lunch because after the morning's snorkelling activity, you'd feel like you could eat a whole cow.

If going in a big group, renting a boat is more economical. This could range from P1500-P3000, depending on the size of the group. No meals included.

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Sep 20, 2006

Island Hopping

We chartered a private banca, seats around 6 people, and for P1200 (P1800 if you hire one from the hotel), the boat will go island-hopping for 3 hours.

Why go island hopping? Well, you can see interesting rock formations, crystal blue water, corals on the seabed, stunning views of nearby emerald isles, and white-sand beaches.

We were able to visit Crystal Cove, view Crocodile Island (no crocs but shaped like a croc), and swim in Puca Beach.

Before you start your journey, you have to pay P50 for the upkeep of the environment and tell the boatmen if you're interested in snorkelling so he can rent the equipment for you.

At Crystal Cove (P100 entrance fee), you can perfect your floating skills (with the orange lifevests) while holding on to a rope (waves get rough mid-day and you might end up crashing on the rocks) or crawl inside a cave. As there's a picnic area, bring your baon or buy snack from their kiosks. Be ready with your flip flops as the descending stairs to reach the cove is narrow and slippery. You bet, this city girl, didn't crawl inside the cave!

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Sep 12, 2006

island hopping

Hire one of the motor boats to take you around the island of Boracay. The tour usually takes half a day. The motor boat usually also takes you near the crocodile island for snorkelling, and to the Puka beach, which is a bit desserted compared to station 1, 2, and 3.

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May 13, 2006

Island Hopping

Brings you to Crocodile Island (for snorkling) and Puka Beach (for swimming and lunch). Costs approximately 1000-1500 pesos per banca, am not sure how many people can ride though. When you get to crocodile island, the boatman will anchor for a while, then some guy will approach and charge a snorkling fee (?). we paid 20 per person i think. bring some bread so you can feed the fishes. touching of corals are not allowed (but of course to preserve marine life)

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Feb 25, 2006

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Fun in the Sun

1. Rent a boat and go island hopping. There are other small islands around which are less crowded. But of course the beach is far better in boracay island.
2. Go fishing then have your catch cooked in one of the stores after.
3. stroll towards Boracay Terraces.
4. Snorkel around the rocky portion just beside boracay terraces.
5. Have a game of beach volleyball
6. Go towards the market and buy some souveneirs. Boracay has lots to offer that will make you remember your stay.

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Jan 28, 2006

Banka Ride

Go island hopping on a boat or banka. A typical day trip will cost around $1000 - $1200 pesos. Most likely you will be approached by locals for this service. They normally hang out around boat stations 2 and 3. Your excursion will most likely include a trip to Crystal Cove Island, snorkeling near Crocodile Island, and lunch at Puka Beach.

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Oct 19, 2005

Island hopping

Island hopping – when you get to boracay there will be guys approaching you asking if you want to go around the island. I would suggest that you just get their names or cell phone number and just come back to them when you’ve decided you want to go island hopping, its not that expensive it wont cost you more than $25 it’s a 4 hours trip around the island , you can stop on each beach and ask them to anchor somewhere to snorkel and Feed the small fishes.

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Apr 27, 2005

Island hopping 3

Every now and then we passed these little islets, where we could see people diving into the emerald green waters. Some too brave and bold, while some needs to be coaxed or encouraged or if not pushed by their mates into the very inviting waters

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Apr 24, 2005

Things to Do Near Boracay Island

Things to Do

Crocodile Islands

A trip to Boracay should include a skindiving trip to Crocodile Island.The marine life near crocodile island is quite diverse. There are corals and colorful fish. The fish were small though compared...
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