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Boracay Island Hopping
"We will pick you up from your requested hotel and take you to the boats departure point. You will have plenty of time in the day to lie back and relax on deserted beaches or go snorkeling and experience our amazing array of tropical fish. Whatever you do this will no doubt be one of your highlights from your trip to the Philippines. Depending on tides and weather conditions we will visit the following spots; Crystal Cove Crocodile Island West Cove Puka Beach Balinghai Beach and Magic island.   A buffet lunch is included and refreshing drinks are also available and snorkeling equipment is free of charge. Crystal Cove is a private Island and there is a small charge not included which will need to ""
From $26.00
WWII Historical Landmarks Day Tour of Bataan from Manila
"After pickup from your metro Manila hotel we will travel 2.5 hours by car to Bataan to visit the following historically significant WWII landmarks before returning to Manila.First Line of Defense Marker at Dinalupihan Bataan Tourism Center and Museum Fall of Bataan Bataan Battle of Trail 2 Capot Hill and Final Battle Site at Pilar Mt. Samat and Shrine of Valor at Pilar Dambana ng Kagitingan Museum at Pilar KM 0 Death March Marker in Bagac Philippine-Japanese Friendship M"""The mention of Bataan rings a memorable chord in the heart of every Filipino. It is today a symbol of democracy and freedom having been the last fortress of Filipino-American soldiers against the Japanese forces until it fell captive on April 9 1942. Bataan has had more than its share of significant historical events. In 1647 the Dutch naval forces perpetrated the Abucay Massacre
From $175.00
Mantayupan and Kawasan Falls Day Tour from Cebu
"A 2 hour drive from the city will bring you to Mantayupan Falls passing thru old Spanish houses rice fields and the green countryside. Breathe in fresh air and enjoy a brief walk to the falls. Mantayupan has two water levels (14 and 98 meters) where a mini-hydro electric system has been installed to service the needs of the small town.The water is saying hello to the locals going about chores such as doing laundry seeing children splashing and experiencing the coolness and freshness of this secret paradise makes this area a very popular getaway by the locals on weekends and holidays. A picnic lunch in a native hut by the falls will be served. Don on a life vest hop on a wooden raft and go under the falls for a hydro massage and enjoy a refreshing dip in aquamarine waters.""""Take an early morning drive southwest of Cebu along picturesque coastlines
From $156.00

Swimming Tips (11)

Swim and acquire a tan

Boracay gained prominence as a tourist destination because of its famed white sand. Not surprisingly, the 3.5km long beach has been called White Beach and is the most popular place in the island. It faces the West giving visitors a good view of the sunset. This is also where most hotels, bars, and restos are located.

The fine, flour-like sand of White Beach beckons people to swim and sunbathe, which are just two of the many activities that can be done in the island. Although the entire length of White Beach is ideal for swimming, I prefer BS1. It is in the northern end with a wide beach and not crowded. There are also less boats docked compared with BS2 and BS3.

asianbelle's Profile Photo
Feb 03, 2006

Swim All Around

Boat tripping is one of a fun way to discover of the amazing waters there in Boracay. The boatman will take you and your friends to different little swimming pots where you can hike a bit and do some snorkeling. Or if you like just to walk the whole area you can do that and if ever you tired walking and you feel so hot already, just take a break and then if after taking break go to the sea. Sea is waiting for you.

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May 14, 2005

Swim and enjoy the Boracay Beach

Sweet Jesus, you are in Boracay! Of course you should swim! Enjoy the crystal clear blue water and the fine sand. Enjoy the sun (put sun screen first) and the sea wind. Enjoy the view. Enjoy the crowd. Enjoy the atmosphere.

Did i say the word "enjoy" too much? Thought so...

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Dec 19, 2007

Swim Until the Sun Goes Down...

One of my favorite activities in Boracay - SUNSET VIEWING! I swim or just sit at the white sand while waiting for that magic moment when the sun changes its color into golden yellow, spreading orange into the sky and slowly glides off the horizon. No wonder visitors troop to the beach and end their day with this activity.

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May 15, 2007
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Hotels Near Boracay Island

Barangay Balabag, Malay, Aklan (Newcoast), 5608, Philippines
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White Beach, Boracay, 5608, Philippines
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5608, Philippines
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P. O. Box 11, Kalibo Post Office, 5600, Philippines
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Sitio Hagdan, Brgy. Yapak, Philippines
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North Beach, Balabag, 5608
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A Walk In Paradise

White Beach is a beautiful stretch of truly very fine white sand (talcum-like) on the west coast of the island. Along this four kilometer stretch of beauty is where all the fun and action is. Everything is here from cozy accomodations to interesting bars, shops and water sports. It could have been a walk in paradise without all these.

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Apr 13, 2007

Swim with your Best Friend

A sight I find so amusing...this dog happily swimming with his masters. He was like any other human being there....he would swim and leave the waters for awhile to sit or lie down at the white sand and then back to the waters again. I have also seen other dogs doing that, not just this one here.

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May 14, 2007

Swim, Swim, Swim

I really missed this island paradise that coming here for the second time felt just like my first time in this place. The excitement never stopped until I got here. Most of my time here I spent swimming on clear waters, walking/sitting on its powdery white sand, chasing/viewing sunset at the end of the day and taking pictures. I always cherish my days in Bora, those worry-free days, days where I was able to spend just lazing around....

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May 14, 2007


There are so many things to do in Boracay, swimming being on the top of the list. The beaches are very ideal for children coz it is gently sloping meaning no sudden depths. No stones or rocks that can hurt your feet. Just fine white sand that is nice to walk barefooted. The water is clear and pristine. Just about everything you're looking for in a beach you can find in Boracay.
Aside from swimming, you can do diving, kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing, sea kayaking, snokelling, island hopping, horseback riding as well as tennis and having that relaxing massage by the sea. Everything is just perfect for that Paradise Tropical Island Getaway!

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Nov 20, 2006

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Swim at Station 3

Although the Main Bars and Hotels are in Boat Station 1 area of white beach and most of the action and bustle of boracay is, When you want a less crowded area and more privacy for beach activities like swimming, snorkelling, sun tan, etc. Station 3 is the best since it is farthest by the congested Station 1. You can walk the 800 meter distance to station 3 via the imrpovised beach pathway or hire a tricycle at one of the side streets lying perpendicular to white beach (cost is 30 pesos a person) and it takes you to the nearest perpendicular side street to Boat Station 3. either way, you can expect more privacy!

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Sep 02, 2014

Swim,watch or just walk along the beach

Boracay beach is perfect for swimming, the place for sunbathing and watersports.
This is also considered to be walkers paradise because of wide, narrow to kilometers long white beach.

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Feb 04, 2003

Swim with the Locals

Seen this little girl (not sure if she's American or European) having fun while swimming with the local kids. If only the whole world can live harmoniously as this....and happily....

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May 15, 2007

Things to Do Near Boracay Island

Things to Do

Crocodile Islands

A trip to Boracay should include a skindiving trip to Crocodile Island.The marine life near crocodile island is quite diverse. There are corals and colorful fish. The fish were small though compared...
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Getting to Boracay Island


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