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Panglao Island Things to Do

  • Scuba Diving

    Panglao Island is great for scuba diving because the island/ Bohol is surrounded by beautiful corals and you will see lots of underwater creatures here. Plus, if you are going to do your diving at night, I recommend you do it with PrAna Bohol cause they have this so called Fluoro diving, this means that you will be going to use a different...

  • Photography101

    Since the beach offers a very nice view, it is a good subject for photography. Go get your very reliable camera, set the target and snap. Voila! you've just captured the moment and a great pic to be treasured, for yourself and for VT, of course.

  • Morning Jump

    The scenery is nice at the morning at the beach. To start the day off, why not try a little exercise by the beach and yeah, JUMP! Jumping Norman would be glad to see your pics. haha!


Panglao Island Hotels

  • Amarela Resort

    The amenities are complete to assure a blissful vacation. This hotel is by far one of the cleanest...

  • Oasis Resort

    Alona Beach, Philippines

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 2 out of 5 stars

  • Bohol Sea Resort

    Danao Beach, 6340, Philippines

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

Panglao Island Restaurants

  • La Familia

    This is a new restaurant that opened in early 2015. We were thrilled to find this gem while we were in Panglao Island. It is located directly across from the Church in Panglao. The owner and staff provide excellent food and service. The variety of food on the menu allowed us to enjoy all meals and several times a day. Do not miss this gem!

  • Best Restaurant for Breakfast, Lunch and...

    This is a new restaurant that opened in early 2015. We were thrilled to find this gem while we were in Panglao Island. It is located directly across from the Church in Panglao. The owner and staff provide excellent food and service. The variety of food on the menu allowed us to enjoy all meals and several times a day. Do not miss this gem!


    A must visit place when you are in Alona, PanglaoGood atmosphere, good locatin, good food, good and moderate prices and the best steaks in town. we enjoyed our daily breakfast in SWISS GARDEN and the daily Happy Hourscheck it out: Breakfast with croissant, whole wheat bread and home made yogourt....


Panglao Island Nightlife

  • Fire Dancers in Action

    Fire dancing is one of the main attractions at night at the beach. A set of dancers holding a chain with a ball of fire at the tip of the chain are dancing to the tune of a music. They entertain the public of how well they maneuver what they are holding without being burnt. Indeed, it is a good show to watch. Beach clothes, slippers, or anything...

  • Beer by the beach

    Oops bar is centrally located on Alona Beach and it offers food to dine and some beer! They also have a band playing on the bar while the seats are on the shore. The ambience is very nice and it's a good spot to relax and unwind... beach clothes according to ur preference

  • Night Stroll

    Alona Beach is a stretch of white sand beach with plenty of resorts/bars/restaurants on it. One of the unexpensive things to do during night time is just stroll around, enjoy the waves and wish upon a star on a starry starry night. ;) Dress the way u want it. ;)


Panglao Island Transportation

  • Cebu-Tagbilaran (Bohol)

    If you are coming from Cebu City and you want to go to Panglao Island, you have to take the ferry first from Cebu to Tagbilaran. There are three ferry lines that have different trip schedule everyday. They are Weesam Express, Oceanjet and Supercat. The fare for one way is around Php500.00. They usually have promos for early bookings and roundtrip...

  • Chocolate Hills, Bohol roundtrip

    I just talked up a jeepney driver in Tagbilaran and he agreed to drive me around Bohol for 2.500 PHP/12hrs. plus gasoline...

  • Tricycle

    Tricycles are a cheap and easy way to get around the island, although not neccesarily the fastest.Negotiate your fare before getting in.Can generally fit two thin people and your bags, but have seen some loaded up with whole families. :)


Panglao Island Shopping

  • Best souvenirs and accessories

    f you died and went to fashion heaven, that heaven would look a lot like Island Girl -- the store is just right on the beach, after all, with a plethora of different resortwear accessories, sandals, and styles to help you look the part. Island Girl doesn't sell your typical handicraft accessories with the same style from twenty years ago. The...

  • Cheapest Souvenirs

    Strategically located at the parking lot of the Hinagdanan Cave Park, you will find souvenir stalls. The stalls here are known to sell souvenirs at the cheapest price. All kinds of Bohol souvenir items are on sale: t-shirts, sandos, malongs, saris, keychains, refrigerator magnets, stuffed mini-tarsiers, peanut kisses, etc. Your P300 can already...

  • Shooping for Bohol Souvenirs

    Tagbilaran City has two major shopping malls that you can go to if you would like to buy souvenirs for family and friends in Manila or anywhere else from your trip in Bohol. These malls have lots of souvenir shops, supermarkets and the actual department stores inside these have lots of Bohol items for sale. Although in my opinion, prices in the...


Panglao Island Local Customs

  • boat prayers?

    Something I thought was a bit strange, was that people pray before the beginning of a ferry ride.Not just a few people... but the whole boat, led by TV screens put up by the crew for movies during the trip.Do boats crash that often that a prayer is needed? Maybe it works? Our trip was safe. :)

  • Strange Brew of "Tuba" - Give It a Try

    Have seen an old man with a big bamboo flask tied into his waist climbing the tall coconuts by Alona Beach. Took some shots of the action and waited for him to get down. As I presumed, he was collecting coconut nectar to be processed and brewed to "Tuba" . Tuba is a concoction made from the nectars collected and as processed would give a very...

  • Clean and Make It Immaculately White.

    Having extensive coral reefs farther off the sea coast of Panglao Island, seaweeds are washed to the shore everyday and left as the tide ebbs low. It is but normal to have the impression that these seaweeds are eyesore of the ideal white sand all over. But that's nature in balance. No seaweeds means no life underwater.However, getting rid of them...


Panglao Island Warnings and Dangers

  • Blasting Disco around Alona Beach

    Hi ther, for all who would like to sleep in night. At now it is better to book a hotel direkt at the beach, there they forced the hotels to calm down the music around midnight. in the surrounding area are now some open air discos making the night to daytime. No chance to sleep before 4.00 a clock. So be carefull in choosing hotel. Also a lot of...

  • Lost and NOT found.

    When you stroll on the beach, always keep your valuables safe or secured. I placed my VT Flag on my small bag but didnt notice it slipped away from it. When i realized that it's not in the bag, i strolled back to where I was and didnt find it. Someone might have picked it up. oh well, the saying goes: finders keepers loosers weepers.

  • Sniff Puppies...

    ...are looking for drugs and bombs. Not a place you want to be caught trafficking drugs, as Philippines imposes the death sentence for that offence. Be warned...


Panglao Island Tourist Traps

  • Snorkeling - bring your own

    When we had our dolphin watching we were asked by the boatmen if we would like also to go swimming and snorkeling, but they said we need to hire a smaller boat guide us so we could better enjoy and make it much easier.We asked them how much for the two of us and they said P150 (since in puerto galera it is the same rate about P50 to P70) so we...

  • Boatmen Alibi

    here's our experience...while doing dolphin watching, our boatman approached us and told us that he needs to pick up a korean couple who are in balicasag island. he needs to transport them to alona. don't be fooled by this. they intend to shoot two birds with one stone. my wife and i did not give in to their request. in addition...beware of natives...

  • go outside your resort or spend more!

    if you would be staying at alona kew i suggest you go out and find somewhere else to eat if you want to save ur money.... explore the road (this is just a short road).... you will find interesting shops there while looking for a cheaper resto.... if you still prefer to eat at your resort then go ahead...... atleast you'll have someone in a...


Panglao Island What to Pack

  • A good pair of slippers will do. ;)

    If you plan to go to Panglao, be sure to bring a good pair of slippers with you. Why?!! because u'll be hitting the beach for sure!

  • beach stuff

    ziplock bag (can be bought on outdoor shops) for your belongings not to get wet while you're walking by the beach.... your normal swimwear advil (for headache), immodium (attapulgite) tripod, extra memory/film, extra batts beach hat or cap....or a big hanky for your hair..... sunblock ofcourse!

  • Panglao Island Hotels

    22 Hotels in Panglao Island

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Panglao Island Off The Beaten Path

  • Bohol Bee Farm

    The first for its kind in Bohol. It is located in Dauis, Panglao island. The place is famous of its honey bee products and bi-products. It is an example of a self-contained, sustainable community project. Native cratfs and products are done by the participating local community/residents.

  • Hinagdanan Cave

    It's one of those literally hidden wonders in the island. Hinagdanan means "staired" in English. But it is neither what I call a cave but rather a cavern with a natural underground pool in it where one part of the water is fresh and the other part is sea or salt water. It looks shallow with the naked eye as you can practically see the bottom of the...

  • Enjoy Panglao By Renting A Bike

    most tourist stay on their resort. not us. we rented a small displacement bike and visited BBC and Panglao Island Nature Resort. just talk to any of your hotel/resort staff and i am pretty sure they know someone with a bike for rent. bike rent cost 500 pesos for 8 hours but you can haggle. i got mine for just 200 pesos for an afternoon ride. be...


Panglao Island Sports & Outdoors

  • Scuba diving

    I came to Panglao for the diving, and dove with Pro Safari Center based out of Alona beach.The service was great! Unlike many other operations on Alona running eight or more people on a boat, Pro Safari had only two or three divers at a time on their big boat. Very personalized service, and no crowds to deal with.Knowledgeable and helpful...

  • Panglao is Scuba Diving

    Bohol and its sub-islands/islets are surrounded by coral reefs - very lively and colorful marine life. It is understandable then that majority of the foreign visitors and local divers come for Scuba Diving in Bohol. Alona Beach in Panglao Island is where the major dive shops are located such that almost all of the outrigger boats uniformly painted...

  • The best? I think so!

    Genesis Divers made our whole diving experience really hassle free and enjoyable.We were mainly with Rene and Daniel, but also would like to thank Lur for his inimitable dry humour.All staff were professional and instructive. The boat crew knew what each other were thinking without words and we felt really well looked after and always safe.The hire...


Panglao Island General

  • Go Dolphin Watching!

    Hire a boat and go dolphin watching. The whole day trip including dolphin watching, Balicasag Island and sand bar hopping would cost around 2000 pesos. The boats they have in Panglao Island are bigger and the boatmen are friendly. You would just have to get up really early to go dolphin watching. You would have to meet the boatmen by 5am to 5:30am...


    Here are some of the pictures of the resorts which you will find on Danao, Panglao or the western part of the Alona Beach


    I am very fortunate to have friends in Panglao Island. My guide firts became my good friends and the network grew. It extended to the boatmen, the hotel staff, the other guides and even members of their families. It is really not difficult as the people of Panglao are happy people and quite friendly and accommodating. The warmth of the friendship...


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