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Private Mt Pinatubo Trekking Tour from Manila
"Early pick-up at around 05:00 am drive for 1.5 hours to Pampanga where your local guide will meet you. Upon arrival transfer to a 4x4 jeepney and experience a 2-hour ride and almost 2 hour-trek to the crater.Enjoy the magnificent view of this once dormant volcano. Named as the ‘Sleeping Giant” Mt. Pinatubo’s eruption in 1991 altered global climate and caused mudflows to cascade down its slopes destroying everything along its path and leaving behind a labyrinth of towering lahar cliffs. The Crater Lake within the mouth of the volcano has a halcyon shade of blue that contrasts with the black strombolic fury it exhibited 19 years ago.Travel back to Spa Town (again a 2-hours trek and 2-hours ride) where you will have your lunch and to relax your body after a long trek. After freshening up at Spa Town
From $205.00
Mt Pinatubo Crater Day Trip from Manila Including 4x4 Adventure and Hike
"You’re picked up in the predawn hours from your Manila hotel for the approximate 2.5-hour drive to Capas Tarlac where you’ll depart for Sta. Juliana Base Camp located another 45 minutes away. Relax (or catch up on some sleep!) aboard your comfortable vehicle and enjoy any breakfast you brought along to fuel up before your Mt Pinatubo adventure begins.After a safety briefing and orientation at base camp hop in your enclosed 4x4 vehicle and follow your guide for 1.5 hours along a rugged lahar trail made of volcanic mudflow and rock debris. Drive (or ride in the passenger seat) along the bumpy route referred to as the Sky Way as you make your ascent over the volcanic landscape until arriving at the starting point for your trek.Disembark your 4x4 at the base of Mt Pinatubo and begin your guided hike on foot
From $180.00
Full Day Trekking Taal Volcano with Lunch from Manila
"A once in a lifetime private tour to hike the picturesque Mt. Pinatubo and view the turquoise waters of the volcanic Crater Lake. Our driver picks you up from your hotel in Manila and we head to Mt Pinatubo. From a nearby resort we board an old 4x4 Filip a moon-like terrain with vast ash fields and rocky rivers we hike up towards the summit passing through sandy cliffs and up a single trail mountain path. The views of the Crater Lake are breathtaking and worth every minute of the trek. Relax at the top as you have plenty of time take in the incredible surrounds bask in the sun and enjoy the views of the lake.We then start out journey back into Manila taking you back to your hotel."""
From THB8,354.00

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habal-habal driver named Jay - a devious swindler

Last week, my friends and I went to Penaplata, Samal and stayed at Fernandez Resort. A guy in the resort recommended Jay to drive us to Maxima Resort. At first, he was accomodating and offering us...
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Alledged Safety Issues concering Mindanao

A little comment about the alleged safety issues in Davao and surrounding Area.As Davao is part of Mindanao, one would be forgiven for having heard about safety related issues in the News. Let me say...
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"Habal-habal" in local dialect is motorcycle as a public mode of transportation wanting to beat the Guinness record of "most passengers a motorcycle can load". This is a common scene in the Visayas...
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