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Philippines Shopping

  • D'Mall

    Boracay Island Shopping

    Located between Station 2 and Station 1, you can find a range of small local shops. The majority of shops are selling tourist type trinkets, T-***s, beach wear etc that go right across the price range. Interspersed between these shops are a number of bars and restaurants as well as some more specialised outlets that sell scuba gear, extreme sports...

  • Miyabi Beauty Hub

    Bacolod Shopping

    Beauty junkies and skincare fanatics are in for a treat in this hole in a wall specialty beauty store. Miyabi Beauty Hub has pioneered asian beauty for the City of Bacolod; and the locals now enjoy the best and latest products from Japan and Korea within reach. Tourists note that it has globally competitive price as well. Miyabi Beauty Hub is...

  • Megamelt's Muhlach Ensaymada

    Philippines Shopping

    An ensaymada is a Philippine sweet pastry and is supposed to be a variation of Ensaimades, a similar bread that uses pork lard as an ingredient that originated in Majorca . I have eaten them on quite a few occasions but if you want to buy a pasalubong (gift) for a fiend or relative vsitit one of the Megamelt Bakery Shops in the shopping malls of...


    An ensaymada is a Philippine sweet pastry and is supposed to be a variation of Ensaimades, a similar bread that uses pork lard as an ingredient that originated in Majorca . I have eaten them on quite a few occasions but if you want to buy a pasalubong (gift) for a fiend or relative vsitit one of the Megamelt Bakery Shops in the shopping malls of...


    This souvenir would become a talking point back in London for those friends of yours who follow Chelsea Football Club.I noticed these Chelsea cigarettes at one of the local stores recently, but being a non smoker i have no idea about the quality or price.


    Most supermarkets will sell Sambong Tea, which is made from a tropical plant that grows in the wild in s.E.Asia. It is basically a weed that smells and tastes like camphor, and does not require much looking after. The Philippine Government has recognised its qualities of this herb possessing kidney cleansing properties. The leaves of the weed are...


    Goldilocks is a bakeshop that sells cakes and other specialities and i rather like the Pinipig Polvoron which roasted rice then crushed, before adding butter, milk sugar and salt. It is a little difficult to explain the taste but it just melts in your mouth, and this would make an ideal pasalubong (souvenir) for your friends back home. Polvoron...


    Philippines has many handicrafts and souvenirs that tourists like to take home with them but many are made from wood or bamboo and too bulky to carry. When i had my pension house quite a few younger travellers bought huge bamboo hammocks and must have been pretty difficult to get on the bus or aeroplane to take home so hear are a few suggestions....

  • for the love of shopping

    we all love to shop but shopping here in the Philippines is an understatement. Filipinos simply love to shop vter aka xuessium from singapore describe filipinos passion for shopping in this way: "Gosh, the malls! Pilippinos devotion to shopping elevated it into an art. So many large malls to get around to. Staggering!"its easy to locate a...

  • Ayala Center

    Center of Luxury Shopping in the Philippines, comparable to Orchard Road in Singapore or Pathumwan District in Thailand. Located in the Financial City of Makati in the Capital Region. Glorietta used to be Quad in the 1970's and early 90's until it had a major facelift wherein in was remodeled and reconfigured by the Ayala Corporation into Glorietta...

  • Dig up the discounts --- literally!

    Find authentic branded clothing and get them for a ridiculously low price. The catch is, you will have to dig or rifle through piles and piles of clothes. Much like mining for gems, you end up with dirty hands and possible a sniffly nose. But if you are a real bargain-hunter, you know a treasure trove when you see one. Clothes, shoes, toys On a...

  • dun forget yur coron tshirt

    its a small shop located at the towns will find various souvenir items such as coron tshirt, caps, keychain,reg magnet and more..just try to haggle a bit and ask for discount for many items.

  • Haven for Shopping

    This is a big airconditioned flea market style where one can buy a lot of things, from necessities to luxury items. The area also sells "discreetly" quadruple A signature items and these items really come close to the original item.Pearls are predominant in the jewelry section, in fact a lot of foreigners visit the place especially for more...

  • Want To Shop But Laden W/ Luggage?

    If you'd like to go to the malls while waiting for your flight, but don't know where to deposit your luggages, here's your solution. All the big malls in Metro Manila have Baggage Check-in Counters where you can leave your luggage. However, don't be surprised if they request you to open the bags for security inspection before you enter the mall...

  • Balut. Egg with wings

    "Baluuuuuuuuuuuuuut!!!!! Penoyyyyyyyyy......... Baluuuuuuuuut!!!" cries the Balut vendor trying to entice people from their houses to buy his goods. Balut is considered a street delicacy. You can't find it though in the city centers or in commercial/shopping areas but in regular residential areas and in the countryside. While it also sells in the...

  • Durian... tastes like heaven, smells...

    Durian is available in most fruit stalls and markets when it is in season. Instead of the normal shop description, let me present you instead " A DURIAN TALE".Once upon a time, there was a kingdom known for its wealth and beauty. Its beloved king, fearful that all will turn to ruin once he passes away with no male heir to inherit the throne, made...

  • Custom-made suits in Manila: AFFORDABLE

    In response to VTer's question on men's clothing in Manila (Philippine Forum):Yes, clothes are very cheap in Manila (for custom-made)and you can also have these custom-made suits done fast if you ask some tailoring shops...generally about $100-175 regularly. I know in Hong Kong, they just make the suit in just a few days (less than 3 days?) and...

  • 7th Largest Mall in th World

    SM Mall of Asia Is the largest shopping mall in the Philippines at present and the 7th largest shopping mall in the world in terms of gross floor size, after the South Dongguan Mall (China), Golden Resources Mall (China), Central World Plaza (Thailand), Seacon Square (Thailand), Runwal Arcade, Mumbai (India). It opened on May 21, 2006 to a throng...

  • Bonifacio High Street

    Bonifacio High Street, which is a mixed-use development with high-end retail shopping, residential and commercial office components, is part of the 36-hectare Bonifacio Global City center in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. Besides the commercial and residential buildings, it also has parks and restaurant rows that cater to the A and B market.This is...

  • Luxury Lifestyle Living

    Center of Luxury Lifestyle in the Capital Region. Serendra Piazza promises to be a haven of exotic flavors and distinctive finds. A perfect place for laid-back individuals looking for a refreshing refuge to jumpstart their leisure time. The place reincorporates the concept of specialty shops and restos all created to be a one-of-a-kind venue....

  • go to asia mall it is so the...

    go there! it even has a science museum that has a planetarium and a thing that when u act it it becomes real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is so cool jewelry and bags over 1,000 pesos


    Clothes, shoes, electronic items, DVDs, games, designer items , original or knock off, you can get practically anything in my beloved country!There is a mall near you wherever you stay- be it the big city or big provinces. The malls are huge so wear comfy shoes/thongs are perfect! There are also 200 peso shops- like two dollar shops in Sydney!So...

  • Tiange

    This is a mall-type shopping center with a classified Tiange area. There are shops with brand names and there are also those small ones retailing px, original or class A imitation items.There are also some places of worship for the Catholic and the Muslims in the place.There is a stretch of good restaurants at the Promenade, which is at the back of...

  • Romancing the Bread: Hot Pandesal!

    Filipino tradition defines the design of the new stores of Pan de Manila—the bakery chain that brought back the traditional way of baking pandesal. Stained glass is affixed on the façade of the store, illustrating the classic design commonly found in atypical colonial houses. Wrought iron and grill works are likewise generously appointed with a...


    oh amazing! you can't believe how big it is:=)the largest shopping mall in the Philippines. You must enjoy when you come there, just have a look around your time is not enough so, when you get there make sure that you have plenty of time, if not,, you can't see some interesting shops inside...not only shops but you can also visit the bowling...

  • Cellphone Paradise in World

    This is a celphone paradise in the World where a million of celphone you can find, from a latest to the oldest, from the expensive to the cheapest, brandnew or 2nd hand celphone, all models and color are here. I recommend you to buy your celphone here because name it for sure Philippine have it. despite the fact that the cellphone is made from...

  • Shopping in Manila

    The best place to go to is the Greenhills shopping center. This is located at Ortigas area. All the taxi drivers know this place since it is a very popular place in Manila. Here you will find everything from women's, men's and children's clothes to shoes to pearls to cellphones. It is best to go here early around 930am to avoid the crowd. You will...

  • So, What's your Flavor?

    Suman is a sticky rice concoction that serves either as dessert or snack in the Philippines. Yes, this is similar to the sticky rice versions you see in Thailand and in other countries in this part of Asia.I normally don't go for the flavored varieties of native foods, because most of the time the flavoring destroys the authentic taste of the food....

  • Quezo de Bola in a Bottle

    La Cocina de Tita Moning is known to sell food made from recipes handed down by the owners' grandmother, Tita Moning. They actually started with a specialty restaurant in Manila, where you can dine for lunch or dinner by reservation only. They now sell vinaigrettes and other bottled specialties that you can buy for yourself or to give as a gift to...

  • If you want shopping service fit for a...

    Well, not exactly for a royalty - of course, it is an exaggeration. But, to me, this is the department store in the Philippines that really thinks of its customers's convenience. And they have been consistent with this for a long time already.Once you have picked what you want to buy, the salesperson usually just gets your payment - cash or credit...

  • No Other Mall Comes Close

    With the opening of the world's third largest mall - the Mall Of Asia in May 2006 - the Philippines reaffirms her hold as Asia's shopping paradise. The country has three of the ten largest malls in the world: Mall Of Asia (#3), Megamall (#5) and SM City North Edsa (#8). The MoA (inset)l is consists of four mammoth buildings interconnected by...

  • Kids cool Shoes

    Looking for the cool shoes for your kids? here you find cute and good quality shoes for your daughters or sons. For a present or gifts. Branded Hello Kitty and Barbie you'll find it every where in SM demartment. Everything is in this Mall already so you dont need to go out and look for another boutique to find good one. it depends but u can...

  • What U gOnna Do?

    If you’re with 4 hunk boys who doesn’t move nor talk but they pose great and wearing like a handsome boy with out a shoes. Me? Probably sit where they are standing and imagine. How if one of them turn to be a human who can move and talk with me and ask me to go date with him hahaha that’s pretty much funny isn’t it?. Well, this mannequins standing...

  • All-in-One Local Crafts Market

    Tiendesitas, which means "small stores", is located along Ortigas corner C-5 and has opened lately just in time for the holiday shopping time. What Chatuchak is to Bangkok, Tiendesitas is to Manila.The stores in small to medium-sized stalls are housed in 12 Maranao-inspired single-storey buildings. The stalls are zoned in clusters as Fashion, Food...

  • Cebu in Philippines

    This is a big mall where you can buy anything you want from foods and drinks to toys and games, there is a movie house , and a big array of native things to buy You can buy hand made guitars,hand made native products made of coconut plant parts, rattan, shells as fashion jewelries.. furnitures baskets and bags... The Philippines monetary is...

  • Market Shopping

    Foreigners who would like to buy philippine crafts as well as souvenir items should visit local markets for a change instead of the usual shopping malls. Ive discovered that some of the best products can be found in local markets and the prices are low compared to the malls. Ive enjoyed the market scenes in cebu city, baguio city and banaue,...

  • Searching for cool stuff?

    When going out for a day shopping finding the perfect pair of jeans or discovering one of a kind piece can really make a person?s day. Unfortunately not everyone can afford to splurge on luxury Items. This is one of the reasons why Greenhills rocks. Situated in the heart of San Juan, the Greenhills Shopping Center has become the bargain hunter?s...

  • Trying the Panpipe?

    My friend Dante is the owner of the above named shop Specialties are musical instruments made from bamboo Negotiate!Usually for Exports, but also available in small quantities if you buy in Manila

  • Complete your collection of Musical...

    Walk through the tourist spots along Malate/Ermita and dig in the small containers.There you find the KUBINGA piece of bamboo nicely carved (eventually painted) All kinds of handicrafts from the Philippines.The kubing is a bamboo jaw harp fromMindanao. It has one of the most responsive sounds of all the world's bamboo jaw harps. These are popular...

  • Better quality fruits and vegetables

    SM Supermarket has many branches in Philippines, It's spread out in Metro Manila and reaches out to some provinces.There you have many choices of products from grocery items to meat, fish, vegetables and fruits section, You can even find lots of imported prooducts, Thus.. it's possibly you'll find everything you needs here for cooking.Products are...

  • Filipino Crafts

    This shop is located in the historic old city called Intramuros. A lot of Filipino history is within these walls.You can find bargain deals here and also enjoy knowing the history of the Philippines. Filipinos are known for their hand made crafts. There are many things you can purchase , but the one thing that sets Filipinos apart from the rest is...

  • Another Shellcraft Vendor

    As in the other tip you can buy lots of items made from local shells! Hanging planters, Lamp shades are very popular. Also the long strings of shells that can be used as a door / barrier between rooms are popular and cheap.

  • Shellcrafts

    At almost all of the popular beaches there will be a stand similar to the one in the picture selling all kinds of items made from shells and other sea life. Hanging baskets are quite popular. Also the jewelry can be had for good prices. You will have to bargain most of the time if you are a tourist. Actually you will have to bargain if your a local...

  • Megamalls

    My country is proud to have a fabulous shopping stores and aren't away of the fashion trends! Shoe mart Department Stores are a huge stores selling all kind of things. You can find these stores anywhere in big cities as Henry Sy(owner) is extending his empire;-) Any kind of fashion things from infants to adults clothings and needs. $100

  • Shawarma - a budget traveller's friend

    Something from our Arab friends. Shawarma is a middle east type food adapted to the Filipino taste and made popular by an enterprising contract worker from Saudi Arabia. He thought it a great idea to set up a stand offering these affordable, filling and tasty treats on the streets. From its first appearance at Rustan's grocery store in Makati,...


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