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  • Lim Chu Kang farming area, Singapore
    Lim Chu Kang farming area, Singapore
    by victorwkf
  • Kelong (fish farm), Singapore
    Kelong (fish farm), Singapore
    by victorwkf
  • Shopping for fresh vegetables, Singapore
    Shopping for fresh vegetables, Singapore
    by victorwkf

Lim Chu Kang Things to Do

  • The Kelongs

    The Kelongs are fish farms located in the sea, and there are some kelongs along the Straits of Johor at the Lim Chu Kang area. During one of my trips, I have a chance to visit one of these kelongs and some of my friends even bought some fishes for cooking.From time to time, I received enquiries on the location and contact number of the kelong....

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  • Hydrophonic & aerophonic farms

    There are hydrophonic and aerophonic farms in Lim Chu Kang, which grow vegetables without using soil. High tech methods are used, and the vegetables are fresh and free from pesticides if growth this way but more expensive.

  • Quill Farm

    Another popular farm in Lim Chu Kang is the quill farm, which produces quill eggs which are a popular dish in Singapore. The owner of the farm is very knowledgeble in quills.

  • Goat Farm

    There is a popular goat farm in Lim Chu Kang area called Hay Dairies, which produces goat's milk to supply in the local market. Like most of other farms, this farm is open to visitors and more information is at

  • Farm Mart

    There is a one stop centre for pet keeping items, plants, farm items etc at Lim Chu Kang called the Farm Mart. It is very popular and many people visit this place during the weekends. More information is at

  • Orchid Farms

    Orchid is the national flowers of Singapore, and there are some orchid farms in Lim Chu Kang as well as other areas north of Singapore. They are worth visiting.

  • Traditional Vegetable Farms

    If you drive along the farm areas of Lim Chu Kang, you can see some traditional vegetable farms. These farms are small scale and could not cater for the population's needs. Most of the vegetables in Singapore had to be imported from neighbouring countries such as Malaysia.

  • Tropical Aquarium Fish Farms

    Keeping tropical fishes is the No. 1 hobby in Singapore, and the island is one of the top exporters of tropical freshwater aquarium fishes in the world. There are many of these fish farms in Lim Chu Kanf, the most famous being the Qianhu Aquarium who are opened to visitors everyday. I have been there a few times and you can find more information at...


Lim Chu Kang General

  • Mangrove Trees

    Because Lim Chu Kang is located near the sea of the Straits of Johor, the coastal areas are lined with mangrove trees which thrive in such conditions.

  • Shopping for fresh vegetables

    During one of my trips to Lim Chu Kang with my office colleagues, we had a good time shopping for the fresh vegetables from the farms. I even bought some plants, quill eggs and a delicious cake made from the hydrphonic vegetables.

  • Surprises of Singapore

    There are some things which few people know, even the local people. For example during my visit of the Lim Chu Kang area by driving, I discovered some really off the beaten path places, such as this factory which is located at one of the small lanes in Lim Chu Kang area.


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