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Singapore Duck Tour
"Not your average sightseeing vehicle the Singapore duck takes you through the city on the original DUCKtours winner of the Singapore Tourism Awards. This amphibious remodeled war craft dubbed ‘the duck’ travels on both land and water providing excellent vantage points of Singapore’s top attractions on and off dry land. You’ll get up close to the famous skyline during your hour-long journey!During the land portion of your tour see popular landmarks like the 45-foot (14-meter) high Fountain of Wealth
From SGD37.00
Singapore Hop-On Hop-Off Night Tour
"From Suntec City/Flyer board your open-top sightseeing bus which departs at 6:30pm. This hop-on hop-off bus tour makes six stops at top attractions (see Itinerary) where you can get out and explore with your guide. Your first stop is Singapore Flyer’s Food Trail where you'll learn about local food culture from your guide as you sample traditional dishes. With your complimentary $5 voucher choose from a selection of Singapore’s most popular cuisines!Next stroll around the magnificent Gardens by the Bay before heading to the Super Tree Grove for a close-up look at the vertical gardens. Watch the captivating light-and-sound show where the trees come to life in color with majestic music. From here
From SGD43.00
Singapore Flexi Attractions Pass with Optional Universal Studios Singapore Admission
"With the freedom to use your Singapore Flexi Attractions Pass over a 5-day period you can experience Singapore’s top attractions at your own pace. Simply swipe the card to enter each selected attraction. There's no waiting in lines for tickets and you'll save up to 50% compared to purchasing tickets individually. Depending on option selected when booking you can choose either three or five attractions from a list of more than 10. Perhaps admire 360-degree views from the top of the Singapore Flyer observation wheel or explore the city by land and water on an amphibious vehicle during a Singapore DUCKtour. Marvel at the spectacular plants and lighting displays at Gardens by the Bay take in the wildlife at the Singapore Zoo or Night Safari or cruise through the city by hop-on hop-off bus with a ticket for the SP Ho Ho Tour System. You also have the option to upgrade your pass to include admission to Universal Studios Singapore.You may choose three or five attractions from t
From SGD102.00

East Coast Seafood Centre Tips (10)

East Coast Seafood Centre: Seafood Intl - Lobster Sashimi

The complete name of the restaurant is Seafood International Market & Restaurant, lin East Coast.. My previous boss is so hype about this restaurant that any big events for celebration it will definitely be at Seafood Intl. Truly a great place for dinner, all kinds of crabs, lobsters, yummy... I was able to try the bamboo clams as well, very tasty.

Its definitely a big dent to your pocket, but the seafoods dishes are really good.

Favorite Dish Definitely Lobster Sashimi, the best...Its truly succulent, and very very fresh. Drunken prawns is next...

arni_ph075's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

East Coast Seafood Centre: Everything yummy in Singapore

East Coast Park of Singapore is the absolute best place to be in, anywhere in the world (almost!) Think good and cheap food by the beach!

Favorite Dish Some say the beef kway teow (beef thick rice noodle soup), some say the satay bee hoon (vermicelli in peanut sauce)... I say give me the barbequed chicken wings anytime!

jetsetjunkie's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Long Beach-UDMC seafood center: Watch the prices !!!!!

This concept is pretty cool for those who don't have a problem selecting your food right there on the spot.....some of the ladies don't enjoy doing it, but I had no problem doing it !!!!! You should be warned though; ask and do the math for your selections, if not you'll be paying thru the roof. We had 2 huge, 2 lbs lobsters, some big prawns, 2 picthers of Tiger beer and some desert that had some smoke and green bottom almost like jello...regardless it was great !!!! spent S$100 but could easliy spent more !!!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT !!!!!!

jlanza29's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

East Coast Seafood Centre: Mmmm ... Yummy

This is the seafood center that you'd see when going into the city of Singapore from Changi airport. You'd see it on your LEFT side of the freeway.

My husband and I went there on our last night in Singapore to try their infamous Black Pepper Sri Lanka crab. It was delicious! You have to like seafood and you have to NOT be shy in eating and getting your hands dirty.

This is where local Singaporeans come with their families on weekend dinners. You'd see tables full of local families young and old enjoying sea food. There are also some tourists too.

Favorite Dish Black Pepper Crab...It was dry and spicy! Very yummy!

wongta's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011
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If you love seafood and lots of it, this is the place to be. The restaurant is very busy, especially during holidays and week-ends.
If a tourist in town for a few days, have your hotel to call and make you reservations for an evening.

Favorite Dish The seafood is wonderfully seasoned. The drunken shrimp dish is an experience. A witress will show up at your table with a bowl of shrimp and pours liquer over them. They hop around for a bit, then get drunk and fall asleep. Off to the kettle they go for your plate. Very good show, better eating yet.

Another heavenly dish is sauteed brocholli greens in garlic.. heaven.

Bonne appetite.

Chiliweenie's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Jumbo Seafood: Jumbo Seafood at the East Coast Seafood Centre

The East Coast Seafood Centre is an amazing place. It is huge and always busy, no matter what day of the week.
There are several restaurants within the complex and they are all large - Jumbo alone can accommodate 1200 diners!

Favorite Dish This is going to sound strange but I am not a huge fan of seafood. It's OK but doesn't do anything special for me. As well as seafood, there are some other dishes on the menu and I actually preferred the crispy chicken to lobster!

phil_uk_net's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

East Coast Seafood Centre - Red House Seafood: Fresh and Awesome Seafood

I'm a frequent traveller that loves seafood. I've been to Singapore quite a number of times due to work commitments and I always have to eat at Red House. I've been to a couple of other restaurants but they often pale in comparison or are really inconsistent. The food there is just awesome, and they just renovated the place and there's definitely a better ambience. I recommend sitting outdoors. Try their chilli crab, its simply marvellous, the pepper crab is definitely above average. On my last trip, I had this seafood combination dish, its a slightly spicy sauce with eggs in it and lotsa fresh seafood. My friends and I ordered 1 large plate and it was not enough, we had seconds and even ordered another for takeaway. Jumbo is decent, but the food quality can be very erratic and the service isn't great.

Favorite Dish Chili Crab
Seafood Combination
Custard Prawns
Duck, I forgot what its called but its awesome

May 21, 2006

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant: Chilli crabs - Singapore style

Singapore-style seafood is a must for the visitor to Singapore. The Jumbo Seafood chain of restaurants serves the best Singapore-style seafood in my opinion. There are a few locations - East Coast, Indoor Stadium, Serangoon Gardens and Riverwalk Galleria. I would suggest the East Coast branch as it is along East Coast Parkway on the way to Changi Airport. When you arrive at Changi Airport, it will be on your way going towards the city and likewise when you depart Singapore.
Don't be afraid to get your fingers dirty when eating the crabs - you need to use your fingers in order to fully savour the chilli crab.

Favorite Dish Live Sri Lankan crab in chilli sauce: This is the signature Singaporean seafood dish. The crab is cooked in a tangy spicy gravy and is eaten with Chinese buns (man tou).
Deep fried baby squid: Small squids 1 - 2 cm in length are deep fried in oil - crunchy and delicious

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Feb 07, 2006

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Jumbo Seafood... East Coast Seafood Center: Crabs as big as your head.

I'd heard about the ECSC from just about everyone we talked to who had been to Singapore before. "You've got to try the chili crab." And the consensus was that the best place to go was at the east coast seafood center...about 15 miles out of the city center, along the ...yep, the east coast. We had our hotel get us a cab, and we lucked out and got one of those new mercedes cabs. It felt very formal and got us there in 20 minutes. It's right on the water, about 8 seafood restaurants, strung together, looking somewhat identical. They all have large covered patios that extend even further uncovered. We chose Jumbo because that was the one that I had seen recommended most. We weren't dissapointed.

Favorite Dish Wow, where to begin...We started with seafood fried rice. We had become kinda sorta fried rice experts on this trip, what with our samplings at the satay club and Chen Fu Ji fried rice...both outstanding, by the way. This was a buttery style of rice, not as "fried", with large scallops and shimp. A good start. We followed that with a Chili crab and a Black Pepper crab. Biggest, Crab, Ever. The BP crab was roasted with the seasonings on the crab and shells, while the C crab was cooked in a sweet and spicy,thick sauce. There was tons of meat on the crabs, with the claws being extremely plentiful...much more than the dungeness crabs we get in SF. We washed it all down with that S'pore favorite, fresh lime juice. Prepare to get messy. The prices are pretty reasonable, compared to what I'd normally spend in the US. Oh and one more thing; you must soak up the sauces with the buns. Crispy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside. It's one of those little food things that you wish you could get back home.

kandl1's Profile Photo
May 21, 2005

Seafood Center: East Coast Park

excellent place to be in Singapore and it is off the beaten tracks such as Clarke Quai. Don´t miss to be there before sunset and enjoy a beautifull evening. If you plan to be there after 8p.m. calculate to wait - at least at the waterfront restaurants.
many restaurants to enjoy (Thai, Indien, Chinese, ....)
Simply tell taxi driver East Coast Park - Seafood Center.
prices are reasonable and you´ll find the pricing you want (from low to high)

Favorite Dish black pepper crabs

Oct 14, 2003

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