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Jurong Bird Park Tips (52)

Getting to Jurong Bird Park from Chinatown

1. From Chinatown MRT Station, take the train to Harbour Front
2. Alight at the next station - that is Outram Park.
3. Take the train to Boon Lay and alight at Boon Lay - the last station.
4.Take SBS bus 194 or 251 to Jurong Bird Park.

Ausviet's Profile Photo
May 06, 2006

Bird Paradise

We went to the Jurong Bird Park last year, I must confess that birds don't really interest me but this place is something else.

Its very big and has a wide range of different species.

I think my fav would have to be the Flamingos, so bright and pink, they looked really pretty on the lake.

The Osteriches are pretty cool, got a pretty cool shot of one staring straight at my camera.

The park also boasts the highed man made waterfall, stretching up to 30 metres high set in the Waterfall Aviary with free flying birds.

TigerLil's Profile Photo
Aug 03, 2006


On arriving at Jurong Bird Park Entrance, I couldn't believe how beautiful they had made the Entrance way to the Admission booths.
At the very start, there a Macaw's sitting on a perch where you can have your photo taken by another family member for FREE.
Then, it's time to walk to the entrance underneath arches that are loaded with Orchid's in bloom, it was absolutely stunning! If you don't have a chance to see the Orchid's at the Botanical garden's, then these would be the next best.
Once inside, the garden's are well maintained, and there were more lovely Flower display's.
They really know how to make a place pleasing on the eye's!

balhannah's Profile Photo
Nov 19, 2011

Highest Man-Made Waterfall

Birds.. birds.. and more birds!!! You will be fasinated by the collection of worldwide Birds we have!!

The bird show is very interesting, especially the eagles - Birds of Prey @ 10am & 4pm. I like this show best.

Here you will be able to find teh highest man-
made waterfall.

Another touristy place one should not miss.

JuraidahJ's Profile Photo
Jun 17, 2005
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Jurong Bird Park

I had a lot of fun in Jurong Bird Park's Bird's and Buddies Show at 11 am everyday. It gives you a snap shot of all the birds (falcon, macau, parrots, hornbills etc) in this world-class aviary. You can see birds flying through hoops, playing table basketball and singing "Happy Birthday." It's a fun treat for kids and adults like you and me. You can also feed the birds in the walk-in aviary.

Don't miss the photo-opportunity with the birds at the end of the 45-minute show.

Purchase the Hopper Pass $40 and you can visit Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari and the Zoo at discounted rates than if you purchased entrance to these parks separately.

yellowbell's Profile Photo
May 05, 2009

A day of color at Jurong Bird Park

A Singapore experience wouldn’t be complete without a day at the Jurong Bird Park. There, we saw all kinds of birds one couldn’t ever imagine. We first took a monorail ride around the park before we explored the area on our own. At least, that already gave us an idea on how big the place was.

Birds of prey were inside cages while the ones that thrive in wetlands are kept in the open. Try to catch the birds show at the Pools Amphitheatre and the pelicans’ feeding time.

Don’t miss:
To feed the lories at the Lory Loft. They are my favorites! You don’t have to go after them. They’ll come to you when they see the cup in your hand.

Hey, you should know that:
You’ll remember Happy Feet when you see the Penguins.


jessgotdestiny's Profile Photo
Jan 20, 2012


This was another area that I think children would love, even Adult's.

It is a sale's pitch.....Have your photo taken with a Bird or Animal for a price, but it is done nicely.
There was nothing to stop me or you from taking photo's of the Bird's or Animal's on display, in my case, it was Bird's.

There were big, brightly coloured 'fake' Bird's sitting on the branches and the real ones. Of course, the bright Macaw was featured, and so were some Australian Parrot's.

Admission is free
There are daily show's from 12 - 5.30pm

12pm - 12.15pm Close encounter with green iguanas, Burmese rock pythons and water monitor lizards.
12.30pm - 12.50pm Primate Encounters - pig tailed macaques.
2pm - 2.15pm Lorikeet Feeding at the Bird Aviary
3pm - 3.15pm Close Encounters with Pig Tailed Macaques
3.30pm - 4pm Bird Encounters Engage in conversation with our incredible talking birds!
4.30pm - 4.45pm Close Encounters with Parrots Learn all about the diet and behaviours of our multi-colored parrots.
5pm - 5.30pm Multi Animal Encounters at Amphitheatre Meet and greet special guests such as pig tailed macaques, parrots, hawks or perhaps an eagle, python, or Siberian husky.

balhannah's Profile Photo
Nov 17, 2011

Jurong BirdPark

The Jurong BirdPark is definitely not a sight, that you can cover in an hour or two. Plan enough time to enjoy all the shows, including being there on time to get a good seat in the shadow! Also take your time to walk around the whole Park. It is really nice, also if you are not that much into birds. Great place for kids, too.

If you are flying in with SQ, make sure you keep and bring your boarding pass. You get a discount!

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Sep 15, 2007

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Panorail (Monorail) - It's worth the extra money !

When you buy a ticket to get into the Bird Park, you have to pay extra ($4 for adult, $2 for children) if you want to take a monorail ride (they call it panorail there). I think it's worth the extra money because the Bird Park is very good to look from above. After spending nearly 2.5 hours in Jurong Bird Park we decided to take a panorail ride and then go home. It was funny that during the ride we found that there were some interesting looking areas in the Park that we had not seen before!.

Ausviet's Profile Photo
May 08, 2006

It's a bird! It's a ... bird!

The Jurong Birdpark would give you the chance to see a display of birds in natural settings. Most of the birds are colorful and nice to see. Not to be missed are the Jurong Falls, the All Star Bird Show, and the penguins.

Nov 05, 2005

A day trip to Jurong

If you don't want to spend the whole day in Jurong Bird Parks, I suggest a day trip to Jurong: Try to get to the Bird Park early in the morning so that you won't miss any shows and still have time to see most of the attractions. By lunch time when it's getting hot and you become hungry, leave the Bird Park and go to Jurong Point Shopping Centre (see my tips about this shopping centre in my Singapore travel page) to have your lunch and do some shopping. At the end of the day visit Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden. All these activities can be done in one day easily using public transport (MRT and bus) because these places are all located in Jurong.

Ausviet's Profile Photo
May 19, 2006

Jurong Birdpark 2

Open: 9 am - 6 pm (daily)

SGD 14 adults, SGD 7 children (3-12 years)
SGD 7.35 adults (disabled),
SGD 3.05 children (disabled)
SGD 34.00 family package (admission and panorail) for 2 adults and 1 child
SGD 40.40 family package (admission and panorail) for 2 adults and 2 children
SGD 46.85 family package (admission and panorail) for 2 adults and 3 children

Panorail Time: 9am - 5:30pm,
SGD 4 adults, SGD 2 Children (under 12 years)

Show Times:
Fuji World of Hawks - 10am
All Star Bird Show - 11am, 3pm (daily)
King of the Skies Show - 4pm
The Wonderful World of Birds (audio-visual show) - 10am, 11am, 3pm & 4pm (when birdshow is cancelled due to bad weather)

Winner of the Tourism Awards 1999 & 2000 - Tourism Host of the Year.

wufei's Profile Photo
Feb 20, 2005

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