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Singapore Jurong Bird Park Tour
"Jurong Bird Park is located on 20 hectares of lush greenery in Singapore's model industrial estate and is home to over 8000 birds from more than 600 species. There is something for everyone at Jurong Bird Park. The kids will love the Birds & Buddies Show with colorful costumed characters showing at 11:00am and 3:00pm. There are many shows running throughout the be sure to check the schedule upon arrival at the park. Inspired by the St. Lucia wetlands the African wetlands exhibit will transport you into a world of African birds with three native style pavilions surrounded by tall palms and green ferns. The exhibit will give you a chance to enjoy a balanced eco-system display which aims to inspire an understanding of how birds and men co-exist. A great day out for the whole family!""""Take a ride on the air-conditioned Panorail for a panoramic view of Singapore's Jurong Bird Park
From SGD45.00
Private Tour: Singapore’s Jurong Bird Park Tour
"Jurong Bird Park located on 20 hectares of lush greenery in Singapore's model industrial estate is home to over 8000 birds from more than 600 species. Take a ride on the air-conditioned Panorail for a panoramic view of the Park and into a tropical world of jungle mists at the Waterfall Aviary. Inspired by the St. Lucia wetlands the African wetlands exhibit will transport you into a world of African birds with three native style pavilions surrounded by tall palms and green ferns. The exhibit will give you a chance to enjoy a balanced eco-system display which aims to inspire an understanding of how birds and men co-exist. Enjoy the spectacular Penguin Exhibit with an underwater viewing gallery and do not miss the Bird & Buddies Show reputed as world-class."
From SGD138.00
Singapore Ultimate Attractions Pass
"The Singapore Ultimate Attractions Pass provides entrance to more than 25 of the city’s most popular attractions allowing you to sightsee at your leisure while saving money on individual ticket prices. Perhaps see animals at the Singapore Zoo and nearby Night Safari or take in 360-degree views of the city from the Singapore Flyer a large Ferris wheel on the Singapore River. Get a different type of city overview on the Singapore DUCKtour which takes you around the city by land and water or visit the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall or the Malay Heritage Centre to learn about important figures in Southeast Asia's history. Your pass comes with a pocket-sized full-color
From SGD280.00

Jurong Bird Park Tips (52)

"Birds n Buddies" Show

"Birds n Buddies" Show is one of the attractions of Jurong BirdPark. This show boasts the widest variety of performing birds in a single act. Be entertained by the antics of colourful costume characters and be amazed by the natural behavior of the birds.
Venue: Pools Amphitheatre
Daily: 11am & 3pm

limledi's Profile Photo
Jan 29, 2007

Jurong Bird Park

Spend a part of the day here. A world's largest walk-in aviary. Among the best aviaries in the world, the 20+ hectare park is home to 9,000 or so birds from over 600 species. There are some excellent exhibits, shows about every half hour, and more to take in than a one day visit allows. The park is also handicapped accessible and very relaxing. Worth visit for both young and old.

barbskie's Profile Photo
Nov 14, 2006

Jurong BirdPark

Asia Pacific's largest and most impressive bird park, the Jurong BirdPark is home to over 8,000 birds from 600 species around the world.
So far, my family has visited it around 3 times, all of which was great (especially for the kids)!!
There are a lot of shows to watch, like the "Fuji World of Hawks Show", featuring more than 50 birds!

dcrubio's Profile Photo
Dec 14, 2003


After visiting Chinese and Japanese Gardens i went back to the MRT to Boon -Lay station , the next one to the west , where there are buses connections , very well organized in queues and destinations I took the bus 94 to Jurong Birds Park.
Get ready for walking a lot into the park! It is said it has one of the largest bird collections in the world .
First i visited the exposition "World of Darkness " wih lovely owls. Then I did all the circuit of the park. There are transports but seemed very slow ,so i prefered walking.
Flamingos , Swans , Eagles , Ibis ...I loved all.
There are bird shows in specific places but unfortunately no one at that time. In one hour I visited all the captivating park , where the birds seemed to be very well treated (I hope so...)

GIPA's Profile Photo
Jun 23, 2015
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Starlings Show

After seeing the waterfall, do not go back !. Turn left passing a bridge and you will see one of the most interesting attractions of the Bird Park - The Starlings. They are small beautiful African Birds. At about 10 AM is the Starlings feeding time. You can hold a cup containing live mealworms in your hand and feed them . It's very exciting !

Ausviet's Profile Photo
May 17, 2006

Jurong Falls - Is it the tallest ?

People usually think that Jurong Falls (in the BIrd Park) is the tallest man-made waterfall in the world. However, I searched on the internet and found out that the largest (and tallest) waterfall in the world is in China (built in 2002). The thing is that one was built in front of a hotel so it looks obviously artificial. Jurong Falls was built in a natural setting so it looks more beautiful. If you take a photo of someone standing on the bridge with the Jurong Falls in the background, who will think that waterfall is a man-made one ?

Ausviet's Profile Photo
May 19, 2006

Jurong Birdpark 1

One of Asia Pacific's largest and most impressive bird parks, Jurong BirdPark offers visitors an experience that is entertaining as well as educational. Its landscaped environment is home to over 8,000 birds from 600 species, displayed in huge enclosures. The bird shows at the Pools Amphitheatre featuring flamingoes, macaws, hornbills and cockatoos are both spectacular and funny, and recommended particularly for children. To watch magnificent birds of prey in action, catch the 'Fuji World of Hawks' show!

The Penguin Parade enclosure, in a re-created Antarctic setting, houses more than 200 penguins of five species. Within the Penguin Parade enclosure, there are some 50 other sea-birds such as the inca terns and puffins. Another highlight is the colourful Hornbills and Toucans exhibit, the world's largest collection of Southeast Asian Hornbills.

The Southeast Asian Birds Aviary houses in its 24 individual aviaries and a main walk-in aviary, more than 100 species of birds from the equatorial jungles of Southeast Asia. The birds' natural equatorial habitat is re-created within this exhibit, including simulated tropical thunderstorms everyday at noon. Another walk-in aviary not to be missed is the Waterfall Aviary, home to more than 1,500 free-flying African birds.

The BirdPark added yet another feather to its cap with the addition of The Riverine - a simulated natural freshwater river habitat featuring over 20 species of ducks, fishes and turtles.

The best way to start a tour of the BirdPark is to board the modern, air-conditioned panorail system. Its route covers the entire Park, providing excellent elevated views of the various exhibits.

Getting there

Take the MRT to Boon Lay Station and transfer to SBS number 194 or 251 at the Boon Lay Bus Interchange.

If you are driving,

* From AYE, use Exit 17.
* From PIE, use Exit 36. Turn left into Jalan Bahar towards the direction of Jalan Boon Lay. Turn right at Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim to reach BirdPark.

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Feb 20, 2005

Visit to Jurong Bird Park

The Jurong Bird Park is worth a visit for all overseas visitors. In this sprawling bird park you will see parrots, macaws, pelicans, vultures, eagles and ostriches. There is also a tram ride for those who do not want to walk the long distance. There are cafes and restaurants for visitors. In the penguin section, the birds are kept in an air-conditioned room with ice added to the water. There is also a man-made waterfall.

Jul 02, 2013

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Getting to the waterfall

Most guidebooks recommended the man made Jurong Falls as the best thing to see in Jurong Bird Park, so it may be the first thing you look for upon arriving at the Park. It's not easy because the waterfall is located at the very end of the Park and the Park is very big.That's why my son was very excited when we found it finally ! You need to keep checking the signs or map (it's called Waterfall Aviary in the Park Map). Don't forget to check the Show Time first, otherwise you may miss the show while looking for the waterfall.

Ausviet's Profile Photo
May 14, 2006

The wonderful world of birds

If you're a bird lover or even just curious, defintely check out Jurong Bird Park. A little out of the way of the city center, but well worth it!

They have birds from all over the world, and of course the Waterfall Aviary is not one to miss. Like the zoo, the animals here are very well taken care of and healthy creatures. Great for kids and adults alike. Do be warned though, that the individuals who feed the animals wear while polo shirts, so if you wear one (like Stephen did by accident) you may get some rather persistant attention.

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Jul 22, 2004

Don't miss the Birds!

If you enjoy the sights and sounds of birds this is a must see activity. The Bird park contains some beautiful trails and wonderful birds from around the world. The birds are well described and there is enough staff around to ask questions.

Try and catch some of the shows. They are not natural but do demonstrate the skills of well trained birds. They are also fun.

If you can arrive early for the Breakfast with the Birds. The prices are not too bad, the food is good, and the avian company is wonderful.

Apr 18, 2004

Jurong Bird park

Not your conventional Aviary, this is set up like a zoo and is nearly as extensive as all but your most major zoos. It has many bird shows and chances to interact with the residents.

Jim_Eliason's Profile Photo
May 07, 2006

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