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Sentosa Island Tips (80)

fill up your trip planning

Enough activities here to fill up your trip plans. If you really want to experience all that this island has to offer, you may have to scrape away some of your main island plans, cos this Sentosa island offers a lot to do.

But for the bare minimum, please visit Universal Studios. Queue for all the rides (including the rollercoaster). Dine at one of the many Michelin-starred restaurants. Lie in the sand on the beach. Visit the aquarium. One of the biggest, if not the biggest, in Asia. Go up to the top of the Merlion to see the terrific view of Singapore. And really, much more...

It's a good trip that will leave you with fun memories. Recommended for all ages and all abilities (yes there are wheelchair accessible places).

kmlim's Profile Photo
Jul 24, 2016

Seriously Overcrowded

We have to seriously recommend that you don't go on weekends or public holidays, On the Sunday we visited, there was a huge queue for the monorail going out to the island and complete chaos on our return at around 2.30pm (so not at the end of the day). There was a 1 hour queue for the monorail and only one of three bus routes was operating. Also, the beaches aren't particularly clean with unidentified floating matter in the water and debris at the water's edge. Overall, not a great experience.

Jun 22, 2016


Occupying a relevant place in eastern culture, the dragon couldn't be absent in the park of Sentosa Island.

A central sculpture invites to the dragon trail, a funny trek to a pleasant relationship between kids and nature.

solopes's Profile Photo
Mar 22, 2016

Wave House Sentosa - so so bad

Worst experience ever due to combination of broken attraction and staff who really do not like customers ruining their chill out time. We prebooked a birthday party with two lanes for a group of 8-9 year old kids. Wave machine booked for 11am, at 11am on the dot staff wonder up and fiddle with the machine - it's broken. Nobody bothers to mention this...1130am kids frazzled, still waiting, guests desperate for a drink of any kind, F and B staff just completely not interested in taking an order. Close to 12pm we are told we can come back at 3pm, when it might work, as other parties are also booked...explain that it's not exactly a good idea with all these kids. Finally one lane is fixed after 12pm, but only after some arguing are they even willing to refund for the non working lane, tried to fob us off with vouchers instead. Instructors clearly didn't like the idea of looking after a group of kids on a Saturday morning, sullen faces all around, we loved the Bangkok version, staff made the kids feel like it's the most fun to be had, showed them tricks, here they literally shoving the kids off the ride as soon as they slip, no interaction, no warmth, no help. More fool me for paying thousands of dollars for what I hoped would be a fun day for the kids. Don't waste your money.

Nov 15, 2014
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Hotels Near Sentosa Island

1 Fullerton Square, Singapore, 049178, Singapore
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80 Collyer Quay, 049326
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2 Finlayson Green, Singapore, 049247, Singapore
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Symbiosis Tower 3 Fusionopolis Way, Singapore, 138633, Singapore
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1 The Knolls, Sentosa Island, 098297
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33C Hong Kong Street, 059672
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Sentosa Island - beaches and nature

If you are staying in Singapore, and want to see beautiful beaches and nature without travelling too far, then it is very easy to get to the Sentosa Island. The island is connected to the city of Singapore by a bridge, so you can either travel by taxi, take the Sentosa Express train from the Harbour Front underground station, or take the cable car which is also departing from the Harbour Front.

The trip from the Harbour front to Sentosa only takes around 10 minutes.

On Sentosa island you also have Universal Studios and other attractions, and if you want to go there, taking the Sentosa express train is a good choice. The train stops at the various theme parks, but if you just want to go to the beach, you must get off at the end station, the Beach Station.

Once you are on the Sentosa island, there are plenty of small tourist trains or busses that travel around the island if you don't want to walk.

nyperose's Profile Photo
Dec 13, 2013

Sentosa - General tips

Once a British military base, now a popular leisure area for locals and tourists alike. Here, we have some good city beaches together with attarctions of old kinds: Shopping malls, hotels, golf courses, museums, restaurants, activities for kids, sports, gardens – you name it. The island is advertised as „Asia's favourite playground“ and can indeed be seen as a big playground for adults and children alike. See separate tips for the single sights and activities of Sentosa.

Of the man-made beaches, Palawan is the most popular. It also has an islet which is liked by a bridge to Sentosa. Though the islet claims to be the southernmost point of continental Asia, this claim is more than doubtful.

It is not the place you should go if you are looking for authenticity. However, most people will find their way to enjoy Sentosa. In any case, a whole day is recommended for this place.

The island is linked by road, monorail and cable car with the city centre. Prices for these different means of transport vary with the cable car being by far the most expensive. There are bus lines running across the island as well. Visitors to Sentosa have to pay an „entry fee“, 1 SGD (2010) if you use the footbridge – more, if you use a car or taxi. Monorail and cable car tickets include the entry fee.

Airpunk's Profile Photo
May 29, 2013

Sentosa Island

We went to Sentosa Island by cable car. On the island we took the bus to different destination on the island. The island is packed with number of attractions. Our first stop was Siloso Beach, well I wouldn’t call it a beach in comparison to the beaches in Australia. Maritime Museum was our next destination. Inside it was tacky but it had interesting history. The Universal Studio is located next to the museum but we didn’t go in. In general I thought Sentosa Island was just ok.

fachd's Profile Photo
Jan 29, 2013

whole day at sentosa

i would not suggest doing this 2 activities(one being Sentosa) in one day.

Sentosa needs a full day to explore, if time permits.
even tho sentosa is a rather small island, but the amount of activities to do there are limitless, u can easier spend one whole day and still not cover half the things to do there.

ratinacage's Profile Photo
Jan 10, 2013

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A must!

Here's a few tips for you before going to Sentosa Island:-
Don't take the cable car it's very expensive ($26 for the round trip)! you can go for free via Vivocity Mall.
Going inside the big Marlion it's not worth the $8 you are not gonna miss much !they will tell ya that you'll get a gift at the end but don't be fooled for that it's just a worthless key chain.
The stores there are overpriced.
Universal Studio is Amazing, it's very nice place to be, however I didn't spent much time there because I was leaving in the same day and it was raining cats&dogs that day.

HebaM's Profile Photo
Sep 01, 2012

Sentosa island is worth try

Well i think its not enough one day to enjoy sentosa island, but one day is enough for Universal Studio if you like to try all the games.
You can find, casino, Ifly, beach, Big Merlion tower, and many more in sentosa island.
Little india is a place where you can see Indian people and find everything typical India, the people, decoration, clothes, shop, jewelry, temple etc. You can find cheaper products there rather than in the big mall.

Chinatown is also worth to try cus there are plenty cheap souvenirs you can find.
Well if you like historical things, you can go to International Museum . it is such a giant modern museum, there are thousand plasma tv and good sound and equipments.
If you would like to go shopping some, you can visit Bugis Junction . There are many big malls in singapore you can visit.

viovio's Profile Photo
Jul 24, 2012


Sentosa Island is south of the island of Singapore. Personally I wouldn't recommend it. It is quite tacky and overpriced. There are some good beaches here, and a nice downhill luge but otherwise there are more interesting attractions on the mainland.

deeper_blue's Profile Photo
Jun 19, 2012

Sentosa Island

For fascinating adventure: you must go to Sentosa Island.

It is divided in 4 attractions, the Imbiah lookout, Beaches, Siloso point and the Resorts World Sentosa.

While inside the Sentosa express train, you can have a magnificent view of the island.
The island is so amazing and you can wonder on how the staffs came out with this idea!

theguardianangel's Profile Photo
Jan 26, 2012

Things To Do Near Sentosa Island

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Asian Civilisations Museum

Absolutely necessary visit for those who wants to capture the atmosphere of southeastern Asia and its cultures. I had previously seem that place - Empress Place Building - when walking on by across...
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Victoria Concert Hall

The grand old dame of Singapore theatres, the Victoria Theatre has been a focal point for Singapore's performing arts since colonial days. With a sitting capacity of 900, it's the ideal place for...
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The riverfronts at Clarke and Boat Quays have evolved over the last few years, and are now possibly the most popular areas to partake of a meal and/or a drink. The restuarants lining the quays are...
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Lau Pa Sat Festival Pavilion

Made in Scotland. From girders. Lau Pa Sat is a delicate cast-iron structure built in Glasgow and transported by boat to Singapore. It was constructed just before the end of the 19th century. Today...
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The Cenotaph is a 60 feet granite memorial. It was built originally for the memory of 124 Singaporeans who died during World War I. Later on the other side, it was added for those who gave their...
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F1 track passes from Padang. Basically the regular road which passes by Padang and Supreme Court building is converted into F1 track during races. Due to its prime location and historical...
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Sentosa Island, Singapore, 099949


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