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  • 1. Saemanguem Art Hall

    I saw the musical with my friends from Japan, China, Philippines, Turkey so on... It was really great time !! what i want to say is Non-verbal performance so we don't need to afraid to watching it ...

  • 2. Rafting with Kunsan's Outdoor Rec

    Rafting daytrip. About $25 includes bus transportation to the rafting site and back to Kunsan Air Base. Includes some minor rafting instruction, shower house at...

  • 3. Cherry Blossom Festival

    This picture is a little dark and doesn't do justice to the scene at Eunpa Lake. During the Cherry Blossom festival there are a couple of locations that you...

  • 4. Buddhist Temple

    I enjoy taking long walks in all the cities I visit, and in Kunsan City I visited this Buddhist Temple a few times. It's quiet and there's a pretty nice view of...

  • 5. Eunpa Lake

    Eunpa is a pretty big lake on the outskirts of town on the way to Kunsan University. Here you can rent paddle boats, rowboats, or even take a spin around the...

  • 6. Wolmyeong Park

    I've been told that Wolmyeong Park is the largest "city park" in Korea. Whether that is true or not, I can't say, but it is a pretty large park with great views...


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  • Aug 4, 2013 at 12:12 AM

    There really is a lot to do in Gunsan. While I still have much more to visit, the best thing to do is find an information booth(like at a bus station) and get some tourist information then decide what you want to do.
    They have a war memorial down by the sea and there is a sea wall which takes you to Sinsi-do(Sinsi island). Eunpa park is really pretty in the spring and fall. During the spring they have light shows with the fountains and the whole bridge lights up. In the summer and fall it is just a beautiful park to walk if you are looking for a relaxing time. They have many little cafes lining the park as well as the famous Italian restaurant (bit pricey) Pardiso. Eunpa park is known as the face of Gunsan for its beautiful cherry blossoms which help set the mood for romantic couples. On the bridge they have many love themes and in April they have a large festival which happens there.

    If you are looking for a little more night life. Head towards Beer Garden. While I don't know the street name, there are a lot of little bars and clubs all concentrated in one street. At Beer Garden, you can taste some delicious Korean food and wash it down with a very tall glass( about 20 inch tall glass). M2 is a cool club just up the road where the bartenders play with fire.

    When July rolls around be sure to head to Mudfest. Concerts, Beaches and all kinds of people to ooze or cringe over. BYOB

    CGV and Lotte Cinema are nice movie theaters with Korean subtitles, so you'll never have to miss the new movies coming out.
    Lotte Mart or E-mart are the two competing "Walmart's" of South Korea. You can find most anything you need here except for a plethora of electronics in which case you might want to visit a Samsung or other electronics store(they're everywhere).

    The three last places I'd mention are Gunsan university if you are looking to meet college kids. There is a shopping district near CGV which has many little cafe's, computer/cellphone shops, restaurants and miscellaneous goods stores. I believe it is after the first or 2nd left if you were to look away from the building which looks like a symphony hall across the street from CGV. If you've seen it then you will know what I'm talking about.
    The last place is a shopping district which has all kinds of clothing stores and i think some souvenir stores. There use to be a stream which runs through the street but I think they might only operate it during the spring. I only have a picture of it but am unsure of the name.

    Regardless of what you do, be sure you don't waste your whole time working or drinking(especially if you are military) as there really is a ton of stuff to get out an see.