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  • me and Dan in 'America Town' near Gunsan
    me and Dan in 'America Town' near Gunsan
    by Kid-A
  • Saemanguem Art Hall
    by BoraK7
  • a Buddhist monastery in Kunsan City
    a Buddhist monastery in Kunsan City
    by Kid-A

Kunsan Things to Do

  • Saemanguem Art Hall

    I saw the musical with my friends from Japan, China, Philippines, Turkey so on... It was really great time !! what i want to say is Non-verbal performance so we don't need to afraid to watching it it's the best and they can understand what they are doing unless they read the leaflet!! I want to share all of foreigners to get Korean style of...

  • Ariul sotry

    I saw the musical with my friends from Japan, China, Philippines, Turkey so on... It was really great time !! what i want to say is Non-verbal performance so we don't need to afraid to watching it it's the best and they can understand what they are doing unless they read the leaflet!! I want to share all of foreigners to get Korean style of...

  • Rafting with Kunsan's Outdoor Rec

    Rafting daytrip. About $25 includes bus transportation to the rafting site and back to Kunsan Air Base. Includes some minor rafting instruction, shower house at the end of the raft trip, guides, and lunch after the showers.

  • Cherry Blossom Festival

    This picture is a little dark and doesn't do justice to the scene at Eunpa Lake. During the Cherry Blossom festival there are a couple of locations that you should check out in Kunsan. One of them is the tunnel-like road shown here at Eunpa. It really is beautiful with the whitish-pink blossoms almost illuminating the road.The festival itself takes...

  • Buddhist Temple

    I enjoy taking long walks in all the cities I visit, and in Kunsan City I visited this Buddhist Temple a few times. It's quiet and there's a pretty nice view of the Kunsan Harbor. To get there, uh, is a little difficult to explain. There's a new coffee shop/mall and it's up the street from there. Also, if you can make your way to the Olympic Flame...

  • Eunpa Lake

    Eunpa is a pretty big lake on the outskirts of town on the way to Kunsan University. Here you can rent paddle boats, rowboats, or even take a spin around the lake in a ski boat - no skiing or swimming however. There's even a small amusement park down the road a bit.Also this is where many people gather to ride inline skates in the main parking lot...


Kunsan Restaurants

  • Cherry Boys in A-Town!

    Good portions of Bulgogi (beef, chicken or pork -- spicy, med spicy or no spicy). Best cucumber kimchi in A-town! Yaki...same as everywhere else. Spicy beef bulgogi, yaki, and cucumber kimchi!

  • Sit-down Beef & Leaf

    Traditional style...take off shoes at the door, sit on the floor and cook your own meat & veges. Pick your meat, veges & sides from the buffet and then cook your food over a small grill (for two people) at each sitting area. When your read to eat, wrap the meat, veges, rice & any sauces into either a regular lettuce leaf or mint leaf. I usually...

  • Kunsan Hotels

    0 Hotels in Kunsan

Kunsan Nightlife

  • Mingling with the peoples

    These bars that I mentioned are a great place to throw back a few. One of the owners Kieth a Korean-American, is a good all around guy. Hes always happy to introduce you to people and intro you to Koreans. Prices are reasonable and the music is always decent. A-Club plays hiphop, while most of the other bars are rock or along in the genre. Quite a...

  • Watchout drunk GI's!

    America Town is a square block of nothing but bars and some restaurants. Mostly GI's come here to blow off steam, and thats what they do. The bars arent for everyone though, they are the typical "juicie" bars that you find around most US ROK bases. Where skimpy dressed Filipina women talk to you for the "great" price of a $10 drink. Most of the...

  • Western Bar?

    My favorite pasttime... A night on the town with my buddies. Actually these are some of my students who like to show me the city. In this case, we are at The Cowboy "western bar." About the only thing western here though is the name and the limited selection of American beer. No pool, no darts, no juke box... In other words, just like any other...


Kunsan Transportation

  • Getting around Gunsan

    by OneManatGunsan Written May 12, 2012

    When I was first stationed there in 74-75, my friend and I got our houseboy to make up 2 index cards. On one side was English and the reverse was in Korean. One card asked how to get to the bus station, and the other asked which bus took us vback to Gunsan city.
    We would leave the airbase on the local bus, go to the main bus terminal downtown, and jump on any bus that was leaving soon. We would exit the bus in that town, take pictures and meet natives while touring the town. In some towns we turned out to be the first Americans to visit since the war.
    We were well treated and then around 4 PM we would flash our cards, and they would accompany us to the bus terminal, and most of the time insist on paying for our tickets back to Gunsan city.
    We had a great time and started recommending it only to our good friends whom we thought would be good representatives of the Air Force and Americans in general.
    We only needed the cards on the buses because the trains and subways have destinations and directions written in HanGul and English. You might want a card to show your taxi driver that you want to go to the train/subway station.
    By the way, I was there in 74-75, 80-82, 85-97, and 01-08. Had a great time, hope you do too.

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Kunsan Shopping

See all 2 Shopping in Kunsan
  • Public Market or "She-jahng"

    Most cities here have at least one large public market. In Kunsan it is next to the train station (Kunsan "yuck" in Korean) and is in a long, covered building.Here you can find almost anything that is available for food in Korea. From seafood to herbs to dogs and rabbits, it's all here.Additionally, you can find men's and women's clothing, bedding,...

  • Shopping street

    The main shopping area in Kunsan is in Young-dong. It's pretty easy to find and is across the street from the only KFC in town. Any taxi will take you there and know exactly where you want to go if you say "young-dong." The street itself had a recent facelift because of the World Cup and is closed to traffic. It is also painted and adorned with the...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Kunsan Off The Beaten Path

  • Traditional wedding ceremony

    This is the traditional part of the wedding ceremony. Unfortunatel I ran out of film and missed some really great pics. But here you can see the bride and the food laid out on the table. After this the groom enters and they do some bowing to the respective families. They also make some toasts and then the groom carries the bride out of the room on...

  • Inside the Wedding Hall

    This is a photo of the inside of a typical wedding hall. The best way to describe it is "Las Vegas meets Korea." It is so bright inside you are almost required to wear sunglasses.In this pic, my friend Brenda (in purple) is singing to her friend who is getting married.

  • Wedding Halls

    Wedding halls are very large and extravegant buildings where "western-style" weddings are held. In reality, the only thing similar to the weddings back in the US is that there is a bride and a groom.Inside these buildings are several large rooms laid out with a red carpet down the middle and seating for the respective families. Overhead is at least...


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