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Night Shopping Tour in Seoul
"You will start your night shopping tour when you are picked up at your hotel and go to the Myeongdong Fashion Street. The Myeongdong Fashion Street is one of the busiest places in Seoul and is among Korea’s premier shopping destinations. Over 1 million s Myeong-dong market has been a witness to Korea’s tumultuous modern-day history as a center of city politics economy and culture.After seeing the Myeongdong area you will check out the Dongdaemun Doota Shopping Mall which is a fashion mall full of trendy fashion items. There are 540 stores throughout the 8-story building including designer shops select shops
From $90.00
K-Pop Experience: KLive Hologram Concert and Guided Gwangjang Market Tour
"From your hotel you’ll be transported to Lotte FITIN a super modern mall chock-full of trendy boutiques and luxury brands. Be prepared for some fun and dancing when you head to the 9th floor to visit the Klive K-Pop Experience. Here use your admission to K-pop Hologram Performance Hall for an otherworldly concert. Scream and bob your head to during hologram performances from international sensation Psy as well resulting in a fully 3-D virtual concert complete with surround sound. You might even think you’re seeing Psy in the flesh — this is the same technology that thrilled (and confused) US audiences when producers brought Michael Jackson back to virtual life which
From $99.00
Markets of Seoul: Korean Markets and City Sightseeing Tour
"After morning hotel pickup by coach your guide whisks you to attractions and sites that give you a great taste of Seoul’s culture and history. Along the way listen to informative commentary and enjoy the opportunities to purchase snacks or souvenirs. Kick off your full-day tour with a visit to 63 Square (Sky Art & Sea World) which at 866 feet (264 meters) high is Korea’s tallest building. This example of Korea’s modern development overlooks the Han River and offers stunning views of Bugaksan Namsan and Gwanaksan mountains. Its 63 floors house corporations a Sea World an IMAX theater and restaurants frequented by locals.Next
From $115.00

Football/Soccer Tips (8)

Sangam 2002 World Cup Stadium

This place are The opening ceremony of 2002 Korea Japan World Cup opening ceremony and Semifinal of Korea Japan World Cup. it was completion 12.27. 2001. Sangam 2002 World Cup Stadium is the Top 10 most beautiful stadium of the World.

jckim's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

See the Korea National Football Team!

The Korean Red Devils are a great team to watch. They had a great showing at the 2002 World Cup. I was very excited to see them, but I didn't know how to get tickets for games that are usually sold out! I provided a website that lists match schedules, and to get get tickets, you only have to go to any "HANA BANK" and ask for tickets ("Chook-ku pyo?"). They will then show you the map of the stadium and you can choose where you prefer to sit, and price, etc. Easy!

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Apr 04, 2011

get a "world cup fever" feeling

the opening match and one of the semi-final matches of the 2002 world cup was held in the Seoul World Cup stadium. at the entrance you'll find a gallery of pictures from the matches. tours of the stadium are also available for a fee.

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Aug 28, 2007

Start to the 2006 Germany World Cup

Start! Asian final games to the 2006 Germany World Cup at the Sangam World Cup Stadium. I had a enjoyed time for this game at the Sangam Stadium with my family.

Group A first round
Korea vs Kuwait 2:0

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Feb 10, 2005
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Hotels Near Seoul

99 Euljiro 5-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, 100-195, South Korea
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131-1 Eulchiro 5-Ka, Chung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
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77-2, Uljiro-5ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, 100-196, South Korea
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275-3, Euljiro5-ga, Jung-gu
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133-1 Ulchiro 5-Ka, Chung-Ku, Seoul, South Korea
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22-5 Chungmuro 5 ga, Junggu, Seoul, South Korea
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Dae Han Min Guk, Da Da Da Dum Dum!

As we are all more than aware, 2002 heralded the Fifa Football World Cup, Co-hosted by Japan and Korea.

I remember before the world Cup started, a lot of Korean Journalists went to some football crazy countries like Brazil, Argentina and Italy and asked locals in the street, "Where is this year's World Cup being Hosted?" Virtually everybody replied "Japan!" Much to the disappointment of the Korean public who were hoping that the World cup would Showcase south Korea.

Anyway, after the world Cup had finished the Journalists asked the same question to the same football crazy people, from the same football crazy countries. Virtually Everybody replied "Korea!" Why, well Korea did showcase themselves, with amazing spirit, support and sportsmanship.

I will never forget being part of the support. The thousands of people in the streets, in the city squares, filling the stadiums in a sea of red. All yelling Slogans and singing songs like "Pilsung Korea" by Yoon Do Hyun Band. It was contagious, and compelling. One could do nothing but be picked up and swept away with the momentum.

The picture to the left shows a small portion of the 'Red Army' All chating "Dae Han Min Guk, Da Da Da Dum Dum!" So exciting. I am so happy to experience mass celebration at this level. Now I know what the Korean people mean by 'Oori" or 'We'.

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Feb 04, 2004

World Cup 2002

I had the chance to see World Cup 2002 Semifinal Germany-Korea. Have a look at my travelogue for some more pictures.

Equipment You needed a ticket and a red jersey (it's a must!)

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Dec 23, 2003

Red Devil Fever

If you're a soccer fan and you missed the 2002 World Cup, I really feel for you - it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life! For stories and pics, check out my world cup travelogue in my "Korea" chapter.

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Oct 22, 2003

Chiwo Cheonwang ( Supporters Symbol )

This is symbolizes of Red Devils.
Red Devil are Korea National Foodball Team supporters
Chiwu is the legendary person, just called to the God of War

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Feb 17, 2005
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"Welcome to The Land of Big Smog"
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"Return to Seoul"
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"Seoul - My favorite place on Earth!"
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"Seoul: Energy in the Land of the Morning Calm"
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"Organized Chaos --> Seoul, South Korea"
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Things to Do Near Seoul

Things to Do

Cheong Gye Cheon - Man Made Stream

Cheonggyecheon steam is a nice place to escape a busy Seoul lifestyle. In fact, steam is located just in the centre but somehow you don't feel like you are in the centre. Magic There are many small...
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Things to Do

Korea House & Namsan Hanok Folk Village

At first there is no "entrance fee" completely open to public for free. In this village displays various household goods and furniture arranged in accordance with the times of which they were a part....
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Things to Do

Heunginjimun Dongdaemoon - Great East Gate

Dongdaemun is known for its shopping area, a place for a cheap clothing items in Korea. But actually means Great East Gate. This is more commonly called Dongdaemun Gate, first built in 1398. This was...
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Things to Do

Dongdaemun Market

I visited this night market during my last night in Seoul. I was not impresed as it was mainly a clothes market. The area though is great to walk around in the evening as it is surrounded by the big...
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Things to Do

Tapgol Park (Pagoda Park)

This is a crowded city centre park. Not so green, but with some interesting historical sites. Tapgol Park is built on the former site of Wongak Temple which was destroyed at a time when Buddhism was...
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Things to Do

Ongo-food Communication,- Day Tours

Why not take a cooking class? Learn to cook a Korean dish. That's what I did when I visited Seoul! It's a fun experience and something that you can bring home with you (new cooking skills) to enjoy...
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Getting to Seoul


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